aside Conspiracy To Find Hillary Clinton’s Emails And FBI Comey’s Letter

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On 2/14/17, Louise Mensch of the Patribotics blog penned what she calls “The Carolina Conspiracy” “Or, How Vladimir Putin Catfished A US Election With the Collusion of Team Trump.”

This is a conspiracy theory developed by Louise Mensch of Heatstreet who broke the news item that the FBI had a FISA warrant approved on 10/15/2016 to conduct an inquiry about Russia’s interference into the 2016 US presidential elections which included communications with two banks tied to Russia.

Image result for photo of fbi agents and anthony weinerThis is a theory which means this particular blog is not to be considered as being factually based. But I decided to post this because I personally have been convinced that the sexting between Anthony Weiner (estranged husband of Hillary Clinton’s long time aid) and a minor was a set up/ pretext for the FBI to have access Mr. Weiner’s lap top where NYC agents could then then discover at the last minute, some of Hillary Clinton’s emails which were related to when she was Secretary of State.

The timing was just too convenient and opportune for NYC FBI agents who were openly anti-Clinton and who had been lobbying for further inquiries into the operation of “The Clinton Foundation.” This led to the FBI Director James Comey’s infamous 10/28/16 October Surprise letter which has been blamed as the proximate cause of the democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton losing the election.

Image result for photos of comey and clintonExcerpts:

“Did Russia invent a criminal case against Anthony Weiner – so their hacker Nikulin could plant Hillary’s emails on his computer?”

“It was the Comey letter that handed the election to Trump. Even if corrupt elements in the FBI Field Office in New York, penetrated by Russia, forced Comey’s hand –  even if Russian hacker Nikulin did plant emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer – there had to be a “separate criminal case” in the first place for the NYPD and FBI to go looking, right?”

“But what if there wasn’t?”

“What if Vladimir Putin directed the entire attack – not via a “15 year old girl” from Gaston, North Carolina, but by a hardened group of adult hackers from that state who had penetrated the emails of Director Brennan of the CIA, and doxed and attacked hundreds of FBI and law enforcement personnel?”

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Confirmed: Jeff Sessions first introduced Russian operative Carter Page to Donald Trump – Palmer Report

And what if, after making Carter Page’s recruiter Jeff Sessions Attorney General, Donald Trump repeated the trick by making the ‘prosecutor’ of those Carolina hackers Acting AG – then changing the order of succession at Justice to cement him as number two?

In this story I exclusively report the connections between the USSR-CWA hacker group of North Carolina ‘Crackas With Attitude’ and the “sexts with a 15 year old girl” from Gaston, North Carolina, that started the chain of events that led to James Comey’s forced letter to Congress, including the fact that the “15 year old girl”’s “email to Weiner” is in fact a series of plagiarized texts it is unlikely any 15 year old girl has read, including works by J.D. Salinger, David Foster Wallace, Charles Bukowski, and – yes – “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk.

Lara Trump and Eric Trump
Lara Trump

Russia’s Hacker Nikulin, Formspring, and Anthony Weiner

“Russia, I believe, created, from scratch, the chain of events that forced James Comey’s letter to Congress. All available data shows that it was the timing of this letter that handed the election to Donald Trump. On November 3rd, just before the election, the Russian plane MKATE and Putin’s bagman Rybolovev met Donald Trump’s campaign plane on the tarmac at Charlotte, North Carolina. By that time, events in North Carolina had swung the election to Mr. Trump.”

“In my first piece of work at Patribotics I laid out a unified theory on Russian active measures against the United States, including as part of it that Russia has a team of influencers inside the FBI Field Office in New York (the criminal division) and I regret to say, the NYPD, who work directly with Rudy Giuliani and General Flynn.”

Image result for photos of Nikulin russian hacker“I drew readers’ attention to the arrest in Prague of the Russian hacker, Yvgeny Nikulin. He was indicted on charges of hacking Dropbox, Linked in and Formspring in 2012-2013.”

“Formspring is the little-known sexting app that Anthony Weiner used for his sexting the first time around.”

“My theory was that Nikulin, on instructions from the Russian state, “woke” or “planted”  a laptop of Anthony Weiner’s via a virus which he placed on it through his prior hack of Formspring, and alerted Russia’s moles and agents of influence in the FBI field office in New York, who subsequently “leaked” to all and sundry that the emails had been found, and, by Rudy Giuliani’s own testimony, pressured James Comey into sending the letter he did.”

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Dmitry Rybolovlev./Photo: Franck Nataf, via Wikimedia Commons.

“However, the emails were – nonetheless-  found as part of an “unrelated criminal investigation” into Weiner’s sexting with a “15 year old girl”. The story of these “sexts” broke Sep 21st in the Daily Mail with a byline from Alana Goodman.”

Who Was Weiner Actually Talking To?

