aside My Policy Wish For USA, Part XII (Climate Change)

South Carolina

I am one of those American taxpayers who is realistic about the need for government in our lives but I just want it to work effectively, efficiently, and with accountability. The era of too many U.S. congressmen sitting back while obstructing any and all legislation that would lift the burdens of its peoples just to gain political points, has got to come to an end.

I can’t help but be persuaded that instead of all the finger pointing and political one up man ship games, those elected officials could have taken steps to mitigate all the devastation and heartache caused by numerous recent floods, power outages, loss of homes, businesses by actually serving the citizens who pay their salaries. The admittance of the reality of climate change and the necessity for preventative infrastructure investments would be a start. The naysayers have to be stopped from blocking the enactment of any and all U.S. government plans designed to deal with climate change and its negative consequences.

elections flood la 920x920A 9/3/16 NY Times article by Justin Gillis addresses the issue of the importance of not waiting to face the reality of climate change as a pending major national security issue,  The following are some excerpts from his report, “Flooding of Coast,,Caused by Global Warming…Has Already Begun…Scientists’ warnings that the rise of the sea would eventually, imperil the United States’ coastline are no longer theoretical:”

“Once impacts become noticeable, they’re going to be upon you quickly,” said William V. Sweet, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, Md., who is among the leaders in research on coastal inundation. “It’s not a hundred years off — it’s now.”


“Five hundred miles down the Atlantic Coast, the only road to Tybee Island, Ga., is disappearing beneath the sea several times a year, cutting the town off from the mainland.”

“And another 500 miles on, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., increased tidal flooding is forcing the city to spend millions fixing battered roads and drains — and, at times, to send out giant vacuum trucks to suck saltwater off the streets.”

“For decades, as the global warning created by human emissions caused land ice to melt and ocean water to expand, scientists warned that the accelerating rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline.”


“Now, those warnings are no longer theoretical: The inundation of the coast has begun. The sea has crept up to the point that a high tide and a brisk wind are all it takes to send water pouring into streets and homes.”

“Federal scientists have documented a sharp jump in this nuisance flooding — often called “sunny-day flooding” — along both the East Coast and the Gulf Coast in recent years. The sea is now so near the brim in many places that they believe the problem is likely to worsen quickly. Shifts in the Pacific Ocean mean that the West Coast, partly spared over the past two decades, may be hit hard, too.”

“These tidal floods are often just a foot or two deep, but they can stop traffic, swamp basements, damage cars, kill lawns and forests, and poison wells with salt. Moreover, the high seas interfere with the drainage of storm water.”

climate change great pick cartoon What-If-Its-A-Hoax

“In coastal regions, that compounds the damage from the increasingly heavy rains plaguing the country, like those that recently caused extensive flooding in Louisiana. Scientists say these rains are also a consequence of human greenhouse emissions.”

“Once impacts become noticeable, they’re going to be upon you quickly,” said William V. Sweet, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, Md., who is among the leaders in research on coastal inundation. “It’s not a hundred years off — it’s now.”

“Local governments, under pressure from annoyed citizens, are beginning to act. Elections are being won on promises to invest money to protect against flooding. Miami Beach is leading the way, increasing local fees to finance a $400 million plan that includes raising streets, installing pumps and elevating sea walls.”

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“In many of the worst-hit cities, mayors of both parties are sounding an alarm.”

“I’m a Republican, but I also realize, by any objective analysis, the sea level is rising,” said Jason Buelterman, the mayor of tiny Tybee Island, one of the first Georgia communities to adopt a detailed climate plan.”

“But the local leaders say they cannot tackle this problem alone. They are pleading with state and federal governments for guidance and help, including billions to pay for flood walls, pumps and road improvements that would buy them time.”

“Yet Congress has largely ignored these pleas, and has even tried to block plans by the military to head off future problems at the numerous bases imperiled by a rising sea. A Republican congressman from Colorado, Ken Buck, recently called one military proposal part of a “radical climate change agenda.”

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“The gridlock in Washington means the United States lacks not only a broad national policy on sea-level rise, it has something close to the opposite: The federal government spends billions of taxpayer dollars in ways that add to the risks, by subsidizing local governments and homeowners who build in imperiled coastal locations.”

