aside President To Declare National Emergency And To Use Disaster Spending Funds To Pay For His Wall

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Make no mistake. President Trump has been ruminating since at least May 2017 to order a government shut down because there hadn’t been funds set aside to pay for his US SW wall that he’s been promising his base of anti-immigration hard-liners for years.

There has been ample reporting that President Trump’s rhetoric about the wall had been conceived by his advisers as a tool to remind him to talk about his anti-immigration stance even before he announced that he was running to become the 45th US president in 2015. There is ample evidence that it was this strategy that catapulted him into the White House.

Fast forward to January 2019, President Trump still suffers from this fear of losing his hard core anti-immigration base to where he was easily goaded by right wing pundits into backing out of an agreed upon temporary budget plan (continuing resolution to be in effect until February 2019) with GOP leaders in the US Congress on December 18, 2018. The US senators had already voted to pass on it to where many had left the Washington DC area to celebrate the holidays.

His refusal to to sign off on this continuing resolution designed to keep the US government running unless the Congress funded  $5.7 billion dollars towards the construction of his wall for more than 200 miles along the U.S.-Mexico border, triggered the current government shutdown starting on the 22nd of December 2018. He had to know that the Democrats would never agree to his demands. But with his having precipitated this shutdown where 800,000 public servants wouldn’t receive their pay, he would end up looking tough for his anti-immigration backers.

President Trump stumbled into this situation of because of his deep seated fear of losing his anti-immigration/ racist/ anti-LGBTQ/ anti-Semitic supporters and his inability to devise a long-term strategy for placating them. With a little foresight, he could have avoided promising in advance, live on TV, that he would be proud to take responsibility for a shutdown when having one would inevitably mean that he was going to have to try to blame Democrats for it. Unfortunately that combination of the president needing to placate his base along with his inability to plan ahead, has made it more difficult for him to get out of this shutdown with any hope of saving face.

But in the background, the president’s advisers had been devising a plan where he could state that his not obtaining the funding for his wall constituted a national security crisis, and thereby, he could declare a ‘National Emergency’ based on the National Emergencies Act of 1976 where he could use funds not allocated by the US Congress to have the Army Corp of Engineers start building his wall.

I’ve no doubt that this is his current plan which is unprecedented and which will definitely be challenged in the courts. But this tactic suits his love for a fight, and damn the consequences to the thousands of hard working federal employees and the harm this would do to the US economy.

In a statement Thursday (1/10/19), a Trump ally, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) accused the Democratic House Speaker Pelosi of intransigence that has brought talks to an end, and said that “it was time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier.”

Meanwhile there is NO Guarantee that this action will end this government shutdown which will end up being the longest in US history. As per a 1/10/19 Washington Post report, “The administration is eyeing unused money in the Army Corps of Engineers budget, specifically a disaster spending bill passed by Congress last year that includes $13.9 billion allocated but not spent for civil works projects, two people with knowledge of the developments said Thursday (1/10/19).”

Here’s the rest of the story…

On January 10, 2019, Erica Werner, Josh Dawsey, Mike DeBonis and Seung Min Kim of the Washington Post penned the following report, “Trump administration lays groundwork to declare national emergency to build wall”


“The White House has begun laying the groundwork for a declaration of national emergency to build President Trump’s border wall, a move certain to set off a firestorm of opposition in Congress and the courts but one that could pave the way for an end to the three-week government shutdown.”


“The administration is eyeing unused money in the Army Corps of Engineers budget, specifically a disaster spending bill passed by Congress last year that includes $13.9 billion allocated but not spent for civil works projects, two people with knowledge of the developments said Thursday.”

“The list (for possible funds) includes dozens of flood control projects in areas affected by recent natural disasters, including the Texas coastline inundated by Hurricane Harvey and parts of Puerto Rico battered by Hurricane Maria. The military construction budget is also being looked at as a potential source for unspent funds, with billions more potentially available there.”

“But on Capitol Hill there were no signs of progress, and instead lawmakers of both parties were bracing for Trump to declare a national emergency.”

“(Democratic Speaker) Pelosi declined to say how the House would respond to a national emergency declaration when questioned at a news conference Thursday (1/10/19).”

“If and when the president does that, you’ll find out how we will react,” Pelosi said. “But I think the president will have problems on his own side of the aisle for exploiting the situation in a way that enhances his power.”

“Indeed, a number of Republicans have expressed qualms or outright opposition about Trump declaring a national emergency, including members of the House Armed Services Committee who object to the prospect of the administration targeting funds within the Pentagon’s military construction budget.”

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“The House and Senate could move quickly to pass a bill to reopen the government, predicated on assurances from Trump that he would sign the legislation.”

“However, conservative Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), who talks frequently with Trump, cautioned that a declaration of a national emergency would not necessarily lead to reopening the government.”

