aside GOP Dark Money Donors Are Producing Reality Show Of Racist-in-Chief Living In White House

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This movie was designed to convince audience that Trump really is God’s selection/ Liberty University / Jerry Falwell and Producer Rick Eldridge of Reelworks Studios made movie,/Rotten Tomatoes gave it a .5 rating.

It’s no longer a mystery for me. “We the People” are represented by the amoral, impulsive, unstable, ugly American prototype, the republican President Donald Trump who’s been cast as the front office salesman for GOP dark money/ special interest donors who have been financing his and the GOP 2020 elections’ messaging campaign of shout outs to racists, White Supremacists, White Nationalists, Neo-Nazis and their sympathizers; hard-line anti-immigration zealots against peoples of color from sh*thole and Muslim majority countries; 2nd amendment gun rights activists; White Evangelicals who’re convinced that President Trump is the chosen one; and business executives who’re content with the 2017 GOP corporate tax cuts bill along with the rolling back of government regulations, wherever possible.

This reality show production bolstered by dark money donors for the Trumpian Republican Party was designed as a way to cater to mostly angry White folks who felt aggrieved, left behind, marginalized, and who’ve never cared for big government intruding in people’s lives, that is until they’re the ones in need of competent, efficient governmental services. 

These GOP dark money/ special interest donors have labored for years to create the right-wing infrastructure to bolster the Trumpian Republican Party that exists today, where the campaign tactic of openly trafficking in hate/ racist / anti-immigration rhetoric is subject to an echo chamber staffed by right wing pundits from conservative news outlets like FOX TV News. These folks include stars like Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson. This is nothing new. There has long been the GOP southern strategy which was just a more subtle form of trafficking in racism. Today, the Trumpian Republican Party has done away with the dog whistle to where its members are now resorting to the bull horn. The mask has been removed. For years, GOP leaders have been selling the concept that racism no longer exists and therefore the need to protect the rights of our Black brothers and sisters was no longer a necessity. We see this mindset set forth via multiple policy decisions as with the Supreme Court doing away with voter protections’ rights, affirmative action programs, etc.

In short, there’s FOX News TV, Sinclair Broadcasting, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh radio, etc. along with Russian trolls that amplify whatever the GOP talking point gurus (paid for by dark money donors) tell them to share with their cult-like audience. With this formula, they manage to present a united front with a consistent message that’s repeated over and over again, which may or may not have any association with the truth.

This is why President Trump was stuck trying to sell the concept of doing away with the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare in 2017. He lied to the American peoples that the Republican Party would be ready with a better alternative healthcare bill to replace Obamacare which proved to be non-existent. President Trump and the GOP congressional lawmakers were simply following their marching orders to kill Obamacare, end of story. They almost succeeded except for the one infamous nay vote delivered by the past Senator John McCain.


It can be said that President Trump and the GOP sycophants in the US Congress were willing to commit political suicide by pushing to kill Obamacare which had become extremely popular with the American peoples because they couldn’t live without their fix of monies from GOP dark money/ special interest donors with help from their super salesman living in the White House along with his cult like following. It can be said that Republican Party elected officials lost bigly in the 2018 midterm elections because of their unpopular stance against Obamacare.

The big GOP dark money/ special interest donors which include the fossil fuel industry and the NRA (National Rifle Association) have succeeded in reaching most of their goals in large part, as with the huge GOP corporate 2017 tax cut bill; the roll back of numerous governmental regulations; the stuffing of the US federal judicial system with right wing/ partisan justices; the deliberate dismantling and break down of well run governmental agencies; a more authoritarian managed government where these dark money donors can force their will on the American taxpayers while maintaining power; the continued discounting of climate change science and the resistance to any reasonable adjustments to gun owner regulations.

