aside Fox Host Chris Wallace Challenges Stephen Miller’s National Emergency Claim Over Wall Funding

This is an important new story because a reputable Fox TV News journalist Chris Wallace challenged the republican President Donald Trump’s senior adviser on immigration issues, Stephen Miller, about the president’s administration’s recent action of declaring a ‘National Emergency’ in order to obtain added funding of $6.5 trillion dollars for his SW border wall from monies already allocated elsewhere by the US Congress.

Mr. Wallace asked tough questions to where Mr. Miller became hostile. What’s interesting but sad to me, is how the FOX TV right wing audience reacted harshly to Chris Wallace daring to ask hard hitting questions.

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As per a 2/17/19 RawStory article, “Arrogant Jew!’ Fox News viewers launch assault on Chris Wallace for grilling Rush Limbaugh and Stephen Miller” by David Edwards:

Read a sampling of the tweets below.

Greg Hansen@grannyrecipe

Chris Wallace is such a prissy twit! Trying to give Stephen Miller a hard time like some snotty teen age girl!


Chris Wallace is an idiot… he’s making himself look like an uneducated asshole @foxnews

Cindy Foust@CindyFoust

I so dislike the hypocrisy from @FoxNewsSunday and Chris Wallace who NEVER treats the Dems or anyone in the Obama adm like he just treated Steve Miller. Steve Miller you rock! @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

Carol Clark@hummingbird548

Chris Wallace needs to show his guests respect and SHUT HIS MOUTH! It’s NOT about HIM – it’s about our COUNTRY! He’s not in the White House – THANK GOD!


Anybody watching Chris Wallace? Pompous ads.


I’m watching FoxNews Sunday! AND THATS ENUF!
He’s no longer a journalist he’s a liberal protectionist!

Ron West@kapie9969

The Hatred for President Trump and the stupidity about securing the country is obvious on this program.

timothy r warehime@TimothyWarehime


Cyril Wyche@CWWyche

I tuned in to FOX News Sunday because I wanted to see the annual Rush Limbaugh interview. Chris Wallace is so bad, however, that I had to turn it off and record it so later I can Fast Forward through his libtard babble and only watch the good part. He really is awful!


What he heck would Chris Wallace know about an effective campaign strategy? He’s a Nevertrumper loser.

Kenneth Pigott@KennethPigott1

Chris Wallace , I Apologize To Your Children For Any Part Of DNA That They Carry In Their Souls…


Chris Wallace, facilitator for Chuck Schumer / Nancy Pelosi!

🇺🇸 Miguelifornia@michaelbeatty3

Stephen Miller is a bad ass
& I’m so glad he is on our side.
Thank you
President @realDonaldTrump for hiring him.

Chris Wallace still a dick


Chris Wallace is nothing but a worm. The only muscles that he has in his body are the ones around the mouth that he has developed by running his mouth and showing his ignorance. The President is trying to save this country from invasion from South of the border. EMERGENCY?  YES!!!

Obama Lied@AmericaDied

Saw @FoxNewsSunday today, tried to peddle by repeating the “fact” that most drugs are caught at ports of entry. What a moron.Catch 10 pounds at ports of entry and miss 10 truck loads at unsecured border crossing and claim all drugs caught were at the port.

Colorado Patriot 🇺🇸@redco2012

Chris Wallace is not the deepest thinker. Welcome to the Stephen Miller School of Woke, Chris. Change your diapers. @FoxNewsSunday

George Syme@SymeFinancial

Chris Wallace is an embarrassment to America – he ignores the real issues of murder, drug deaths and sex trafficked kids because he does not like Trump – he joins the huge number of fake news corrupt wannabe “journalists” who will be the poster people of the age of disgusting


I really hate these Liberal fucks on Fox News like Chris Wallace and Marie Harf. I have more respect for people with Down Syndrome than I do Liberals. At least the D.S. people aren’t arrogant and ignorant traitors.

Grandma Zorror@GZorror

Why is Chris Wallace on Fox is he trying to be fair and unbiased he’s a Democrat, put him on CNN where he belongs

MULE Man 2@MULEMan21

After long and careful consideration, i have concluded Chris Wallace is an ASSHOLE & LIBTURD!!!!!

Alison Armitage@aarmitage21


Wesley Archer@WesleyA14539788

I bet Chris Wallace in Fox News voted for Hillary

Charlotte Lambert@Lambert19J


Chris Wallace of Fox News is a LIBERAL HACK just like his dad.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On February 17, 2019, Matt Wilstein of the Daily Beast penned the following report, “Fox News’ Chris Wallace Hammers Stephen Miller: How Is This a ‘National Emergency?’  (“Trump admitted he ‘didn’t need to do this,’ Chris Wallace asked his guest, so ‘how does that justify a national emergency?’)


“The last time Stephen Miller got this heated during a television interview, CNN’s Jake Tapper had to cut him off for “wasting” viewers’ time and the White House adviser reportedly had to be escorted out of the building by security.”

