Sky News Is Reporting That Jamal Khashoggi Body Parts Have been Found


It looks like the Turks have the goods, the murdered Washington Post journalist and US resident, Jamal Khashoggi body parts.

It has been reported by numerous media sources that on October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi had entered the Saudi consulate located in Istanbul, Turkey to obtain verification of his divorce from his ex-wife. He had tried to get this document at an earlier date but he was told to return on October 2nd. His fiancee had dropped him off as she waited in the car for his return, but he never did.


On October 23, 2018, Alex Crawford of Sky News penned the following report, “Sources have told Sky News the writer had been “cut up” and his face “disfigured”).


“Body parts belonging to murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi have been found, according to Sky sources.”

“Sources have told Sky News the writer had been “cut up” and his face “disfigured”.

“One source also suggested Mr Khashoggi’s remains were discovered in the garden of the Saudi consul general’s home.”

Image:Jamal Khashoggi was last seen entering the Saudi consulate on 2 October
“It comes after Turkey’s president earlier said Mr Khashoggi’s body had not been found and demanded Saudi officials reveal its whereabouts.”

“Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “Why has the body of someone who was officially said to be killed not been found yet?”

“There was also no mention of an alleged audio recording that the Turkish authorities claim to have of Mr Khashoggi’s death that supposedly confirms he was tortured, killed, had his fingers cut off and was dismembered.”

President Erdogan says there can be no cover-up in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi

“The Turkish president gave no specific details on how the 59-year-old was killed, but said his death was planned days in advance by Saudi officials.”

“He said Turkish investigators had evidence the Saudi journalist was the victim of a premeditated “savage murder” by a 15-man hit squad.”

Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih says 'nobody can justify or explain' the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih

“The apparent discovery of Mr Khashoggi’s body parts – and Mr Erdogan’s version of events based on what he described as “new evidence and information” – both contradict Saudi Arabia’s explanation for his death.”

“It has said Mr Khashoggi died in a “fist fight” at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.”

“Mr Khashoggi was a known critic of the Saudi government and the country’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).”

Video:’Saudi double disguised as Khashoggi’
“The Turkish president did not mention the crown prince in his speech, though officials linked to the royal have been implicated in the killing.”

“Saudi Arabia has said the heir-apparent of the world’s top oil exporter was not involved, but any major decision must be signed off by the highest powers within its ruling Al Saud family.”

“Mr Erdogan said Riyadh’s suggestion it was a rogue operation “will not satisfy us” and said there should be no diplomatic immunity for his killers.”

“He said 18 people had been arrested – three from the consulate and a further 15 who are believed to be part of a hit squad who flew to Istanbul to carry out the killing – and they should all stand trial in Istanbul.”

CCTV shows 'suspicious movement' with Saudi consulate cars.
VIDEO: :CCTV of ‘suspicious’ Saudi car movement

“To blame such an incident on a handful of security and intelligence members would not satisfy us or the international community,” Mr Erdogan said in an address to the Turkish parliament.”

“Saudi Arabia has taken an important step by admitting the murder.

“As of now we expect of them to openly bring to light those responsible – from the highest ranked to the lowest – and to bring them to justice.”

Link to videos: Sky News.


  1. Gronda, I must confess feeling guilty by checking like. This is not surprising news, but sad that a man died this way. It is also sad that a reporter died this way. The Saudis have not shot straight with the world on this from the get go. It is quite obvious they are throwing stuff against a wall to see what sticks. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      What’s to like. President Trump is showing the face of evil to the world. For a few dollars from Saudi Arabia, he’d sell out his own mother. This is not what our country has ever stood for in the past.

      The US Congress had better stand up in the breach.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. I echo Keith’s sentiments … I had a hard time clicking the ‘like’ button. Even though I knew in my heart that Mr. Khashoggi was dead, and strongly suspected the reports of his death by brutal means was the case, this took my breath and brought a tear. Donald Trump better not spin this one as another of his “oh well, he wasn’t a citizen” takes. Thanks for sharing this news. 😥

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    • Dear Jill,

      If President Trump had his way, he wouldn’t give a damn. That’s why I put him in the category of evil. Any other US president would have been insisting on justice, a thorough investigation of Mr. Khashoggi’s death and the hide of MBS, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salam.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. I suspected this would eventually happen. The Turkish government seems to have had information on all of this terrible killing. They probably suspected where the body would eventually be found and in what condition. Thank goodness his family can finally lay him to rest. —- Suzanne

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      This story had not better die. This was a horrific act by Saudi Arabia and MBS needs to pay a price by losing his position of power. We’ll see what happens.

      Hugs, Gronda

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