In exchange for these benefits, the dark money donors are willing to back President Trump’s cruel and inhumane practices towards Central American refugees seeking asylum in the USA at the US SW border; his trade/ tariffs war with China with no viable trade deal in sight, costing tax paying consumers and farmers, a cut in their livelihood via an increase in pricing of consumer products, in addition to the farmers having been cut off from being able to sell their goods in certain markets like China; President Trump’s constant lying and embarrassing deportment whenever he’s in the presence of other leaders of democratic countries; his acting like a Russian asset and lobbyist as he continues to represent President Putin’s ambitions whenever possible.

What’s in it for President Trump? He gets to use the presidency to improve his financial well being. I suspect that if and when the US Congress oversight committees finally gain access to President Trump’s past IRS tax records, the committee members will discover that he has been in serious need of an influx of monies and that there are Russian oligarchs’ who have guaranteed many of the loans he had managed to acquire from financial institutions like Deutsche Bank.

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So, these dark money donors keep pumping monies into the coffers of GOP candidates, even though these GOP members no longer trumpet the previous popular GOP talking points like fiscal responsibility, the importance of bringing down US debt/ deficit, free trade, holding Russia accountable for its adversarial role in geo-politics, personal responsibility? For example, where are the GOP voices excoriating President Trump for his actions at the August 2019 G7 summit of world leaders when he argued in front of them about how Russia should be reinstated as a G8 member?

“We the People” have finally figured out that these conservative principles are to be invoked only when there’s a Democratic Party leader ensconced in the White House.

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Let’s be frank. President Trump, the US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP lawmakers (sycophants) would not be acting to give President Trump, cover, if these dark money donors were not backing them to the hilt. Without the influx of monies by dark money donors, Senator McConnell could not hope to get away with not allowing passage of election security measures, crafted to prevent Russia from repeating in 2020, what it did in 2016, with its full throttle attack on the US elections’ infrastructure. This gridlock led by the GOP majority leader in the US Senate, is despite warnings by the FBI Director Chris Wray and others intelligence officials, confirming Russia’s  current and future plans to interfere in US politics.

It’s time to expose these dark money players’ identities, as they appear the ones who are producing this daily nightmare of the Trump reality show.

As per the 1/3/2019 report, ‘Dark money’ groups funneled millions to powerful super PACs during 2018 midterms” by Karl Evers Hillstrom:

“During the 2018 election cycle, dark money groups chose to funnel their funds through super PACs, with which they are often closely linked or directly connected. Groups that do not disclose their donors and shell corporations gave more than $176 million to super PACs and outside spending hybrid PACs, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.The surge in dark money giving came as super PACs spent nearly $818 million in the 2018 elections, a monumental increase from the $345 million they spent in the previous midterm cycle.”

“The top outside spending super PAC this cycle, Congressional Leadership Fund, also got the most dark money, receiving more than $26 million from the closely-linked American Action Network. The same officials run the 2 conservative groups and share a Washington, D.C. office. Similarly, conservative dark money group One Nation gave more than $18.5 million to the neighboring Senate Leadership Fund, with which it shares an office and president.”

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“Even super PACs supporting single candidates get in on the dark money action. Hometown Freedom Action Network, a single-candidate super PAC supporting Tommy Pope — a Republican who lost the primary in South Carolina’s 5th District race — got nearly all of its $3.4 million from Citizens for A Working America, a non-disclosing group.Change Now PAC emerged as a large spender seemingly out of nowhere, shelling out $7.9 million to aid House Democrats despite popping up a few months before the election.”

“The group took nearly $3 million from dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund and another $1.8 million from partially-disclosing groups, which include fellow super PACs that accept dark money.”

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“In total, 33 super PACs and hybrid PACs received more than $1 million from dark money sources.These groups are allowed to spend unlimited sums on advertisements and other literature supporting or opposing candidates.”

“Super PACs must disclose their donors, but large givers can shield their identities by contributing to dark money nonprofits that funnel the funds to super PACs. Those super PACs then identify the respective dark money group as the donor.“It is clear that any long-term solution to the dark money problem will require addressing transfers between groups,” said Tyler Cole, legislative director at Issue One, a cross-partisan Washington, D.C. group that aims to reduce the influence of big money on politics.”