DHS agent points to tunnel built under US border wall

“To override an emergency declaration, both houses of Congress would have to pass a resolution doing so and present it to Trump for his signature — one he would presumably veto.”

“The administration can expect a flood of court challenges if it proposes to build a wall without explicit congressional authorization. Indeed, a number of organizations are preparing for litigation.”

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“The use of emergency powers to build a wall is unlawful, and we are prepared to sue as needed,” said Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the American Civil Liberties Union Immigrants’ Rights Project, which has helped obtain dozens of court orders blocking Trump administration immigration policies.

“Even as the discussions over a national emergency declaration were taking place, a final glimmer of hope for a way out of the impasse was extinguished when Graham declared talks over among a small group of Republican senators who had been meeting to discuss some kind of broader deal to end the shutdown.”

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“These deal-minded Senate Republicans had shuttled Thursday morning between meetings with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and VP Pence, batting around a proposal that would include Trump’s desired $5.7 billion in wall funding, and a renewable, three-year status for certain immigrants brought illegally to the country as children, along with other provisions.”

“But by midafternoon Thursday, Pence poured cold water on the idea, telling reporters at the Capitol that Trump wanted to wait on trying to make a deal for “dreamers” until the Supreme Court had ruled on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.”

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“Graham was glum afterward about where things stood. (Aferwards) he issued his statement backing a national emergency declaration.”

“At the same time, House Democrats pressed forward with their strategy of passing individual spending bills to reopen portions of the federal government that have been closed in the shutdown.”

“But Trump has made clear he would veto these bills, and McConnell has said repeatedly that he will not bring up any legislation that doesn’t have Trump’s support.”

“There’s no wall, there’s no deal,” Pence told reporters.”

Link to article: Trump administration lays groundwork to declare national emergency …


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SCOOP: @WhiteHouse sources say internal data shows impact of shutdown will hit economy shortly as officials grow increasingly worried abt economic impact of impasse. Sources: @realDonaldTrump likely to end impasse w government emergency as soon as next week
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    • Dear Suzanne,

      I’m certain that the president wouldn’t hesitate to rob funds intended to help in the rebuilding of Puerto Rico to pay for his border wall. He is that kind of guy.

      What’s even more disgusting are the sycophant GOP lawmakers who are helping him carry out this charade like Se, Lindsey Graham and the Maj Ldr Senator Mitch McConnell. VP Pence is just in the photo-op.

      Thanks a million for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  1. Mitch McConnell could end this stupid shut down with one action..bringing up the bill they already passed, let the pres veto and then the senate and house can override the danged veto…but he is so stuck up the cheeto’s ass he won’t do it. I have the words to describe what I think of his actions but can’t say them (or write them). My grandma would come back to life and wash out my mouth with lye soap!

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    • Dear Suze,

      The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has absconded his role of leading the US Senate to being the president’s stooge. He is up for reelection in 2020 and I hope that folks remember his attitude towards hard working federal workers.

      The Lexington KY Herald newspaper editorial board excoriated his performance to date. There are billboards going up on KY highways that give him full credit for this longest running shutdown in US history.

      I and plenty others are tweeting, writing his office, calling to let the Senate Majority Leader McConnell know that he’s going too far and that his days remaining in office and/ or maintaining his majority position is in jeopardy.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gronda, I love that you found the piece where he said the leader of the government is responsible for the shutdown. When he said he would own the shutdown, we all knew that would be short lived

    A leader has the back of his employees. A leader wants to support them as they serve their customers. Previous shutdowns have been by Congress, not the boss. The man in the White House is the cause of this and that speaks volumes into his character. The word leader does not come to mind when I think of Donald Trump. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      The president is NO leader and the GOP legislators backing him could care less about the harm and pain they are causing good Americans. I can only pray that their ‘let them eat cake’ attitude bites them were it hurts.

      The performance by the president and his GOP sycophant lawmakers for the past couple of days has all been designed to shift blame over to the Democrats but that has been ineffective. His agreeing to meet with Speaker Rep. Pelossi and Minority Leader Sen. Schumer and his jaunt over to the TX border were just for show and to create the narrative that they are forced to act because Dems won’t negotiate in good faith.

      Speaker Pelosi has figured out that the president had no intention to work a deal as he wanted his shutdown to impress his base of anti-immigration hard-liners.

      Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Holly,

      We can’t afford to have President Trump continue his cruelty against so many innocents. You are right in pointing out that the president and his sycophant GOP lawmakers don’t give a damn about the harm they are visiting among so many public servants.

      For them, this is a political game. but all these workers don’t appreciate being their pawns.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • The “wall” should not be an issue that requires a government shutdown. That is using punishment as a weapon to get Trumps campaign promises accomplished. He now says he never said Nexico would pay for this wall. I believe the 25th amendment is there to use in the case of our nation falling into the hands of a psychopathic liar, as has happened with Trump. Hugs.

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