aside Why Is Boris Epshteyn Suddenly Resigning From PosItion With The WH?

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The following is the tale of two news outlets. Both outlets are writing about the same topic, “Boris Epshteyn suddenly reigning from his job at the White House. The first example is the Palmer Report where the author Bill Palmer makes assumptions not always backed by facts but on his analysis of what he believes has happened based on his years of experience working within the Washington DC beltway.  The other source is the Washington Post which published similar narratives as the NY Times and CNN, etc.

It might behoove our republican President Donald Trump and his surrogates to acknowledge the difference instead of calling the establishment media “Fake News.”

Image result for photos of flynn manafort stone carter pageIncidentally, after reading the Palmer Report, I have determined that it compares favorably to the right wing biased news reporting by Fox news with the rare exceptions of Chris Wallace and Shep Smith; Breibart; InfoWars, etc., but it still falls under the category of “Fake News.” In short, this means that one should read his writings with some skeptism.

According to the 2/3/17 Atlantic report by Robinson Meyer, “Bill Palmer used to run the Daily News Bin, and it was basically a pro-Hillary Clinton “news site.” It was out there to counter misinformation. Which, okay, fair enough. But then he started to reinvent it as a news site, more and more, and he changed the name to the Palmer Report. The stuff that he puts out there, it’s nominally true.”

Image result for photos of flynn manafort stone carter pageOn 3/25/17, Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report posted the following report, “Donald Trump’s Russia scandal explodes: Boris Epshteyn abruptly resigns from White House post:”

“Boris Epshteyn, the Russian immigrant who played a prominent role in Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and then went on to take a high ranking job in Donald Trump’s White House, has abruptly resigned today without giving a reason. Epshteyn has had deep financial and business connections to his native Russia in recent years, and his sudden resignation today – as reported by CNN – comes as the Trump Russia scandal is exploding in real time.”

Image result for photos of boris Epshteyn“Epshteyn was best known to the public as the comically inept Trump campaign surrogate who made a series of bumbling appearances on cable news networks. But behind the scenes, Boris – who was born in the Soviet Union and then immigrated to the United States in 1993 – was deeply involved with Russian financial interests. In 2013 he moderated a conference panel in New York City called “Invest in Moscow” (source: Huffington Post) which created such controversy for the city that Mayor Michael Bloomberg ultimately disavowed its sponsorship of it. In the same timeframe, Boris appeared in a YouTube video (link) in which he offered the Russian government tips on how it could win over more American money.”

“Boris was yet another instance of Trump loading up his campaign with people who had obvious ties to Russia. That list also included Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter Page, and Michael Flynn. When it was later revealed that the FBI is investigating those four men in connection to the Trump-Russia election rigging conspiracy, Epshteyn’s name was nowhere to be found in those reports – leading some to posit that perhaps his Russian ties may have merely been incidental rather than criminal. But the timing of his abrupt resignation today changes everything.”

Image result for photos of flynn manafort stone carter pageYesterday, pieces fell into place to strongly suggest that Michael Flynn may have cut a deal with the FBI against Donald Trump. And now that it suddenly appears Flynn may imminently reveal everything about the Trump-Russia scandal, the Donald Trump White House has suddenly pushed Boris Epshteyn into resigning (link: CNN). That’s not coincidence; Boris was likely a major player in the scandal. Look for another shoe to drop on this imminently.

Image result for photos of flynn manafort stone carter pageOn 3/25/17 Abby Phillip of the Washington Post penned the following news item, “White House aide Boris Epshteyn expected to leave communications post.”


Boris Epshteyn, a onetime surrogate for President Trump who became a White House aide, is expected to depart from his post.

Epshteyn, who regularly appeared on television to boost Trump during the presidential campaign, had served as a special assistant to the president and assistant communications director for surrogate operations.”

“A senior administration official said that the White House is “exploring opportunities within the administration” for Epshteyn. The move was first reported by Politico.”

“In his official post, Epshteyn was responsible for overseeing the appearances of White House officials on television. A recent report in Politico noted that Epshteyn had rankled television producers and had irritated other guests in green rooms.”

“Epshteyn also served as a spokesman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee and had befriended Trump’s son Eric at Georgetown University.”


  1. Question, quite some time ago when Boris Epshteyn was first involved in the Kings campaign, after noticing his birth place and date, along with the time he migrated with his family in 1993, I did a little research about him. One thing I have yet to determine is his citizenship. No where that I have found does it indicate that he ever became a citizen. He was about 21 years old when he came to this nation, so he would have had to have been possibly issued a green card at that time, again no mention anywhere about this? So I suppose my question is this, is he a citizen, or a resident alien? If so, is he qualified to hold a security clearance, or even allowed to serve in the administration in a key position?
    I do realize that with the coming of King tRump, many of the criteria used in the past is now null and void, but at what point does the King become accountable to the law of this nation?