“Real disclosure requires identifying what individual donors are behind the groups that spend millions to influence American elections.”It’s possible dark money’s influence is greater than CRP’s numbers convey, as super PACs also accept funds from fellow partially-disclosing groups — groups that take money from dark money sources.”

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“Contributions from these groups could be dark money, but it’s nearly impossible to tell. Additionally, dark money groups have been known to spend funds on issue advocacy advertisements that they do not register with the FEC.”

“Though not considered dark money in CRP data, “Pop-up PACs” are a new kind of strategy to dodge donor disclosure. These super PACs waited until Oct. 18 to spend for or against candidates, allowing them to hide their donors until after election day.”

“The American public is fed up with our broken political system and their anger is starting to boil over,” Cole said. “Political consultants and dark money groups know this, but they’re still not willing to engage in meaningful disclosure.”

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As per the 2/25/2019 report, “A Billion Dollars in Dark Money Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg” by David Muir:

“Conservative groups that only partially disclose their donors spent nearly 4 times as much as their liberal equivalents with $311.2 million by conservatives and $79 million by liberal groups.”

“In total, conservative groups that do not fully disclose their donors outspent liberal groups by hundreds of millions of dollars during the 2018 election cycle. Conservative groups that don’t fully disclose their donors spent more than $354.47 million while liberal groups spent just over $161.5 million.”

Link to entire article: Billion-dollar ‘dark money’ spending is just the tip of the iceberg 

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As per 4/19/2019 Guardian report, “Ex-Fox News host says its reputation for racism is ‘for very good reason” by Erin Durkin:

“Fox has a reputation for being bigoted and racist – all for a very good reason,” (Eboni Williams) said.

“Williams said the key to understanding Fox’s approach was to understand its founder, Roger Ailes, who laid out his strategy clearly in his book.”

“This man very plainly, in plain sight, says that he is forming a network to speak to one thing and one thing only: the demonizing of the other,” Williams said.”

“I don’t know what his beliefs were, but what he knew was it would be very profitable,” she went on. “Nobody had ever done this before … There was no conservative news network speaking to the fear of intrinsic devaluation of whiteness in this country. And Roger saw a void, and like any smart business person – what? Find a need and fill it.”

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“Ailes died in 2017, after being forced out at Fox the previous year over allegations he sexually harassed staffers.”

“Williams worked at Fox for four and a half years before leaving at the end of 2018, and co-hosted the short-lived show Fox News Specialists.”

“The commenter and attorney said she joined Fox despite her disagreement with its conservative political agenda because she believed its viewers needed to hear a different perspective.”

“But she said that after criticizing Donald Trump’s response to the white supremacist  violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, which brought her death threats, she was no longer getting through to Fox viewers.”

The above toxic nature of the Trumpian Republican Party explains why so many GOP congressional members quit before reelection in 2018. As per the 8/29/2019 Raw Story report, “GOP lawmakers are quitting at a ‘stunning’ pace rather than serve under Trump — here are the numbers” by Tom Boggioni, “Tally it all up and that is 93 House Republicans out of 241 — more than 38 percent turnover in a party that had control over Washington until late last year (2018),” he revealed. “Beneath the surface there is deep discomfort in the party under Trump as it turns into what looks like a demographic dead end. But here is the thing, most Republicans are afraid to say it in public. They’re afraid of being attacked by this president. Afraid that, if they speak out, they’ll lose their job in their partisan primary.” (All of this would be backed by dark money donors.)

“There’s no question Trump remains very popular with the base..Donald Trump is also the only president in the history of Gallup polling to never be above 50% approval rating. ”


As per the 8/26/2019 Washington Post opinion piece, “Is Trump a president or a timeshare salesman?” by Dana Milbank:

“The Amazon is burning, a trade war is escalating, and the world economy is deteriorating.”

