Okay, I’ve Had It With The Koch Brothers And Their Plans To Buy The November Elections

The Koch brothers are taking full advantage of the 2010 US Supreme Court ruling “Citizens United v FEC where corporations can act as individuals in creating ads to push favored policies.

If “we the people” wonder why our voices no longer seem to count, then look no further, than these donors who helped create the environment that made a leader like the republican President Donald Trump, inevitable. As far as I’m concerned, they are even buying their guy, Judge Brett Kavanaugh who they can count on to reliably rule in favor of corporate interests, as a US Supreme Court justice.

For the November 2018 US elections, these same wealthy donors are planning to buy the ads and to do whatever is necessary to help their republican puppets to remain in the US Congress and at State government entities. Thank goodness the Democratic Party leaders are supporting candidates who are taking their messaging directly to their constituents and responding to their needs. They are listening and building relationships.

But the rich donors are convinced they can buy this upcoming election. May they waste every last dime.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On September 10, 2018, of Politico penned the following report, “Koch network launches new super PAC”


“With just weeks to go before the midterm elections, the massive Koch network is adding a new super PAC to its political arsenal.”

“The new super PAC, AFP Action, will give the Koch network’s largest arm — Americans for Prosperity — significantly more leeway to push lawmakers directly on political issues, adding another tool to AFP’s arsenal at a moment when the Koch network is trying to assert its power in Washington.”

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“Americans for Prosperity’s existing organization, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, is required by law to spend a significant amount of money on “social welfare” activities and cannot expressly urge voters to cast ballots for or against a member of Congress. But the new AFP Action super PAC can expand that work by spending unlimited sums of money on political activities.”

“The new super PAC has been under discussion for some time and does not affect the Koch network’s already-set plans to spend $400 million on politics and policy this election cycle, spokesman Bill Riggs said.”

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“Americans for Prosperity spokespeople declined to say how much money the Koch network — founded by the brothers Charles and David Koch — plans to spend via the super PAC this election cycle.”

“Our mission is to help improve lives by breaking the barriers holding people back, and that requires building the policy coalitions in Washington to get it done,” Riggs said. “Americans for Prosperity has been a difference-maker supporting policy champions in tight races, and AFP Action is a new tool that will allow us to expand those efforts and make an even larger impact.”


  1. Couldn’t agree more, Gronda. Mike Pence for one is in their pocket. These two are basically ramming their own conservative agenda down America’s throats and it looks there is no-one who can financially match them. Hopefully the grass roots resistance to Trump and his cronies (although I notice there seems to have been a recent going of separate ways between the three) will be powerful enough to push back against their chosen nominees in the November mid-terms.

    I was interested to read this blog about their killing off public transport projects: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/256953/posts/106860

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    • Dear Ivan Kinsman,

      The harm that’s being done by dark monies by billionaire donors cannot be overstated. They have invested heavily in the Republican Party to where they own it.

      Now they will even own the US Supreme Court. See the following from 4/17/17 New Yorker by Jeffrey Toobin:

      The students did start the Federalist Society from scratch, but it is less clear that tremendous courage was required. Within just a few years, the group was embraced and funded by a number of powerful, wealthy conservative organizations, which eventually included foundations associated with John Olin, Lynde and Harry Bradley, Richard Scaife, and the Koch brothers. “The funders all got the idea right away—that you can win elections, you can have mass mobilizations, but unless you can change élites and the institutions that are by and large controlled by the élites, like the courts, there are limits to what you can do,” Amanda Hollis-Brusky, a professor of politics at Pomona College and the author of “Ideas with Consequences,” a study of the Federalist Society, said. “The idea was to train, credential, and socialize a generation of alternative élites.”

      Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Roger,

      This is why folks voting this November 2018 is so important. These big money dudes have to get that there is only so much that they can buy, before folks rise up and throw their paid for stooges out of office.

      Hugs, Gronda

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