aside The Enigma Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

email hc good pix maxresdefaultIn a way, I can empathize with the Former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s frustration of continuing to have to answer for her sloppy email handling while she held this position of power. She was accused of using her personal server at home instead of the government’s at work and for sending and receiving classified data via her personal email account.

Yes, the issue was way overblown even though she technically asked for it. She was the one who went around the email protocol that her boss, President Obama had formally requested and without informing him until after the fact. And then she doubled down when questioned by the press about her email mis-handling by glossing over or making light of this subject.

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I could almost see her thinking out loud that the media and the vast right wing conspiracy were at it again. She has been subject to attack after attack for so many years with little respite. To me, she appeared defensive and peeved. Personally, while I am empathetic to her point of view, it was a stance that she could ill afford. I am convinced that had she responded early on with humility about her improper email usage by just confessing to having made a foolish mistake, that this whole email debacle could have been put behind her much sooner.

The 2016 democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton had to have known that by placing her hat into the ring, that she was going to be subject to an ongoing spate of accusations and innuendos by her opponents and detractors. If President Barack Obama has had to withstand years of false accusations by right wing conservatives, what made her think that she would be scandal Obama-on-Hillary-Clinton-I-dont-think-there-has-ever-been-someone-so-qualified

While a good portion of the personal attacks aimed at President Obama stem from those suffering from racism, the next U.S. President Hillary Clinton will certainly become the victim of sexism. Many of her critics will claim that they could easily vote for a woman but not her. This is because the future U.S. president is not just any woman. She is an openly ambitious, assertive, clever, calculating and competent politician. For too many men, these traits in a female make them feel uncomfortable. Also, don’t forget, that she is the spouse of the most despised former President Bill Clinton who the republican right wingers did their best to destroy while he was in office but they failed miserably.

If she learns anything from winning the crown at the current ongoing Democratic National Convention and from the campaign process, it should be how to present her real self to the public because there is nothing that she can do to protect herself from being a target. Avoiding the press and being dismissive of criticisms makes her seem arrogant with an air of entitlement to others. If she can overcome this invisible wall that she employs as a defensive mechanism, which makes her appear stiff, cold and not her true self, then she will become a much more effective and relaxed leader.

Tonight, July 28, 2016, Hillary Clinton started a new beginning with her acceptance speech  for the honor of becoming the democrats’ presidential nominee at the Democratic National Convention. She has earned my vote.

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1.) It is my opinion that Hillary Clinton did not have a nefarious purpose in mind by locating her email server in her home. Please recall that the government’s server that she was  assigned to use has never been a secure line. Consequently, her email correspondence was subject to being hacked by foreign entities from either server. Her reasoning could very well have been similar to many men and women who did not grow up in the computer age. With her busy hectic schedule, it would have made sense for her to make her non classified communication with her staff as seamless as possible while she also dealt with personal matters.

2.) Yes, she deleted her own personal emails which was a legal and understandable action. This was done under the purview and direction of the reputable law firm that was insuring her compliance with all FBI requests. There is no way that she was going to allow her personal life to be scrutinized for every possible negative detail by her opponents. She did what any sensible executive would have done. (Dear Mr. Trump and President Putin, I’m afraid this paper trail is long gone. By the way, Mr. Trump, where is the copy of your taxes?)

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3.) Out of the 34,000 plus work related emails which were delivered or retrieved by the FBI, their analysts have declared about 110 as being classified after the fact. In real time, when the emails were being sent or received, the work product was not marked classified.

4.) The FBI Director James Comey stated for the record that 3 emails out of the 30,000 plus emails had been marked classified at the time of the email transmission. Later on and upon further questioning, he did clarify that the three documents were not marked classified at the top which is the acceptable standard but there was a “C” marked in the body. (See link below for verification.) Incidentally, the Washington Post gave Mrs. Clinton 4 Pinocchio’s over her statements that she did not email or receive correspondence which were marked classified in real time. They did this without the above clarification or the 2015 story about the widespread hacking of the state department’s government’s computer files by suspected Russian hands which is under FBI investigation.

emails hc james comey maxresdefault5.) The FBI Director, James Comey, a life long well respected conservative republican, had been originally appointed to a top judicial post by the former President George Bush. As a reminder, in the 1990s, he had served as deputy special counsel to the “Senate Whitewater Committee,” where he went after Hillary Clinton. During a recent congressional hearing, he testified that he and his staff had been scrupulous in reviewing all of her emails.

The only reason why this FBI Director, James Comey ended up absolving the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of any illegality is because he knew he could not win this case in the courtroom. He wasn’t about to compromise his reputation and integrity to suit the overreach by republicans for political expediency. However, his report was critical by stating that the handling of her work emails was inappropriate and that her work product had been susceptible to hacking by foreign governments. (This is also true of the government server.) He added, “It is clear, though, that she violated department policies…This is not to suggest that in a similar circumstances a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences.”

NOTE: There is a developing story about previously uncovered emails becoming public which show her staff working with the charitable Clinton’s Foundation on her behalf. The far right organization Judicial Watch will be publicly sharing these emails obtained as requested from the U.S state department . The full story will unfold but I would like to verify if these emails involved her directly; and if they were of a personal nature. We do not yet know if the emails being referred to were innocuous or not.



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