aside Dear Car Dealerships, The Following Customer Service Example Should Not Be Emulated

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Dear Car Dealerships, It does not pay to discount little old ladies!

I cannot be the only one who has endured this level of poor customer service to where I have vowed to never purchase another Nissan product. Through this same dealership, I have leased three different Nissan products. The branding of an outstanding product needs to be combined with ethical and competent customer service, otherwise the branding loses value.

The Rest of the Story…

On a beautiful Florida day, I arrived around 3:15 pm on 1/5/2017 at the Wesley Chapel Nissan Dealership, whereupon I advised a sales manager, Ryan Christian about my need to purchase the 2014 Nissan Versa Note that I had been leasing.At this point,  I was introduced to a sales agent, Christiaan Cason who was to take care of my request to purchase this vehicle. I advised him that the finance company was Nissan Acceptance Corp. Mr. Cason told me that he would obtain the figures from his manager that would be required for me to purchase my leased vehicle and then he would return promptly. It was mentioned that he would be talking with the manager, Bruno Pignano.

When the sales agent, Mr. Cason returned he had the paperwork ready for me to sign and then for me to pay a check to “Wesley Chapel Nissan Dealership.” When I reviewed the paperwork, I noticed that the payout amount was incorrect which along with fees and taxes  amounted to over $15,000. I explained that in December 2016, I had called Nissan Motor Acceptance for the payout amount but I had not mentioned this because what I was quoted was more than 10 days ago. The sales agent immediately withdrew the paperwork and stated something like, “when Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.” was overpaid that I would have received a refund in the mail. I felt like I was transacting business with the Wells Fargo Bank.

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After the sales agent took back the forms, I had him call Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp from the phone number that was present on his desk, 800-456-6622 and yes, the conversation was on a speaker phone. The pay off amount that was quoted was, $10,165.29.

The agent, Christiaan Cason returned to his manager for new contractual agreements which he then shared with me. The updated total was about 12,500.00 which included the payout amount plus taxes and fees. I demanded some relief from all the fees. What I ended up paying was $11,996.92. I then wrote a check around 6:30 pm.

.: The final insult is that I had been made to wait a long time for the finance specialist, Jonathan Santos who ended up being very competent and efficient. But I have no way of proving one way or the other, if I was made to wait so long on purpose; however, at the very least, my business was inefficiently managed. It shouldn’t have taken three plus hours for the dealership to close on a simple transaction.

In response to my negative customer experience, I have submitted negative reviews to, and BBB (Better Business Bureau). In addition, I have emailed my complaint to Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn and to the USA contact referral, Josh Clifton at


  1. Dear Jill,

    I dealt with this dealership because it is close by to where I live. But, this convenience was not worth my experience.

    I am not alone. This dealership has poor review ratings with the most popular consumer review web sites like Yelp and (for cars). Both these sites are not easily manipulated by dealership contrivances to look like it gets great reviews.

    I wonder if Nissan understands about how much business it looses by permitting dealerships to continue to do business that have such a poor customer service reputations.

    Hugs, Gronda


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