Where’s Dems’ Push Back On GOP Candidates’ Accusing Them Of Infanticide And Socialism

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The socialism vs capitalism GOP talking point:

It should be a piece of cake for Democratic candidates to counter the GOP talking point that Democrats want a country steeped in socialism.

I believe in the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy. All the democrats have to do, is define the GOP candidates’ version of socialism as President Truman did in 1952.

“Socialism is a scare word they’ve hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power, social security, deposit insurance, and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people. –Harry Truman, 1952”

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As per a 2/20/ 2019 NY Magazine article, Trump Calls the Democratic Party Socialist. He’s Lying.” by Jonathan Chait:

The official entrance of Bernie Sanders into the presidential race was greeted gleefully by the entire Republican Establishment. The White House has ramped up its message that the 2020 campaign is a choice between the whole of American history (as represented by Trump) and socialism — which it defines as Venezuelan-style government control combined with repression of dissent. Trump’s bizarre State of the Union declaration, “America will never be a socialist country,” has become his unofficial campaign motto.

“This messaging strategy has been enabled by a wildly exaggerated sense of the Democratic Party’s leftward shift. The Democratic Party is still not “socialist” in any meaningful sense of the term, and to the extent socialism has exerted any influence upon it, it is not of the Venezuelan variety.”

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“At the root of this fairy tale lie some tiny nuggets of truth. Bernie Sanders is an idiosyncratic bridge between Old Left fellow traveler and the mainstream liberalism of the Democratic Party. As a younger — or, I suppose, less old — politician, Sanders routinely praised communist leaders in places like Cuba and Nicaragua. Conservatives are gleefully dredging up old clips of Sanders praising the Soviet Union and even defending bread lines.”

“Right now, the Democratic Party candidates vying for elected posts in 2020 elections, have the upper hand when it comes to the abortion issue, thanks to GOP legislators in states like Alabama, where they have passed laws which ban abortions even in cases where a woman or child has been the victim of rape and/ or incest and where physicians caught performing this medical procedure would be subject to penalties up to 99 years in prison.”

“This Alabama law will be challenged in the courts but its supporters are expecting it to reach the US Supreme Court where they believe the conservative judges will go against precedent which protects women’s rights to be able to access legally performed abortions.”

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See what Senator Kamala Harris who is vying to become the 2020 Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, tweeted:

Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio & now Alabama – these anti-abortion bills aren’t a coincidence, it’s a concerted effort by the GOP to overturn Roe v. Wade. I’m sick and tired of this outright assault on women’s bodily autonomy – we will fight this with everything we’ve got.

This is the most important thing to understand for those attacking our rights in Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Ohio: “They will only be swayed by the permanent loss of power.”

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Democrats can argue that they’re true pro-lifers as they are the ones talking about Americans having a greater access to affordable, high-quality universal healthcare as a right, and who genuinely care about reducing the US maternal and infant mortality rates which for years, have been higher than any other rich developed country.

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  1. Gronda, good post. Two comments. I agree the term “pro-birth” is more apt than “pro-life” due to stances on more gun control, environment protection, climate change action, affordable health care, etc. I also believe we must make readily available birth control, family planning, and sex education (including how to say no and no means no), as these tools greatly reduce abortions, healthcare costs and poverty.

    As for socialism, we are a fettered capitalist economy with socialist underpinnings. If we were pure capitalism, Donald Trump would not havd any money with six bankruptcies.
    The fettered term includes: no insider trading, no collusion, no interlocking boards, no monopolies, etc. Socialism includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, Unemployment benefits, food stamps and yes, even bankruptcy protection.

    The President and GOP want to paint with that term, equating socialism with communism. The more intellectual discussion would be do we have the right mix, as the “haves” have a much larger share than the “have-nots” rivaling the Robber Baron period in our country. Keith

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