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The Ferguson Police Department Public Relation’s Officer describing in December 2014, the Michael Brown memorial as a pile of thrash to a Washington Post reporter is emblematic of the prevalent attitude within the halls of the Ferguson police headquarters.

In Vol. 5 of the grand jury transcript, page 238, you can read Police Officer Darren Wilson’s comments which reflects this  attitude of disdain for those living in Ferguson. Some of his words are, “There’s a lot of  gangs that reside and associate with that area. There’s a lot of violence in that area, there’s a lot of gun activity, drug activity, it is just not a very well liked community.”

This unprofessional attitude is demonstrated in Officer Wilson’s refusal to carry a Taser gun and that this is an acceptable standard within the Ferguson Police Department(Vol.5, pages 205-206). This quote if from Officer Wilson’s grand jury testimony, “I normally don’t carry a Taser. We only have a select amount. Usually, there is one available, but I usually elect not to carry one. It is not a comfortable thing. They are very large, I don’t have a lot of room in the front for it to be positioned.”140825-ferguson-quote-graphic police culture fergusonFERGUSON EVENTS ON 8/9/14 BASED ON MY SPECULTATION

Around 11:53 a.m., Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson entered the Ferguson Convenient Market to purchase cigarillos. A copy of a video obtained later, shows Michael Brown taking a box of cigarillos and some smaller packets. According to the police notes found in report #14-43984 pages 52-57, the detective noted that there appeared to be heated words exchanged between the store clerk and Michael Brown but I have found little about the content of their discussion. In Vol. 24 of the grand jury transcript, pages 91-93, a St. Louis County detective states that there was a language barrier when he interviewed the clerk, and so an interpreter was required. According to the lead detective, the clerk corroborated what was depicted on the video and mentioned that Michael Brown was using curse words but he was not able to repeat them. Still, I would like to know the content of the argument between Michael Brown and the clerk to determine whether or not their conversation had anything to do with Michel Brown not paying.

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The medical examiner testified at the grand jury proceedings that two five dollar bills ( Vol. I of the Grand Jury transcript, page 53),were found in Michael Brown’s pocket at the crime scene which means he had monies to pay for some cigarillos. As per the store owner, he confiscated about $15.00 worth (PD report #14-43984,page 53) when he grabbed some. Any boxes that were taken were placed back on the counter. Michael Brown and his companion, Dorian Johnson could have split this expense. Michael Brown did push aside the store clerk  as the clerk attempted to block his exit.

Before noon, Police Officer Darren Wilson is returning from a sick baby call. When he arrived at the sick baby home, the ambulance had already arrived and so he was there for a very short time. At noon, he called into dispatch to report that he was available.

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Just for the record, the Sergeant supervisor who was the on duty superior on 8/9/14 and who was the first officer to debrief Officer Wilson about the shooting, provided grand jury testimony which specifically indicates that Officer Wilson had no knowledge of the convenient store theft. The data on this fact can be found in Volume V of the grand jury transcriptions, page 56. The following reflects what was reported.

The prosecutor asked, “Did he talk about the stealing that occurred at Ferguson Market, that he was stopping these two to investigate that?”

The sergeant supervisor answered, “He said he did not have that call, that call I later found out was given to Officer xxxx.”

The prosecutor followed up, “Did he know about it, did he talk about the stealing?”

The sergeant supervisor responded, “He did not know anything about the stealing call.”

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According to the St. Louis County PD report #14-43984, page 13, Officer Wilson provided his first statement on 8/9/14 and  he said “Well as I left the sick call, I had heard on the radio that there was a stealing in progress from the Ferguson market on West Florissant. I heard a brief description as I was driving out down Canfield westbound. I observed two Black males walking in the center of the roadway on the yellow center line.”  He then states, “He stopped his patrol vehicle and allowed the subjects to approach, with his window down. He yells, “Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk?” He details what happened next.” Dorian Johnson stated “We are almost to our destination. The statement was quickly followed by Michael Brown retorting, “The fuck with what you say.” Both subjects continued to walk past the patrol vehicle.

Then Police Officer Wilson states that he notified his dispatcher that he would be conducting a pedestrian check on Canfield Drive. According to his 8/10/14 police deposition, page 5, he recalls saying, “Frank 21, out with 2, send me another car.” Dispatch records displayed on PD report #14-43984, page 162, refer to track 369 timed at 12:02:50 and this is what’s documented, “21,” put me on Canfield with two and send me another car. On track 371, Officer 24, announces that he is the closest and on track 372, Officer 25 indicates that he is going out on Canfield. Officers 24 or 22 and 25 were the first respondents to arrive within seconds after the shooting ended which is 12:02:22.

