aside Three Of The President’s Associates Are Under Investigation (Russia)

donald-cartoon-few-of-the-things-rigged093016coletoon-123From the beginning of his campaign in 2015, the republican President Donald Trump’s stance towards Russia has been a major departure from what has been the US policy for the past 25 plus years. He kept talking Russia’s language when he would speak about weakening NATO and the lifting of sanctions against Russia that the US had advocated and enacted.

Then he denied that his surrogates managed to delete the section from the republican platform regarding the US assisting Ukraine with arms, so that its citizens could withstand Russia’s aggressive moves. There were witnesses to all of this activity who have publicly countered the president’s claim that he had nothing to do with this change to the platform.

We already know that the Intelligence Community has been investigating Russia’s hacking of US websites associated with both campaigns and its efforts to meddle in US presidential elections in order to influence the outcome. But it appears that there is more scrutiny being applied to how deep Russia’s involvement ended up being regarding US election process.

Russian President President Vladimir Putin holds up a glass during a toast at a luncheon hosted by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, at United Nations headquarters. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
Russian President President Vladimir Putin / Trump (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

On 1/12/17 Paul Wood of BBC News posted a story about ongoing investigations regarding the US president’s administration, “Trump ‘compromising’ claims: How and why did we get here?” I have been blogging for months about possible conflicts of interest issues between President Trump and his business ties to Russia. It appears that there are ongoing investigations regarding our president, his surrogates and their interactions with Russia officials.

“I understand the CIA believes it is credible that the Kremlin has such kompromat – or compromising material – on the next US commander in chief. At the same time a joint taskforce, which includes the CIA and the FBI, has been investigating allegations that the Russians may have sent money to Mr Trump’s organisation or his election campaign.”cabinet-6c8378577-130718-cia-intvu-lobby-nbcnews-ux-2880-1000

“The significance of these allegations is that, if true, the president-elect of the United States would be vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians.”

“A joint task-force, which includes the CIA and the FBI, has been investigating allegations that the Russians may have sent money to Mr Trump’s organization or his election campaign.”

Legal applications

“On 15 October, the US secret intelligence court issued a warrant to investigate two Russian banks. This news was given to me by several sources and corroborated by someone I will identify only as a senior member of the US intelligence community. He would never volunteer anything – giving up classified information would be illegal – but he would confirm or deny what I had heard from other sources.”clinton-cartoon-hrc-w-penis-cjones11012016

“I’m going to write a story that says…” I would say. “I don’t have a problem with that,” he would reply, if my information was accurate. He confirmed the sequence of events below.”

“Last April, the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was – allegedly – a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.”

“It was passed to the US by an intelligence agency of one of the Baltic States. The CIA cannot act domestically against American citizens so a joint counter-intelligence task-force was created.”

“The task-force included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice. For the foreign and intelligence aspects of the investigation, there were another three agencies: the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Security Agency, responsible for electronic spying.”donald-trump-cartoon-w-putin-image

“Lawyers from the National Security Division in the Department of Justice then drew up an application. They took it to the secret US court that deals with intelligence, the Fisa court, named after the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. They wanted permission to intercept the electronic records from two Russian banks.”

“Their first application, in June, was rejected outright by the judge. They returned with a more narrowly drawn order in July and were rejected again. Finally, before a new judge, the order was granted, on 15 October, three weeks before election day.”

“Neither Mr Trump nor his associates are named in the Fisa order, which would only cover foreign citizens or foreign entities – in this case the Russian banks. But ultimately, the investigation is looking for transfers of money from Russia to the United States, each one, if proved, a felony offence.”clinton-russia-putin-side-by-side-trumpaaeaaqaaaaaaaacvaaaajdy1mte4yzflltc5y2qtndmzzc04zmfilti1yzg3mzgwnwfkmg

“A lawyer- outside the Department of Justice but familiar with the case – told me that three of Mr Trump’s associates were the subject of the inquiry. “But it’s clear this is about Trump,” he said.”

“I spoke to all three of those identified by this source. All of them emphatically denied any wrongdoing. “Hogwash,” said one. “Bullshit,” said another. Of the two Russian banks, one denied any wrongdoing, while the other did not respond to a request for comment.”

“The investigation was active going into the election. During that period, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid, wrote to the director of the FBI, accusing him of holding back “explosive information” about Mr Trump.”clinton-use-trump-putin-hillary

“Mr Reid sent his letter after getting an intelligence briefing, along with other senior figures in Congress. Only eight people were present: the chairs and ranking minority members of the House and Senate intelligence committees, and the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties in Congress, the “gang of eight” as they are sometimes called. Normally, senior staff attend “gang of eight” intelligence briefings, but not this time. The Congressional leaders were not even allowed to take notes.”

“In a New York Times op-ed in August, the former director of the CIA, Michael Morell, wrote: “In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr Putin had recruited Mr. Donald Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”

“Michael Hayden, former head of both the CIA and the NSA, simply called Mr Trump a “polezni durak” – a useful fool.”


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    Another insightful post! Mr. Trump, release your taxes!!
    I recently spoke with Lada Ray, a Russian analyst/ insider, she’s privy to the inner circle of international power players.
    Latest intel about Trump: CIA is looking into Trump’s financial dealings with Russian proxies, hacking of Hillary’s servers, and Moscow’s support of Trump’s campaign.
    It turns out that 2 Russian intelligence officers who worked on cyberoperations and a Russian computer security expert have been arrested and charged with treason for providing information to the US, according to
    multiple Russian news agencies.
    Russian media reports link the charges to the disclosure of the Russian role in attacking state election boards, including the scanning of voter rolls in Arizona and Illinois, with parallel hacking attacks on the DNC and the email of John Podesta!
    One US official said the FSB (Russian intelligence), were initially reluctant to disclose their certainty about the Russian role for fear of setting off a mole hunt in Moscow.
    This public disclosure of the arrests, and the severity of the Russian treason charges may compromise Trump’s administration.
    CIA head of Russian operations said it was “very reasonable to connect the arrests to the American intelligence findings”. The operative also warned, “The rule of law doesn’t apply in Russia, and they manipulate the law to do whatever they want to spin the narrative. So what they call treason may not be what we consider treason.”
    These arrests, according to Russian newspapers Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta were made in early December, and amounted to a purge of the cyberwing of the FSB – the main Russian intelligence and security agency.

    This information is somehow prevented from being leaked to the western press, but US intelligence knows all about it, which is one of the reason Trump does NOT want to allow US intelligence in presidential meetings and briefings!!

    Just a taste of what’s to come in Lada’s webinar, I’d highly recommend if you could attend:

    Cheers Gronda!

    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      Thanks again for the info and reference’

      It looks like the Russian spy who shared data with the MI6 agent was killed.…/russian-spy-donald-trump-dirty-dossier-dead-car-moscow/
      6 days ago – A FORMER KGB spy chief suspected of helping Brit spook Christopher Steele compile the Trump ‘dirty dossier’ has been found dead in mysterious circumstances. Oleg Erovinkin, described as a key source behind the widely discredited document, was found dead in the back of his car

      Ciao, Gronda

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