Judge Kavanaugh’s Yale Drinking Buddies Paint An Unflattering Portrayal Of Him

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By now we all know that the FBI supplemental background check into the youthful history of the US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was severely limited at the direction of the White House Counsel, Don McGahn, another close friend to the judge. This FBI inquiry was ordered in response to the allegations by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that she was sexually assaulted by Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge while they were all in high school. It was designed not to uncover anything of significance while providing cover for wavering GOP senators for their vote in favor of confirmation because they could claim that there were no hard corroborating evidence backing Dr. Ford’s assertions.

We should not be fooled by the GOP talking point that Judge Kavanaugh had been cleared by 6 prior background checks as these checks rarely date beyond a 10 year period or by going back to age 18 if the applicants are younger than 28 years old, unless there’s a red flag.

According to various news outlets, there are about 40 witnesses who could have provided corroborating information to FBI regarding Dr. Ford’s and others’ claims against Judge Kavanaugh but who were never contacted after many of them attempted to reach out to FBI.

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On October 5, 2018, Greg Price of Newsweek penned the following report, “BRETT KAVANAUGH’S YALE FRIENDS: NOMINEE DOESN’T TELL THE TRUTH OR EMBODY COURAGE, DON’T CONFIRM HIM”


“Three former “drinking buddies” of Brett Kavanaugh said Thursday he was unfit to serve on the Supreme Court and that he had lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his drinking habits and about never “blacking out” while drinking.”

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“Former Yale University classmates Charles Ludington, Lynne Brooks and Elizabeth Swisher each said that Kavanaugh had uttered falsehoods about his alcohol use in college.”

“We each asserted that Brett lied to the Senate by stating, under oath, that he never drank to the point of forgetting what he was doing,” the three wrote in an op-ed published by The Washington Post. “We said, unequivocally, that each of us, on numerous occasions, had seen Brett stumbling drunk to the point that it would be impossible for him to state with any degree of certainty that he remembered everything that he did when drunk.”

A sit-in at Yale Law School in protest against the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a 1990 graduate of the school /JACOB STERN

“Each of Kavanaugh’s former classmates said they had faced threats, “intense media interest,” hate mail and that one of them had a work computer server hacked after speaking out against the nominee. But they emphasized that they continued to believe it was their “civic duty” to come forward.”

“By coming forward, each of us has disrupted our own lives and those of our families,” the op-ed read. “As well as navigating the intense media interest, including having news vans and reporters set up in front of the home of one of us, we have received large amounts of hate mail, including threats of violence. We have lost friendships. The work servers of one of us were hacked.”

David Yaffe-Bellany”They also said Kavanaugh’s lack of truthfuless should disqualify him from the Supreme Court.”

“All of us went to Yale, whose motto is “Lux et Veritas” (Light and Truth). Brett also belonged to a Yale senior secret society called Truth and Courage. We believe that Brett neither tells the former nor embodies the latter. For this reason, we believe that Brett Kavanaugh should not sit on the nation’s highest court,” his classmates wrote.

(As per 9/28/18 Newsweek report by Harriet Sinclair, “During his time at Yale, Kavanaugh belonged to the now defunct all-male secret society Truth and Courage (TNC), known by the nickname “Tit and Clit’ club. The society, which the Yale Daily News reported, was a popular group among athletes disbanded around 2010, more than 20 years after Kavanaugh had left Yale.”)

Kavanaugh friends doesn't truth confirm him
Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill September 27 in Washington, DC.GETTY IMAGES/JIM BOURG

“Kavanaugh admitted during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that he perhaps drank too much, but that he had never drunk to the point that he could not remember what happened the evening before.”

“Kavanaugh firmly denied that any assault ever took place, against Ford or anyone else, during fiery testimony before the committee last week. Often appearing emotional and angry, Kavanaugh said he believed his contentious and controversial confirmation ordeal was the work of Democrats seeking revenge for his investigations of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and for President Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016.”

“In an op-ed he wrote for The Wall Street Journal published on Thursday, Kavanaugh attributed the tone of his testimony to the fact that he was speaking with his family in mind, and insisted he would be a nonpartisan justice.”

“I was very emotional 9/27/18, more so than I have ever been. I might have been too emotional at times,” Kavanaugh wrote. “I know that my tone was sharp, and I said a few things I should not have said. I hope everyone can understand that I was there as a son, husband and dad. I testified with five people foremost in my mind: my mom, my dad, my wife, and most of all my daughters.”


  1. When the group in power cares ONLY about advancing their agenda through the highest court in the land, the truth becomes irrelevant. The truth becomes what Trump and his ilk say it is. Period.

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  2. Dear John Fioravani,

    You paint an accurate picture. But all is not lost. Recent events have motivated women beyond what can be measured. The republican party even with all their cheating ways will feel the pain on Nov. 6, 2018.

    Here in the USA the number of protests have been off the charts. These GOP lawmakers have been complaining about mob rule. These GOP Grumpy Old Men have been avoiding having town hall meetings; they’re not answering their phones. They’ve been videoed running into men’e rooms to hide from constituents.

    Those protesters represent how most of us feel. These GOP lawmakers don’t get it.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Mary Plumbago,

      You and John are so right. These GOP Grumpy Old Perverts in the US Senate don’t care about what’s truly best for this country and its peoples but what’s best for them, President Trump and their base of voters.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. What worries me now Gronda is we could be reaching one of those tipping points in the USA’s structure.
    The kind which historian’s write about that start:

    ‘The events surrounding the ……. of……… in……..(date) marked the point at which there was even less chance of turning back and at this stage it can be argued marked the decline/fracture/outbreak of……’

    We face a similar circumstance in the UK over Brexit. Our tipping point will likely be reached if Theresa May is replaced as Prime Minister by the odious Johnson or one of his ilk

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    • Dear Roger,

      I pray that this type of event doesn’t occur in the UK but you are right in thinking that the stage has been set….

      You have to be here to have a true feel of what’s happening. The huge numbers of women protesting, calling, taking action are off the charts.

      Yes, we’ve lost a battle but not the war. These GOP Grumpy Old Perverts in the US Senate see it coming. They are complaining about mob rule. For real, they cannot enter the men’s restrooms in peace.

      The GOP US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been trying to spin a talking point that these mobs will only motivate their base. Even he doesn’t lie that well. He’s scared that he has lit a light under all those pesky women who he just dumped on, and he is so right.

      I have covered this story ad nauseam because this will be a pivotal period in our US history. There will be the before and the after of October 6, 2018.

      This is more consequential than the 2016 presidential elections.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Thank you Gronda…
        Yes, I feel I am watching history unfold. More than in the 1960s or Watergate, as if a genie has been let out of the bottle which cannot be put back in.
        How this plays out of course cannot be predicted. There are a number of IFs, BUTs and of course those random acts.
        Turbulent times for both our nations.
        Take care,
        Best wishes Roger.

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  4. He can say whatever he wants. I’m sure his wife and daughters are dusgusted with him for not only his behavior, but lying about it. Where there’s smoke there’s fire comes to mind. No matter what, he should step down for everyone.

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    • Dear Rugby843,

      Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t have the gravitas to act as you’ve suggested. The GOP lawmakers pushed him over the line to where they can say that they have another win, but at what cost.

      The LawFare editor Benjamin Wittes who is not a partisan gave Judge Kavanaugh the same advice as you have. Judge Kavanaugh was certain he could win and so, damn the torpedoes, he went for it.

      Because I believe Dr. Ford, I am convinced that the GOP lost this one but they just don’t know it yet.

      Hugs, Gronda


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