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So to continue, as he was driving away west, he observed the two young men still walking in the center line. He quickly reverses his SUV to cut off the their progress to where those close by could hear the tires screeching. The two young men had just enough time to jump out of the way. As officer Wilson opens his driver’s door, it hits Michael Brown with force. An upset Michael Brown goes to the driver’s side of the SUV to complain to Officer Wilson to where an argument escalates and both are yelling at each other. Officer Wilson has grabbed Michael Brown by the shirt collar in the neck area causing Michael Brown to try to wrestle with Officer Wilson to escape from being held. At no point, does Michael Brown attempt to gain control of Officer Wilson’s firearm.

As per the police report #14-43984, page 15, the lead detective’s notes detail how Officer Wilson observed blood on the back of his left arm and on the front of his right hand. Pages 7- 10 of 8/10/14 deposition between Officer Wilson and a detective from the St. Louis County Police Department, Bureau of Crimes against Persons verify this. These are Officer Wilson’s words, ” I went right to the bathroom and had to wash off…I took my gun out, I made it safe, and I sealed it in an evidence envelop. Um at that point, I believe the blood was from after I fired and he came back to hit me, was from him like me blocking is how I got this, cause I was not cut or bleeding anywhere. I think it was his blood.” Consequently, Michael Brown’s DNA would  be on the officer’s gun and in the police SUV because Officer Wilson is the one who transferred Michael Brown’s blood to the gun and the SUV. As per Vol. 3 of the grand jury transcript, pages 43-44, the crime scene investigator explains why he and the St. Louis County lead detective made the decision to swab Officer Wilson’s gun for DNA instead of testing it for fingerprints. On pages 25-27, Vol. 3, he explains that the crime lab could not do both DNA and fingerprint testing.

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Officer Wilson manages to shoot Michael Brown in his right hand and soon after, Michael Brown manages to pull away to where he can run away going east towards his apartment. Then  as per Vol. 2 of the grand jury transcript, page 182, the St. Louis County crime scene detective attests that no gun shot casings were discovered inside the police SUV. In mid September 2014, the detective came to be in possession of the Officer Wilson’s duty belt and on page 84 of Vol. 24 of the grand jury transcript, the detective admits that the duty belt was tested for fingerprints and that the results came back negative for Michael Brown prints. In conclusion, there is no physical evidence to conclusively prove that Michael Brown ever attempted to gain control of Officer Wilson’s gun.

At this point, Officer Wilson is fuming at the temerity of this young man’s boldness. He exits his police SUV but this is where his department’s attitude towards training  becomes patently deficient when Officer Wilson decides to pursue Michael Brown without a moment’s hesitation. According to the 1985 Supreme Court ruling of Tennessee v Garner which takes precedence over any state statues, a police officer is barred from pursuing a fleeing unarmed subject unless he is in fear for his own life or the lives if others. He cannot just declare to be in fear but his fear must be deemed reasonable based on his police experience. On page 78 of Vol. 24 of the grand jury transcript, the detective  answers “no” to a question asked by a prosecutor, ” So he never told you that he chased after Michael Brown and continued to pursue him and eventually killed him because he was in fear that Michael Brown would attack other officers who were coming to the scene, did he ever tell you that? On page 88 of Vol. 24, the detective confirms that the initial reason Officer Wilson gave for pursuing Michael Brown as he was fleeing, was to arrest him.

Police Officer Darren Wilson chased after Michael Brown as he was running away and fired several shots towards his back with one bullet hitting the dorsal (back ) part of his right arm. (Vol. 3, page 134; Dr. Baden, Vol.23, pages 65-67). After Michael Brown jerked when felt the shot, he slowly turned around with his arms raised at shoulder level with his palms showing so that Officer Wilson could see that he was not a threat. He did not place his hand down at his waist as alleged by Officer Wilson. For the record, the khaki shorts that Michael Brown is described as wearing were not designed to easily conceal a fire arm.  The only witness who corroborated this assertion was Witness 10 who is not credible. For reference read the blog that I’ve footnoted below, “Michael Brown Memorial Tells the Story, Part VII. As Michael Brown quickly stumbled towards Officer Wilson, he was shot four times and this time all the shots made contact. On page 17 of the police report 14-43984, Officer Wilson said he had used one magazine or twelve bullets during the shooting, one live bullet was still in the chamber.