“Enter President Trump, taking the stage on Monday at the Group of Seven gathering of world leaders in Biarritz, France, to assure an anxious world that . . . his golf resort in Miami is just tremendous!”

“With Doral, we have a series of magnificent buildings —bungalows — they each hold from 50 to 70 very luxurious rooms with magnificent views,” Trump said at the closing news conference of the international gathering.”

“Trump, who had been asked to clarify his earlier (inappropriate) remarks promoting his Miami-area property at the international gathering, instead expanded on them: “We have incredible conference rooms, incredible restaurants. And we have many hundreds of acres so that in terms of parking, in terms of all of the things that you need, the ballrooms are among the biggest in Florida, and the best.”

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“We.” With that pronoun, Trump spoke not as president of the US but as de facto head of the Trump Organization. And he now endeavors to abuse his status as host of next year’s G-7 summit to force foreign countries and U.S. taxpayers to pump millions more dollars into one of his properties.”

“Trump is essentially requiring foreign governments to pay him the very definition of unconstitutional emoluments. Is this a president or a timeshare salesman?”

Link to Dana Milbank’s article:

See: If Trump Were an Airline Pilot…

See: How did Fossil Fuel Industry Titans/ Dark Money Donors Hook Up With White Evangelical Christians


  1. Good to see you back, Gronda!

    t would seem that conscience, integrity, care for the planet, concern for humans have ceased to exist in our government under Trump. 03 November 2020 is our last hope for life ongoing life in this nation, as far as I’m concerned. I have no intention of spending another 4 years under this cruel, corrupt despotic government.


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    • Dear Jill,

      It’s time to let these dark money donors who are backing this Trumpian Republican Party know that eventually, there names will be revealed and that they will pay a price.

      My prayer is that these dark money donors will find out in November 2020 that they have wasted billions of dollars trying to rob the vast majority of Americans of a functioning, healthy democracy and that all their cheating will have been for naught. They will have to learn that most Americans don’t want their form of governing and trafficking in hate, racism, division, etc.

      Thanks for your good wishes. I’m still not operating on all cylinders but I’ll get there.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I surely do hope that your prayer for 2020 is answered, for otherwise I sincerely fear for the future of this nation … of the world, for that matter. It almost feels as if we are naught but pawns on a giant chessboard.

        Glad you’re feeling somewhat better anyway … take it easy and take your mind away from all this for a while each day. Yeah, I know, I should follow my own advice. I sent you an ecard yesterday … did you get it?


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  2. Trump is certainly a blight on the face of the Earth but it sounds as though he’s in good company with these dark money donors.There needs to be a way of getting all this money out of politics or at least ensuring an honest accounting of donations,

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    • Dear David,

      From your mouth to God’s ears. These dark money vultures need to be stopped in their tracks.

      There was a Citizens United ruling, released in January 2010, where the high court’s 5-4 decision said that it is OK for corporations to spend as much as they want to convince people to vote for or against a candidate. The court equated a corporation as being equal to an individual voter/ contributor. This has to be one of the top 5 worst decisions delivered by the US Supreme Court which allows for ample loopholes where these corporations can donate monies while remaining anonymous.

      At the very least, these dark money donors should not be able to get away with remaining anonymous. They need the light to be shined on them, so that we can stomp on these roaches who are eating away at our democracy which has succeeded because of immigration bringing a diversity of ideas and backgrounds to enrich the USA, the free press, the “rule of law” delivered in a non-partisan manner, truth, decisions based on facts, evidence, credible studies, etc. These sickos want to rob us of everything that makes this country truly great.

      Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Copy Chick,

      Thanks for your gracious feedback.

      The Democratic Party leadership and the press need to do more to expose the names of corporations donating these dark monies. I suspect that there are clues out there. For example, I would pay attention to those corporations who advertise on the FOX TV News shows that are hosted by stars like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro. Also, those corporations that are still members of ALEC post 2013 when many cut ties, would be suspect.

      Hugs, Gronda


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