Host is Joe Scarborough, former Republican Congress representative and the more progressive cohost, Mika Brzezinski
Host is Joe Scarborough, former Republican Congress representative and the more progressive cohost, Mika Brzezinski

Recently, Joe Scarborough dished those who are using Michael Brown as a poster hero. He expressed his thoughts that Michael Brown acted like a bully when he stole from the local store  and when he chose to mouth off to challenge a policeman, he placed himself in a position to where he was fatally shot. He describes the companion, Dorian Wilson as being  complicit in the convenient store theft and then with the physical evidence not backing his allegation of his friend being shot in the back, he just isn’t credible. The physical evidence aligns with Officer Wilson’s depiction of events on 8/9/2014 and the grand jury eye witness testimonies verify that Michael Brown’s arms were not lifted in surrender.

He then asked out loud, why other guests  have not had the courage to  come forward to voice similar thoughts with the exception of the show’s frequent guest, Donny Deutsch?

images hands upDear Joe, Facts do matter! The majority of the grand jury eye witnesses have stated that Michael Brown was surrendering with his arms held at shoulder level. There are several grand jury eye witnesses who have publicly come forward to verify this fact and they are, Dorian Johnson, Tiffany Mitchell, Piaget Crenshaw, and one out of two White construction workers who also took a video of the crime scene post the shooting. In addition, there is physical evidence to bolster their assertions which is the bullet entrance wound in the underside of his arm which could have been sustained, as it was raised.

There is a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article posted on 9/7/2014, by which the reporter, Jeremy Kohler interviewed one of the White construction workers. The reporter writes the following:

“But there were two outsiders who happened to be working outside at the apartment complex on Aug. 9 — two men from a company in Jefferson County — who heard a single gunshot, looked up from their work and witnessed the shooting.”

images first amendment ferguson

“Both have given their statements to the St. Louis County police and the FBI. One of the men agreed to share his account with a Post-Dispatch reporter on the condition that his name and employer not be used.”

“His account largely matches those who reported that Wilson chased Brown on foot away from the car after the initial gunshot and fired at least one more shot in the direction of Brown as he was fleeing; that Brown stopped, turned around and put his hands up; and that the officer killed Brown in a barrage of gunfire.”

Dear Joe Scarborough, there is a double standard and that is why many are disturbed by the Michael Brown shooting. I do agree that Michael Brown was no saint on that day of  8/9/2014. If he lived another day, he should have been held to task. My question is, should an 18 year old, unarmed person who acted like a jerk be fatally shot for the $15.00 petty theft of cigarillos? There are a few young shop lifters who act foolishly who should now expect to be fatally shot? Why have those Caucasian men not been shot who destroy property after a Phillies game? Have you ever seen how some drunk Caucasian young men with a marijuana high become complete idiots at a fraternity party and do stupid things like moving construction equipment? Should they face censure?  Yes!!! Should they be deemed a threat to where they are fatally shot? Well if these young people are Caucasian, then they are probably safe but if you are African American, then it is a crap shoot.

imagesWMV2MT5I philly best pix

Guess what! In the African American world, the police do lie. In the recent police shooting of a 12 year old, African American child, Tamir Rice, who was playing with his BB gun, police officials have confirmed that this child was in agony for four minutes before he passed away while the police watched without rendering any aid. Originally the police involved in the shooting attempted to paint the picture that they were people in the area who could have been harmed. Unfortunately for them, there was a video which shows no one in the park. The standard police protocol was not followed by these police officers finding themselves in this set of  events. There is the 2014 New York case in which an African American man, Eric Garner was killed by police who were implementing  an illegal chokehold. He received the death penalty  for the petty crime of selling individual cigarettes. In this case, any  fabrication by the police is moot because again, there is a video detailing exactly what happened. UPDATE: On 12/3/2014, the New York grand jury rendered a “No Bill” decision in the Eric Garner case and so there is no indictment against the police officers who used an illegal choke hold.

imrs ferguson loss of justice

Then there is the 2014 South Carolina case by which a state trooper Sean Groubert tried to use the “fear of bodily harm” while discussing this case with his supervisor to justify the shooting of a Black young man, Levar Jones who was stopped at a gas station for not wearing a seat belt.  Again, the police officer was out of luck because there was a complete video, from start to finish. The officer did not know how to adjust the video cam attached to his police car. It shows that the young man politely followed all the officer’s instructions including reaching into his car to find his driver’s license as ordered by the officer. He was shot 4 times. Fortunately 3 bullets missed. The police officer was immediately fired and he will be facing prosecution. The history of state trooper prosecutions in the State of South Carolina indicates that the odds of this same officer being prosecuted for a felony without the video cam evidence were virtually nil.

