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libya benghazi casualties85You’ve heard the most recent talking points by the right and Donald Trump supporters about the democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton: “She is lying, crooked Hillary who needs to be locked up.” They are basing this mantra on the republicans’ collected data from their congressional hearings on Benghazi and the resulting discovery of her email missteps which was being investigated by the FBI. .

Over 20 plus years, the democratic presidential nominee has managed to develop a reputation whether deserved or not, for prevarication, parsing her words like a lawyer, her overall lack of straight talk and for her seemingly obsessive need for secrecy.

Whenever possible, the republicans have convened special investigations in an attempt to charge her with  something but all their efforts have gone nowhere. It is hard to tell if the conservative right has imputed her with this reputation to account for their failures to expose any of her alleged wrong doings; because of political expediency and/ or if there is some validity to their accusations. The right’s inability to avoid overreaching while appearing hyper political in pursuing Mrs. Clinton’s possible mishaps makes it difficult to determine what’s  valid and what’s not. Of course, the right is using all of this innuendo (true or not) for fund raising purposes and they have developed their talking points based on these investigations.

benghazi-murdered-chris-stevens-NAVY SEAL GLENN DOHERTY; SEAN SMITH; NS TYRONE WOODS
Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, the Navy Seals, Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods

The latest mantra of “lying, crooked Hillary” by the far right focuses on how she intentionally misled the parents of those slain and injured with mistruths regarding the 9/11/12 Benghazi, Libya  catastrophic circumstances which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, his assistant, Sean Smith, and the CIA contracted security experts, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty. Two other U.S, personnel were seriously wounded.

Patricia Smith, the Mother of Sean Smith, has stated for the record (and at the republican convention) her memory about how she was told by Mrs. Clinton that the Benghazi tragedy started out as a demonstration by Libyan locals in response to a video made public which mocked their prophet Mohammed. The Mom feels betrayed because this version of events was not true.

Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith


Patricia Smith states that she was misinformed during the casket ceremony on September 14, 2012. The presidential administration was in attendance because they had wanted to extend their condolences to the grieving family members over the loss of their loved ones. The confusion over Sean Smith’s Mom’s recollection arises because others who were present have testified that they never heard Mrs. Clinton mention anything about a video and/ or a demonstration. Mrs. Clinton has testified that she does not recall any conversation along the lines as claimed by this hurting Mom. Consequently, she is being labeled by the right as “lying crooked Hillary who should be locked up.”

libya benghazi hrc720x405-Screen-Shot-2015-10-22-at-1_16_56-PM

In short, the Arab video making fun of the Prophet Muhammad, being a possible catalyst for any local unrest (demonstration) is not a lie created by the State Department to deflect from the fact, that Islamic terrorists were solely responsible for the surprise attack on the Benghazi US facilities on 9/11/12. There is a legitimate reason for the “fog of war” confusion which was cleared up within a few days after the State Department fully reviewed the Benghazi War video tapes.

As per the book, “13 Hours,” page 76-77 there are details regarding the confusion over the controversial video having incited unrest on 9/11/12 in the Middle East and the following are the pertinent excerpts:

“(9/11/12) One of the DS (State Department) agents in Benghazi, Alec Henderson, heard about Cairo protests from a counterpart in Tripoli. From his post in the Compound, Henderson called the Annex to be sure that all Americans in Benghazi were aware of the escalating unrest, seven hundred miles away in Egypt.”benghazi-libya-4-pix

“By all accounts, the Cairo demonstration was sparked by Egyptian media reports about an amateurish movie trailer posted on YouTube for an anti-Islamic film called “Innocence of Muslims.” The video, made by a Christian Egyptian-American with a history of bank fraud and multiple aliases, defamed the Prophet Mohammad by depicting him as a bloodthirsty, womanizing buffoon, a homosexual, and a child molester.”

“Fueling the anger among Egyptian Muslims, erroneous reports suggested that the US government was somehow involved in producing the film. The US Embassy in Cairo might have unwittingly contributed to that impression by issuing a noontime statement awkwardly disavowing the video. As Gregory Hicks told Ambassador Stevens, the Egyptian protesters had scaled the embassy wall and burned the American flag. They replaced it with a black jihadist flag with white lettering in Arabic that read: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.”


Nine different bodies have investigated Benghazi: the State Department’s Accountability Review Board which is the gold standard of these reviews and then eight separate congressional committees. While each resulting report has identified problems with the way the incident was handled, none have uncovered real evidence of an administration cover-up or failure to properly respond to the attacks.

The diplomatic compound in Libya was also a CIA post.

A major issue that appears to have been marginalized and discounted by all the investigating bodies is the report by the CIA contracted security team, that there was about a 30 minute delay before these brave heroes finally ignored the “stand down” orders of their CIA chief, “Bob” to enter the battle zone to render assistance. Two were later killed when the battle moved from the diplomatic entity to the nearby CIA Annex. The surviving men have testified before a US Congressional hearing held in December 2013. These witnesses are absolutely convinced that they could have prevented the smoke inhalation deaths of Ambassador Chis Stevens and his assistant, Sean Smith because when they first presented themselves to their CIA chief, no fires had yet been set anywhere by the rebels.

The following was reported on by Bret Bair on 9/5/14:

“Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith, yeah, they would still be alive, my gut is yes,” Paronto said. Tiegen concurred.”

“I strongly believe if we’d left immediately, they’d still be alive today,” he added.”

“All I can talk about is what happened on that ground that night,” added Paronto. “To us. To myself, twice, and to– to Tig, once. It happened that night. We were told to wait, stand– and stand down.  We were delayed three times.”



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