aside Breaking News: Colin Powell Is Voting For Hillary Clinton

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTR44TKY
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst – RTR44TKY

The Daily Beast published the news earlier today, (10/25/16) that republican General Colin Powell, who’s a former secretary of state, has made the decision to vote for Hillary Clinton yesterday at a luncheon and today via his twitter account. This is what Robert Brodsky of Newsday writes:

(twitter) Boom. Colin Powell says he will vote for Hillary Clinton. Says will serve w/ distinction and cites experience and stamina

(Source: Daily Beast) Former Secretary of State Colin Powell admitted Tuesday afternoon that he will vote for Hillary Clinton in next month’s presidential election. The former George W’ Bush cabinet member spoke at a luncheon on Long Island and, according to Newsday reporter Robert Brodsky, told attendees that Republican nominee Donald Trump insults us every day” and “is selling people a bill of goods,” and so he will cast a vote for fellow ex-secretary Clinton. Powell has previously resisted declaring his support for either candidate, but has chided Trump as a “national disgrace.” He added: I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect.”

NOTE: There is no former sitting U.S. president who will be voting for Donald Trump.


      • His opinion should have gravitas, but the younger voters may not know who he is. I heard him speak at my son’s graduation a couple of years ago and he had their attention.

        • While it carries far less weight, even Howard Stern is against Trump, but said he has been a Clinton fan dating back to the 2008 election.

        • Dear Keith,

          Howard Stern is now 61 years old. His interviews on his program are no longer of the old ilk. He is now known for being a very insightful, smart interviewer.

          Those in the music industry will listen to him. He is becoming cool again.

          It just goes to show that people can change.

          Ciao, Gronda

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