These examples highlight the major problem for the African American community. They cannot count on the judicial system to be above board, transparent and fair unless there is a video of an African American citizen being killed by a police officer. They have been living with the statistics  which show that young African American males are 21 times more likely to be shot by a police officer than their young Caucasian brothers.

UPDATE: Even a New York coroner’s ruling Eric garner’s death a homicide and a video may not be sufficient for the African American community to obtain justice as exemplified by the 12/3/2014 grand jury’s decision not to indict any police officer who was involved in causing Eric Garner’s death by the usage of an illegal choke hold.

Dorian Johnson
Dorian Johnson

images i have a dreamPart of the reason that Dorian Johnson was not arrested is due to the audio and visual part of the convenient store video which does not show him as actively taking part in the theft. As a matter of fact, the Ferguson PD report #14-43984, indicates another store clerk witnessed Dorian Johnson asking Michael Brown to pay and he returned the box he had been handed. He was the one who was walking to the store to purchase the cigarillos with the money to pay. Mike Brown asked to go with him. In the police report after Michael Brown was holding a box of cigarillos, (14-43984, page 53), a detective who reviewed the store video without an audio component, noted “..Brown got into a verbal dispute with the employee behind the counter. At that time, Johnson reached around Brown and placed the first box back on the counter.” He had been friendly with Michael Brown for just 3 months prior to the store theft. Dorian Johnson, 22 years old, was living in an apartment with the Mother of their child. He was friendly to “Big Mike” who rarely talked to others because his voice which was very gentle did not match his size. He has told others that he had never seen the side of “Big Mike” that he witnessed on 8/9/2014.

untitled bwb pixThe “Business International Times” article titled, “Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown Shooting Witness, Meeting With FBI And County Prosecutor,” was first published on August 13, 2014, and  author Treye Green writes the following comments:

“A witness to the police killing of 18-year-old Mike Brown over the weekend in Ferguson, Missouri, will meet shortly with the FBI, his lawyer says. Dorian Johnson’s lawyer told MSNBC that he was initially refused an interview by police even though he was walking with Brown when the fatal shooting occurred.”

“Johnson, 22, will be speaking with the FBI and the St. Louis County prosecutor later Wednesday, the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery reported Wednesday. The meetings come after Johnson’s lawyer, (former St. Louis Mayor) Freeman Bosley said police had yet to interview the witness, even after Bosley attempted to set up a talk with them.”

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As per a 11/25/2014 New York Times story, titled, “Amid Conflicting Accounts, Trusting Darren Wilson,” by:

“The officer’s testimony, delivered without the cross-examination of a trial in the earliest phase of the three-month inquiry, was the only direct account of the fatal encounter. It appeared to form the spine of a narrative that unfolded before the jurors over three months (25 days), buttressed, the prosecutors said, by the most credible witnesses, forensic evidence and three autopsies.”

“But the gentle questioning of Officer Wilson revealed in the transcripts, and the sharp challenges prosecutors made to witnesses whose accounts seemed to contradict his narrative, have led some to question whether the process was as objective as Mr. McCulloch claims.”

152561_600..ferguson autopsy

From doing just a minimum amount of research regarding Police Officer Darren Wilson’s 8/9/14 police statement (post trauma unit)  and his 8/10/14 deposition, as well as the crime scene investigator’s testimony found on the grand jury’s transcribed Witness Testimony, Volume 2, I have discovered  information which seriously counters the Police Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events on 8/9/2014. In this blog, I am focusing on just one issue which is the time line inconsistencies as to what happened on 8/9/2014.

Michael Brown and Darren Wilson
Michael Brown and Darren Wilson

Based on his 8/10/2014 deposition detailed in the St. Louis County PD Investigative Report #14 -43984(pages 14-15), Officer Darren Wilson  stated that from the time of his first contact with the two suspects to when Michael Brown was fatally shot was   “less than a minute.”

Officer Wilson’s original description of events can be found in his 8/9/14 police statement and on page 6 of the formal deposition taken 8/10, one day after the shooting. He says the following: “Well, as I left the sick case call, I heard on the radio that there was a stealing in progress from the west Ferguson market on West Florrisant. I heard a brief description of a Black male with a black T-shirt. Um, as I was driving out down Canfield west- bound, I observed two Black males walking in the center of the roadway on the center yellow line.”

The St Louis Post-Dispatch has published a timeline on 11/25/14 for the Ferguson case events on 8/9/2014. Officer Wilson’s grand jury tale from his 8/9/14 police statement and his  8/10/14 police deposition,reflects how after his 12:02 p.m. “21” call, he then reverses his car to stop next to the two men. Thus, he still had less than a minute to fail to exit his vehicle; incur a struggle; have Mike Brown hit him several times with at least 2 hits with a closed fist; have Michael Brown reach for his gun; have time to gain control of the gun to shoot Michael Brown’s hand after yelling a warning; have the 2 suspects run off  east towards the Canfield complex;  have him call for back up on his radio because shots were fired; (call was never received by dispatcher) have him follow Mike  Brown who turned  around voluntarily to  face him;  where upon he had to shoot multiple times because the initial shot did not prevent Mike Brown from approaching. At 12:03 pm, a witness is tweeting that he just saw someone being fatally shot. The St. Louis County PD report # 14-43984 page 1, detailed by the lead detective, places the time of death at 12:02 p.m.

