aside The Insanity Of Donald Trump

Photo from The Atlantic
Photo from The Atlantic

I have been wondering along with a lot of other political observers, if Donald Trump is subconsciously self-sabotaging his chances to become the next U.S. republican president  or what other reasons can possibly explain his failure to take the most basic steps to optimize his chance for success prior to the RNC convention and/or for all his bloopers subsequent to it.

An objective review of the status of his campaign just prior to the Republican National Convention in July 2016 demonstrates the major red flags of inadequate planning which includes a lack of funding, staff, and an organizational structure for establishing a credible ground game in key states. For example, republican leaders were becoming alarmed and vocal about how far behind Donald Trump’s campaign was in setting up his ardent followers to become “grass roots” organizers in key battleground states.

Photo from The Atlantic
Photo from The Atlantic

Here is a (cliff notes) round-up from various news sources about the Trump campaign’s failures, many of them inexplicable political mistakes, over six weeks, prior to the Republican National Convention. as per the source, “The Moderate Voice” by Chad Selweski published around 7/3/16:

In June, not a single Trump campaign advertisement appeared in the nation’s top 60 media markets. 

Because of the incompetent email operation within the Trump camp, some digital advertising experts openly scoffed at the campaign’s claim that their solicitation snagged $6.7 million in two days. 

Because of a basic mistake – a switch in Trump’s email address domain – a major campaign solicitation for funds earlier this month turned into a colossal disaster.

At the same time, Trump is barely making an effort in large industrial states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, though both are labeled as key to a Republican winning strategy in November.

Trump infamously began June with just $1.3 million in cash on hand, a figure more typical for a campaign for a House congressional seat than the Oval Office. 

Photo from the Atlantic

 While Trump tries to fill in the blanks, hiring top aides for the general election campaign, one of those aides resigned Friday (6/30/16), leaving his post less than three weeks after being hired. Kevin Kellems, Trump’s director of surrogates, said in his resignation letter shared with colleagues that it had been an “interesting experience.” (This was after the Trump campaign had already made staff changes like the firing of Corey Lewandowski, and the hiring of former Ted Cruz adviser, Jason Miller and former Cruz super PAC director, Kellyanne Conway.)

While many GOP officials assured the pundits that Trump would pivot to general election mode and tame his hyperbolic nature, that has not happened.

What is surprising is that with all of the above deficits and after the RNC convention with many top republican leaders missing, that Donald Trump still was able to earn a 6 point bump in the polls and he was still showing competitive numbers in comparison with his opponent in key battleground states. For a few days, he was prevailing.

Photo from The Atlantic

So now, what was Donald Trump to do if he wanted to lose?

Here is the list:

1.) Donald Trump started a feud which continued for days with a Gold Star family, Mr. and Mrs.  Khzir and Ghazala Khan and whose son, a U.S. Army captain and purple heart recipient, Humayn Khan died in Iraq. Mr. and Mrs. Khan appeared at the Democratic Convention to object to Trump’s anti-Muslim stance.

2.) Rebuked by many GOP top leaders , Trump struck back by saying he did not support some of them over their primary opponents, including the Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain, Wisconsin U.S. Representative Paul Ryan and New Hampshire U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte. (He did formally endorse all three around 8/5/16.)

Photo from The Atlantic
Photo from The Atlantic

3.) Donald Trump accepted the gift of an actual veteran’s Purple Heart medal. He said that he’d always wanted one, but joked that it was easier to get it as a gift.

4.) Trump stated that he did not want to debate Hillary Clinton on this fall’s predetermined dates —unaware that these dates had been set by an independent, bipartisan commission  many months ago. He was inferring that the dates had been set up on NFL game nights just to favor his opponent.

5.) Trump has been alleging that someone might be “rigging” the election in November to deny him a win in November.

6.) After it was known that Russia hacked the DNC computers, Donald Trump publicly asked Russia, if they had a copy of his opponents missing emails,could they forward them to him.

Photo from The Atlantic
Photo from The Atlantic

7.) He announced with certainty that Russia will not invade Ukraine when they already did so in 2014. They are still present in Crimea which is supposed to be a part of Ukraine.

8.) Then Donald Trump inferred that he would consider letting Russia keep Crimea.

9.) Donald Trump is repeating the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s critical talking points regarding NATO.

10.) Donald Trump is resisting releasing his tax returns with the excuse that he is being audited. (He has past years’ tax returns that are not under audit.)

Photo from The Atlantic

I have been hypothesizing about why republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump is acting contrary to his best interests, which should be winning the 2016 elections. The answer is obvious. Winning the election is no longer in his best interests. I did have a thought that maybe he figured out that he was being played by Russia and so, he wanted out. But  selflessness is contrary to his personality profile. It would have to be something that if it became public, would reflect horribly on him.

My theory is two fold. First, he is avoiding making public his tax records because whatever it contains, could ruin him. For example, what if the records prove that he has business interests in Russia; or that he is not as rich as he claims, or that he has paid very little in taxes or has given almost nothing to charitable causes. He has good reasons to side step this ticking time bomb.

By Rob Rogers/ Pittsburgh Post Gazette 2016

The second possibility has to do with protecting his beautiful wife and himself. Because of his strong anti- illegal immigration stance, the press is investigating Mrs. Trump’s immigration status in 1995 (versus her claim of entering  the U.S in 1996), where she may have earned monies as a model. Recently, the NY Post published nude photos which were taken in 1995 in the U.S.; (I am against what the NY Post did.) There are questions as to why did she mention having to go in and out of the U.S. which is not an H-B1 work permit requirement. If she did not have a work permit, then Melania Trump should not have been taking on any modeling assignments. She is  denying any wrong doing.

INSANITY: When you love winning above all else, but if you win, you could lose everything. This is when winning equals losing. And yet, somehow you need to figure out a way to save face.

UPDATE 8/13/16: It is my opinion based on nothing but Donald Trump’s personality profile that he will be withdrawing as the 2016 republican presidential nominee either right before the first televised debate or soon after. It would not suit him to lose by a huge margin. Once he faces this reality, he is gone.


Gaps in Melania Trump’s immigration story raise questions – POLITICO–Politico 8/4/16  Melania Trump’s statement on immigration status dodges key points.