Officer Wilson admits firing two shots while he was in the SUV. So, there should have been two shell casings found near the SUV. There should be 6 shell casing found scattered and then 4 shell casings located close together.

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Michael Brown as per the autopsy report was shot 6 times; however, 12 shots were fired by Officer Wilson. The St. Louis County lead detective on pages 5-7 on his report #14-43984, notes the following:

1.) He located a single spent cartridge casing head stamped Federal 40 s&w was just south of the rear side door;

2.) He spotted a single spent cartridge casing head, stamped Federal 40 s&w was along southern curb, south of Ferguson patrol vehicle;

3.) He noticed that by following the blood droplets, west and closer to the victim, were two spent cartridge casings head stamped Federal 40 s&w in approximately the middle of the roadway, Canfield Dr.

4.)Approximately south of these spent cartridge casings, in the southwest lane of traffic and closer to the curb were two spent cartridge casings head stamped Federal 40 s&w.

5.) Just west of these spent cartridge casings also in the south east lane of traffic, on Canfield Dr. was one spent cartridge casing stamped Federal s&w.

6.) South of this spent cartridge casing in the grass area between southeast lane of traffic on Canfield Dr. and the sidewalk were four spent cartridge casings head stamped 40 s&w.

7.) South of the victim, in the southeast lane of traffic on Canfield Dr., just east of Caddiefield Rd. was a spent cartridge casing head stamped Federal 40 s&w.

FERGtoles benefit of doubt

The police dispatch places Officer Wilson available around noon and by 12:02:22 when he is asking for an assist, I am convinced that he had already killed Michael Brown. CNN obtained access to an audio recording with glide technology from a Ferguson resident whose smartphone captured the 10 shots in the background and this evidence was turned over to the FBI. According to the ShotSpotter CEO who had his experts analyze sound data of the 10 shots fired at the behest of CNN, there were 6 shots fired; followed by a three second pause; and then the firing of four more shots with a total time lapse of 6.572 seconds. The glide technology that enabled the user to collect the gunshot sounds in the background established the time of this gunshot data capture at 12:02:14. The FBI has this sound data of the 10 gunshots and it was referred to in the grand jury transcript, Vol. 24, page 88; however there was no FBI analysis available at that time. A grand juror did ask whether the FBI had constructed an exact a time line, and the prosecutor said it had not.

It is my hypothesis that the later calls which Officer Wilson claims to have done post any shooting, simply never happened. The grand jury listened to multiple reasons as to why calls, subsequent to any shooting were not received by the police dispatcher. After the first two shots, that Officer Wilson confirms that he fired from within his SUV, he states that he contacted dispatch, announcing  “shots fired” as he requested assistance. After Michael Brown was deceased,     Officer Wilson contends, “he notified the dispatcher and said, “send me every car you got and a supervisor.” This is documented on page 15 of the PD report #14-43984.

This is timeline as per police records:

Ferguson Police Department Event Report #14-12390 7140 Sick Case.

Location: Tower at 2491 St Cyr, 2 month old child that can’t breathe when she coughs.

11:45 Event opened by sending work area
11:48 Set reminder for 300 seconds
12:00 Complaint number “14-12390’ Assigned
12:00 Records Management Report Opened
12:00:07 Notes added (the address)
12 10:04 Reopen Incident

Copper creek Ct, Ferguson, Mo, Canfield Dr.
12:01:50 Open
12:02:22 Dispatch
12:02:22 Arrive on Scene
12:02:22 Arrival

Incident notes:
8/9                                                                                                                                    12:04 EMS Contacted

1409018379000-benson trayvon martin michael brown

Within seconds, two Ferguson police officers were at the crime scene with one of the officers having been primarily assigned to the convenient store theft case. Within a half hour, the Ferguson Chief, and others were at the crime scene. Officer Wilson was told to return to the Ferguson police headquarters by his Sergeant supervisor. Somehow the story that Officer Wilson had been aware about the convenient store theft before he first noticed the two young men in the center line of Canfield Dr. was concocted, before Officer Wilson with his attorney, would give his first 8/9/14 statement to the St. Louis County lead detective. After about 40 minutes from the shooting event, the Ferguson Chief is contacting the ST. Louis County Police Department with the request that they take over the case. On 8/10, page 15 of his police deposition, Officer Wilson  estimates the time span from the time of the initial contact with Michael Brown to when he was fatally shot, as less than a minute. If the call for back up (track 369) was timed at 12:01:50 and the glide technology experts place the time of the shooting at 12:02:14, then the time of the altercation to when Michael Brown was fatally shot took only 24 seconds.


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