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“This time, he was on Fox News, struggling to defend President Donald Trump’s  announcement this week that he would be declaring a national emergency to obtain the funding his border wall with Mexico in a highly contentious sit-down with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.”

“Repeatedly, Wallace tried to get Miller to explain how the supposed “crisis” at the border justifies an emergency order, presenting him with statistics that show how illegal border crossings have dropped dramatically over the past 2 decades and that 80-90 percent of drugs are seized at ports of entry.”

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“After playing the clip of Trump admitting to reporters that he “didn’t need to do this,” Wallace asked his guest, “How does that justify a national emergency?”

“What the president was saying was, like past presidents, he could choose to ignore this crisis, choose to ignore this emergency as others have, but that’s not what he’s going to do,” Miller said, before throwing President George W. Bush under the bus. Citing his own statistic that illegal immigration doubled under the 43rd president, he said, “That represented an astonishing betrayal of the American people.”

“When Miller said he could get as granular about the details on this issue as the host wants, Wallace quipped, “Please don’t.”

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“But the one question Miller could not answer came a little later in their interview. “National emergencies have been declared 59 times since 1976 when the law was passed,” Wallace said, referring to the National Emergencies Act. “Can you point to a single instance when the president asked Congress for money, Congress refused to give him that money and the president then invoked national emergency powers to get the money.”

“As Miller dodged and obfuscated, Wallace kept on him. “Can you find one case?” he asked again.”

“Chris, can you find one foreign threat in the world today, outside this country’s borders, that currently kills more Americans than the threats crossing our Southern border?” Miller asked him in return, apparently referring to either immigrants or drugs, though he intentionally left that distinction unclear.”

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“You know, the joy of this is I get to ask you questions,” Wallace responded. “And you don’t get to ask me.” When Miller answered his own question in the negative, Wallace added, “Then answer my question! Just yes or no, sir!”

“Miller refused to answer, growing more and more agitated as he railed against the way U.S. money is spent on “some foreign adventure” overseas as opposed to securing the border at home. “If the president can’t defend this country, then he cannot fulfill his constitutional oath of office!” he screamed..”

See CNSNews report: ‘Stephen Miller: If Trump Invoked ‘Emergency’ to Build a Wall Overseas 


    • Dear Sotomayor111,

      Stephen Miller is the one who wrote the president’s Muslim travel ban policy and he’s the one backing President Trump’s declaration of an immigration crisis at the US SW border area where he’s invoking the ‘National Emergencies Act’ of 1976.

      Thanks a million for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  1. Gronda, as we have discussed, Wallace is the most informed journalist on Fox. Any network would be better if he was on it. I do not know his political preference, but this is not the first time his data driven questions went unanswered. I am also observjng a more combative tone in Trump’s people as they are feeling the heat.

    It is not ironic that many of the Trump base that complained above used labels not facts. This tribal mentality needs to stop. We are better for people like Wallace asking officials tough questions. With a President who invents data to support a poor position, we need to be asking more questions.


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    • Dear Keith,

      I’m also an admirer of Chris Wallace. Mr Wallace asked tough but fair questions that Stephen Miller could not side step with a lot of gibberish, canned talking points, etc.

      Here’s my worry. Remember those Muslim Travel bans which were struck down by the district courts over and over again. But eventually, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the last travel ban with the explanation that the justices were bound by what was written versus what the president had said.

      The National Emergencies Act of 1976 is overly broad. It’s my opinion that the GOP cannot sit back on this. They can’t count on a US Supreme Court justices to nix this based on how they decided on the Muslim travel ban.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, the best thing he can do is keep being prepared and asking good questions. What I find interesting is the questions are not that hard, but become hard when the person being interviewed is perpetuating false information. As my friend used to say “always tell the truth, as you don’t have to remember as much.” Keith

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  2. I had seen most of this clip, but not the disgusting tweets by Trump’s Kool-Aid drinkers! Frankly, Chris Wallace is the only Fox anchor that I have any respect for, and I’m always puzzled as to why he chose Fox, when he could work for any media outlet in the country. Stephen Miller is, as are most of Trump’s cabinet, an idiot who gets tangled over his own feet. In his defense, though, I suppose it is difficult to maintain the lie that you know to be a lie, when if you mess up, the king in the Oval Office will cry, “Off with his head!!!” Sigh. What next?

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    • Dear Jill,

      I’m an admirer of both Chris Wallace and Shep Smith of FOX TV News but they are surrounded by far right political pundit news hosts who cater to the president’s base of voters.

      It’s no wonder the right wing White House adviser, Stephen Miller acted like he was in shock while answering Mr’ Wallace’s reasonable fact based questions. It became obvious that Mr. Miller was not familiar with this part of the FOX TV programming.

      I was not surprised by the right wing Twitter responses as this is not new. Mr. Wallace and Mr. Smith are frequently referred to as FOX TV token liberals.

      Hugs, Gronda

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