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    • Help wanted: Looking for a third grade student to ghost write for me. Must have much better grammar, spelling, ability to compose a sentence than I seem to possess.
      Wow, as I age, my writing ability seems to be leaving faster than the hair on the top of my skull! It reminds me of the joke; the first thing to go is the memory, but I can’t remember what the second thing was! 😉

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      • Dear Crustyolemothman,

        You are talking to someone who is closing on 70 years. Don’t ever apologize for your writing skills. Perfection is not required here.

        Ciao, Gronda


    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      I did a lot of research as well and nowhere did I find any commentary as to when and if he became a US citizen. He emigrated as a Russian and of a Jewish heritage in 1993 from Moscow. He does speak fluent Russian.

      He has written opinion pieces for US News & World Report and has been a contributor to The Daily Caller. He has also been a regular guest on CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews, CNBC and radio programs nationwide, providing analysis on topics like political strategy, financial markets, international affairs, future elections and party relations.

      He has been a Managing Director of Business and Legal Affairs at a small investment bank concentrating on private placements, public offerings and venture capital transactions.

      He graduated from Georgetown University Law Center to become an attorney licensed in New York and New Jersey.

      He has earned a reputaion for his research, writings and publications of numerous scholarly articles with the Georgetown Journal of International Law.

      On 6/6/13, he wrote the following for US News & World Report:

      “The Lautenberg Amendment, passed in 1990, loosened the restriction on refugee states and thereby allowed for tens of thousands of Jews like me from the former USSR to come to America. The legislation was also applied to religious minorities from Iran, Vietnam and Burma, as well as other countries.

      It is absolutely true that as my political views have developed, I have found myself on the opposite side of Lautenberg on an overwhelming number of issues. Nevertheless, feelings of gratitude and respect have always been the first that were evoked whenever I ran across Lautenberg’s name.”

      As per Wikipedia, “In September 2016, the media watchdog organization Media Matters for America criticized CNN, Fox News, and PBS for failing to disclose Epshteyn’s “financial ties to the former Soviet Union, which include consulting through Strategy International LLC for ‘entities doing business in Eastern Europe’ and moderating a Russian-sponsored conference on ‘investment opportunities in Moscow.'”

      “In an October 2016 New York Times article, three political commentators said in separate interviews that Epshteyn “often acted in a rude, condescending manner toward show staffers, makeup artists and others.” Joy Reid, an MSNBC show host, said “Boris is abrasive. That is who he is both on the air and off.”

      “Following a bar fight in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2014, Epshteyn was charged with misdemeanor assault. The charge was dropped after he agreed to undergo anger management counseling and perform community service.”

      “Epshteyn married Lauren Tanick Epshteyn, a sales manager at Google, in 2009. They have one child. Epshteyn is friends with Eric Trump, who also attended Georgetown University.”

      Ciao, Gronda


      • I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a valid source to the citizenship of Boris Epshteyn, however the only thing I could find is a tweet where he said he was a citizen. Could this be like the 1st lady where the actual citizenship is questionable because of possible false statements on the application? One little point I did find out is that if he is not a citizen and also formally renounced his Russian citizenship then he would not be qualified for a cabinet level security clearance. Could this be real reason that he left his position so abruptly and is rumored to be considered for a less sensitive position? There are a lot of words about this man on the net, but considering his position and prior positions, not a lot of history about him prior to his political posts. There does seem to be about a 10 year gap between the time he came to this country and the time he graduated from college, that might call for a little bit of a red flag and questions that need to be asked, due to the fact he is out of sight from the time he came to this country until that point. I realize that many people might consider this useless trivia, but they need to realize that many times as you are chasing down the little trivial questions you find the answers to the more important questions..

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        • Dear Crustyolemothman,

          I am wondering if he never did get a US citizenship? Why aren’t more reporters asking about this? This is not a trivial matter.

          He wrote an opinion piece for FOX News on 5/5/10 where he describes himself as a legal immigrant. Here’s an excerpt:

          “As a legal immigrant, I neither empathize with nor support those who break the law in order to gain admission into the United States of America. The background checks and interviews that we experienced as a part of the legal immigration process (1990) proved to the American authorities that my family did not harbor a criminal past, communicable diseases or extreme views. Those who skirt the procedures are not only breaking the law by entering the country illegally, they are robbing the United States of the chance to vet them. These illegal aliens disrespect the American rule of law. They disrespect legal immigrants like me who stood in line to come here. And they disrespect all American citizens at large who are kept safe by the immigration rules and processes.”

          Ciao, Gronda


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