“As the problem worsens, experts are warning that national security is on the line. Naval bases, in particular, are threatened; they can hardly be moved away from the ocean, yet much of their land is at risk of disappearing within this century.“It’s as if the country was being attacked along every border, simultaneously,” said Andrea Dutton, a climate scientist at the University of Florida and one of the world’s leading experts on rising seas. “It’s a slow, gradual attack, but it threatens the safety and security of the United States.”


  1. Great post. Since both candidates are talking about national security tonight, someone needs to mention that the Department of Defense includes climate change as one of the greatest threats to national security. One candidate said it is a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs, while the other one has a plan to address it. Maybe we should vote for the one with a plan.

    • By the way, look for a quick read called “When Climate Change Hits Home,” by Diogo Castro Freire. It will give you some good quotes and tidbits.

  2. Dear Keith,

    That climate change is a major national security issue should be a no brainer. Addressing this issue also reduces our dependence on foreign oil supplies of fossil fuel energy.

    This question of climate change being defined by DOD as being one of the top national security threats to the USA should be asked? I’ll be watching. Being in a swing state, Florida, I had a chance to see HRC yesterday and Bill Clinton today. Both are strong on climate change being a top priority.

    I’ll heed your recommendation to read “When Climate Change Hits Home,” by Diogo Castro Freire.

    Thanks for the reference, Gronda

    • Gronda, thanks. I think I shared with you that I hail from Jacksonville. You would think a Governor of a state surrounded on three sides by sea water would be more concerned. Also, here is where Marco missed his chance. He could have differentiated himself from the others by addressing climate change, but he ran just like the others. Only Kasich recognizes it as a problem of the 17 running for office. Again, great post, Keith

      • Dear Keith,

        Mr.. Marco as of right now, is frustrated with his fellow Republicans because they did not pass the requested funding to manage the spreading of the Zika virus that needs fixing.

        He needs to find the courage to confront his fellow republicans on the issues of both climate change and immigration. He can coach these issues in republican terms,,,i.e. in the interests of national security. He was beat up on the immigration issue to where he retreated. For the future, he cannot continue to mimic the republicans’ talking points of denying the reality of climate change.

        Other republican senators have left the U.S. senate based on their frustration about how too much time is spent on garnering political points and obstructionism versus servicing the American taxpayers. One was former Senator Alan Simpson from Wyoming and the other is the now deceased former Senator Fred Thompson from Tennessee. Both these senators were very open about their disgust .

        Here are some of Senator Simpson’s famous quotes:

        “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

        “An educated man is thoroughly inoculated against humbug, thinks for himself and tries to give his thoughts, in speech or on paper, some style.”.

        In short, I can see why Mr. Marco did not like being part of the senate. He is obviously putting aside his negative feelings. He needs to figure out what he stands for and then act accordingly..

        All I know is that I am voting democrat across the board, Gronda

        • Thanks. Marco could have been the voice of the new GOP, but he quivered and threw his youthful advantage away. Reasonable immigration laws (like he helped pass in the Senate), LGBT rights, and climate change could have been his mantra, yet he decided to run as a 65 year old WASP.

          I love Alan Simpson. He and Erskine Bowles did a terrific service to the country on a debt reduction plan and it was shelved rather than used to build on.


        • Keith,

          He could have been a leader. A person of courage doesn’t back down on principled beliefs just to get along.

          I miss Alan Simpson. If the republicans were genuinely sincere about deficit reduction, they could have passed the Bowles-Simpson plan.or was it the Simpson-Bowles plan?

          Ciao, Gronda

  3. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    Hey lets spend some of the Pentagon’s budget on figuring out how we can take tanker planes to flooded States and air drop them in the desert or better yet on acre burning out of control wild fires in our more arid states….Now there is an idea for you. ~~dru~~

    • Dear saywhatumean2say,

      That is a creative idea. One of my pet peeves is that when we need government services, I want it to work effectively and in a timely manner. I also want government to do its part to mitigate future devastation by focusing on infrastructure improvements..

      Thanks for the reblog, Gronda

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