CORRECTION 12/12/14: The St. Louis Post Dispatch published the timeline by Robert Patrick on 11/14/2014 and NOT on 11/25/14.

In short, this timeline does not sync with Officer Wilson’s story, and I can’t fathom why he was not cross examined on this point. I am totally confused about the timeline of the shooting.


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  1. Great Job Done Here!! Joe Morning however isn’t worth the time! He is well …I’ll won’t even waste my words on him….anyway Great job and thanks Mr Jueseppi for sharing this one! ❤


  2. I really appreciate your time-line work here. and it’s the most detail I’ve heard about the indecent at the store. I really want to understand exactly what happened there even though it’s obviously irrelevant to what happened with Wilson. but Dorian has said very little besides nodding yes or no when reporters mention it & the store not making a complaint.
    I want to know, but I refuse to believe the police narrative of “strong armed robbery” the police didn’t release the whole video for a reason. and an edited video does not tell the story.
    my suspicion is Mike & the clerk had an argument maybe Mike was told it was more money than he thought or more than he had? maybe it was something like what some have suggested that Mike was in the process of paying and then the clerk asked for ID and wasn’t permitted to sell to him w/o it? Maybe Mike got mad and actually did kinda throw the money down and just went to walk out and the guy tried to give it back sparking the confrontation??
    I know i’m being weird about this aspect but oddly enough, my reasons are protective and defensive of Mike because he cant tell his own side. i’m concerned about it because I want Mike to have an explanation for what we see on the “edited video” that was clearly released to smear his character.

    anyway. maybe sometime Dorian will be asked this question and we’ll know…


    • Dear Shannon, I was trying to approve your comments and I hope it worked. Listen at the worst, Michael Brown is guilty of shop lifting. It is nothing major. Two things bother me. The police made the choice to leak this video at an inappropriate time just to hurt Mike Brown’s image. It was leaked without the audio video. Then the police refused initially to meet with a major witness, Dorian Johnson so that he could tell the police what happened. I am hoping that Mike’s parents proceed to civil court or the DOJ steps in to retry the case on the federal level like they did in the Rodney King case.


      • Yeah, the release of that video did exactly what the Ferguson police intended, to turn the public against Mike. There’s a poll that proved that white & black ppl supported Mike pretty much equally until the video and then the bigoted white idiots turned on him.
        I’m glad Holder acknowledged publicly the dirty police smear tactics and the DOJ will use that against the Ferguson PD& Wilson during their individual federal investigations.
        but it’s just reprehensible of the display of official corruption surrounding Mike’s murder.

        And personally, i’m slightly more optimistic about Zimmerman’s federal civil rights charges than I am of Wilson being charged.
        BUT I only say that because I haven’t studied the evidence like you have in Mike’s case like I have Trayvon’s, although from what i have seen, there’s overwhelming physical & circumstantial evidence Wilson’s lied. plus I don’t know exactly how that kind of federal prosecution works. but I do think the Ferguson police officials will be punished whether it’s just being fired in which pensions will be lost etc or hopefully criminal obstruction &/or conspiracy charges.. and i’m really hopeful mc collugh gets in trouble too. he deserves to have that pedestal snatched from under him soooooo baddddddddd!! I despise him!!


        • Dear Shannon, I have been reviewing the police report. The store video does not have an audio component. According to the police report description of the video, they say it does appear that Mike and the store clerk were having a heated discussion when Mike was at the counter. The amount of confiscated cigarillos amounted to $33.99. I feel like mailing the store a check for $34. I will be checking for all witness testimony as what was discussed between the store clerk and Mike. The amount stolen ends up being an estimate of $15.00 because Dorian Johnson had put the box back on the counter and the police in their report #14-43984 verify this.

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  3. Prosecutor McCulloch played too smart by half. His bias cannot see beyond that he feels his office and the police are being mistreated. In the end, he will have hung himself. Sometimes I wonder how come these prosecutors are not challenged more often. It becomes too easy for them to continue to act according to a pattern. By either a civil suit or a federal trial, he will pay his dues. At least I hope this is the case. I find it interesting that Darren Wilson resigned without any severance pay which means that his separation was a mutually arrived at decision. Prosecutors are fearful of a murder charge against a police officer because defense attorneys will start filing to have their cases reviewed if he ever testified in their cases.


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