Gov Jay Inslee Is Another Crucial Democratic Party Candidate’s Voice On Climate Change

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The State of Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee is making his central issue, that of climate change in his bid to become the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate. He has become an avid advocate and expert on this subject. He is to climate change what the other announced democratic contender Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is to crony capitalism.

He is a voice that needs to be added to the upcoming debates among those who plan to throw in their hats to become the next Democratic Party presidential candidate.

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On January 2, 2019, Edward Isaac Dovere of the Atlantic penned the following report, “Jay Inslee Is Betting He Can Win the Presidency on Climate Change” (“The Washington governor believes his focus on the environment will resonate with voters. But can he persuade enough Americans to pay attention to him?”)


  1. Gronda, thanks for introducing Inslee. This is precisely the issue Dems need to play up as the urgency is paramount. His track record on climate change and public service is exemplary. Thanks, Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Governor Jay Inslee makes a great expert on the issue of climate change. As a governor and an executive, he knows how hard it can be to champion the cause of climate change which he has been doing in his state.

      As per Gov. Inslee’s website, his proposed 2019–21 biennial budget makes significant investments in clean energy. Inslee’s budget invests in clean electricity, buildings and transportation. This builds on efforts already underway across the economy to transition to 100% clean energy, construct ultra-efficient buildings, establish a clean fuel standard, electrify the state’s transportation system and phase down super-pollutants in certain products.

      Yet, in November 2018,, a New Green Deal (tax on carbon) went down to defeat. For climate hawks, this was a pretty big set back.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. I see Climate Change as one of the major issues that need to be focused on, both in the 2020 election and prior. I also see Warren’s major issue of getting corporate $$$ out of politics as a major, important issue. I don’t think it’s realistic to focus on a single issue, though, for there are many very important ones. In addition to the two aforementioned, there is gun regulation, civil rights (which are being rolled back as we speak), re-entry to the Paris Accord, nuclear proliferation, election integrity (gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, etc) and I think a solid platform that covers all these issues is necessary, rather than campaigning on just a single issue. I do like Inslee’s ideas, but would still want his ideas on other issues as well.

    On the other hand … a candidate might succeed best by putting down women & minorities, and bragging about his/her sexual conquests 😉


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    • Dear Jill,

      Gov. Jay Inslee has run the State of Washington very well. It could be considered a liberal bastion.

      As per Geek Wire, Credit reporting site WalletHub compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia across 27 metrics for economic health and opportunity in the report. The study resurfaced this week when Visual Capitalist, a digital media brand, compiled the data in the infographic below.

      Washington ranked No. 1, driven by factors like strong gross domestic product growth, exports per capita, and percentage of high-tech jobs.

      Washington’s first place spot is particularly notable because the state has relatively low investment per capita, according to the report. Washington’s per capita investment is $154 while California’s is $800 and New York’s $378. Washington’s lack of venture capital is often cited as a reason the state doesn’t have more startup activity.

      The top three states — Washington, California, and Utah — all have relatively similar tax burdens, according to the report. That led venture capitalist and progressive rabble-rouser Nick Hanauer to tweet this:

      Nick Hanauer
      Socialist hell hole Washington State ranks #1 economy. At what point do conservatives begin to clue in to the fact that it is conservatism that makes them poor?

      In short, Gov. Jay Inslee can also sell his executive skills where his state is very economically sound while delivering on everything conservatives hate like a green state, great accessibility for its residents to quality healthcare, education, safety nets, etc.

      Hugs, Gronda

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