aside Who Is The Truth Teller? Hillary Clinton VS. Donald Trump

Both the democrats and republicans have their talking points about the other’s trustworthiness. What is the reality based on hard data versus all the hyperbole?

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Let’s look at the facts and nothing but the facts. The 8/6/16 NY Times article by Nicolas Kristof, “Clinton’s Fibs vs. Trump’s Huge Lies,” attempts to make an objective comparison:

“One metric comes from independent fact-checking websites.”

Mr. Kristoff indicates that recent CBS News polls finds the public repulsed by both with 34%of registered voters saying that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy compared with 34% for Donald Trump.

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As of 8/5/16, PolitiFact has found that 27% of Hillary Clinton’ statements, reviewed by them were mostly false or worse, compared with 70% for Donald Trump.

PolitiFact determined that 2% of Mrs. Clinton’s statements were “pants on fire” lies compared to 19% for Mr. Trump.

In conclusion, Mr. Kristof writes: Mr. Trump has 9 times the share of flat out lies as Mrs. Clinton does.

The Washington Post’s FactChecker has awarded its worst ranking of 4 Pinnochios to 16% for Mrs. Clinton’s statements that it checked versus 64% which were applied to Mr. Trump’s statements.

Glenn Kessler of (FactChecker) says, Mrs. Clinton is the norm for a typical politician while Mr. Trump is off the charts.

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Mr.  Kristof  of the NY Times continues his analysis:

“Critics also claim that Clinton lied to the families of the four Americans killed in Benghazi, but fact-checkers have said the evidence is unclear. Harder to defend is her disingenuous explanation  of flip-flopping on the Asian trade agreement. And her accounts of her use of private email servers have been consistently false or misleading; astonishingly, she continues to mislead by claiming that the F.B.I. director, James Comey, judged her answers truthful (he didn’t).”

“All this is junior varsity mendacity. In contrast, Trump is the champ of prevarication.”

“In March, Politico chronicled a week of Trump remarks and found on average one misstatement every five minutes. The Huffington Post once chronicled 71 inaccuracies in an hourlong town hall session — more than one a minute.”

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“Trump used to boast that he and Vladimir Putin were buddies — “I spoke directly and indirectly with President Putin” — only to acknowledge later that they had never met or spoken. He retweeted an incendiary graphic indicating that 81 percent of murdered whites are killed by blacks (the actual figure is 15 percent). He denied telling The New York Times’s editorial board that he would impose a 45 percent tariff on China; The Times then released the audio of him saying just that.”

elections trump for vets trumpdonaldvets2 “Equally brazen were Trump’s claims about his fund-raiser for veterans in Iowa: He said on video that he had raised $6 million for them, then when the money didn’t show up he denied ever saying that.
“The man lies all the time,” says Thomas M. Wells, his former lawyer. Wells recalls being curious that newspaper accounts varied as to the number of rooms in Trump’s apartment in Trump Tower — eight, 16, 20 or 30. So Wells asked him how many rooms were actually in the apartment. “However many they will print,” Trump responded.”

“Tony Schwartz, the co-writer of his book “The Art of the Deal,” told Jane Mayer of The New Yorker, “Lying is second nature to him.”

donald trump 90585David Farenthold of the Washington Post has published the following comments on 8/8/16:

“Trying to find evidence of them (charitable donations), I first looked at the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Dead end. Tax records show no gifts from Trump to his namesake foundation since 2008. Then I looked at the Trump campaign’s official list of his donations. Dead end. That list included thousands of free rounds of golf, given away by Trump’s golf courses. But no gifts of cash from Trump’s own pocket. His campaign said those gifts did exist. It just wouldn’t say who got them.”

“So I kept looking, starting with the individual charities that Trump seemed closest to. He’d attended their galas. Praised them on Twitter. Given them cash from the Trump Foundation’s dwindling pot of money.”(Checked 259 charities)

“I’ve found one gift, out of Trump’s own pocket, between 2008 and this May. (2016) In 2009, he apparently gave a gift worth less than $10,000 to the Police Athletic League in New York. (In May, under pressure from the media, Trump made good on his own pledge to give $1 million to a veterans’ charity).”

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In short, Clinton is average for a politician who wants to present  her situation in the best possible light,  while Trump is a world champion liar who is pathological in his dishonesty. There is no fair comparison.

The right (republicans) are attempting to brand Mrs. Clinton to an extreme degree as being a liar, crooked and worthy of being locked up when their candidate, Mr. Trump makes her look like a rank amateur in comparison.

For instance, Mr. Donald Trump should be pushed to at least, make his past IRS returns, public, which are not currently under audit.

See the below link for an example of how far the republicans will go in pursuing Mrs. Clinton.


Crooked Claims About Clinton – Fourtime convicted felon falsely accuses Clinton in video viewed by millions. By Viveca Novak; Posted on January 18, 2008 | Updated on February 8, 2008 … it garnered more than 1.4 million views in its first month…


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