“I can exclusively report that there is ample evidence that suggests that Weiner was sexting not with a 15 year old girl but with a hacker, working for Russia, part of the North Carolina hacking group ‘Crackas With Attitude’, who hacked the head of the CIA, and a great many FBI agents, police officers, and other law enforcement officials.”

“There is evidence linking Russia’s propaganda outlet Sputnik to both acts of hacking; and there is, therefore, grave reason to be concerned about Trump’s choice of Dana Boente as Jeff Sessions’ second-in-command at the Justice Department. Which he now is. For in a little-noticed Executive Order released this weekend, Trump altered the order of succession at the Justice Department in order to make Boente second to Sessions.”

“Two of the Americans involved in Crackas With Attitude were arrested and took a guilty plea in December.” (As per 9/9/16 BBC News article, “The US Department of Justice said Andrew Otto Boggs and Justin Gray Liverman were part of the “Crackas With Attitude” group blamed for the attacks. Email accounts of the CIA’s director, the chief of National Intelligence and many others, were hit by the group. It also stole and published details of 29,000 FBI and Homeland Security agents and workers.”)

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Dana Boente

“And one of the prosecuting AGs on that case? Dana Boente.”

“As I have previously reported, Jeff Sessions was placed by Trump as Attorney General, I believe, for the sole reason of protecting Trump from impeachment and prosecution in the matter of Russia’s hack on America. The placement of Boente as Sessions’ number two ought to raise yet another red flag. For Dana Boente is listed as AG on the North Carolina Crackas With Attitude case.”

“If I am right on the theory which I report here – that Crackas With Attitude conspired with Russian moles within the FBI and NY in New York, with the encouragement of Sputnik, to invent a criminal case against Anthony Weiner in order that Russia’s Nikulin could plant Hillary Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s now “discoverable” laptop – then Messrs Trump and Bannon, above all other things, need the CWA case to go away really fast and now its prosecutor Dana Boente finds himself number two to Jeff Sessions in Trump’s Justice Department.”

“Thus far, the term ‘Russian hacking’ as it relates to the US elections has been understood by the mainstream media to mean two things: the hack of the DNC and Republican politicians’ emails, and the phishing attack on John Podesta, plus the subsequent release of emails obtained by those attacks through Russia’s puppet organization, Wikileaks. (To a lesser extent, the mainstream media also acknowledges that Russia backed and created a fleet of Twitter bots. What is sloppily termed ‘fake news’ is in fact a coordinated Russian propaganda effort.)”

“But the Russian hack on the United States was, it seems far more direct than that.”

“It forced the Comey letter out of thin air. Using Weiner’s sleazebag tendencies, Russia invented an underage “victim of sexts” actually written by an adult hacker, and thus created a crime. Then, with pliant moles in the NY FBI Field Office and NYPD, they seized the laptop. Nikulin (may have) planted Hillary’s emails upon it. Russian moles in the FBI Field Office leaked, tweeted and threatened – and even Lara Trump (from North Carolina) boasted in advance that the ‘October surprise’ was coming.”

“From start to finish, Russia manipulated the Director of the FBI into sending his letter – which Jason Chaffetz leaked, by arrangement with the Trump camp, I believe, in order directly to swing the election to Donald Trump, Putin’s puppet.”

Who Are Crackas With Attitude and How Do They Connect Weiner and Russia?

“The hacker group’s name, sources say, is a pun. The letters USSR in Cyrillic look like the American letters “CWA”. Be that as it may, CWA involved an underage English hacker who was arrested, and subsequent to his arrest, two of his co-conspirators in North Carolina were also arrested. Their attack on the United States was exceptionally serious. “

“The “15 year old girl” is also apparently from North Carolina, according to reports, and her father is an attorney.”

“However, I can exclusively report that there is extensive evidence online that the “sexts” were not written by the 15 year old girl, but by members of the hacking gang.”

“You Got Catfished by a Dude”  – Or, The Infinite Jest of a Plagiarized Email

Image result for photos of Nikulin russian hacker“It was no use Yvgeny Nikulin planting Hillary Clinton’s emails on Weiner’s computer, or even waking Weiner’s computer, on behalf of Russian assets in the FBI New York, unless they had a right to look at Weiner’s computer. For that to happen, Anthony Weiner had to have committed a criminal offense that would enable NYPD to have probable cause to go through his computers in the first place.”

And for that, Nikulin needed an “underage victim”.

“All of Anthony Weiner’s sleazy sexting prior to this had been done with girls and women over the age of sexual consent. In order for a case to be created, there needed to be an “underage victim”. It seems evident that just such an operation was planned by Russia; to create a “victim”, to create a “criminal case”, to allow Weiner’s computers to be seized and for Nikulin to plant his emails via Formspring.”

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Why did a warrant need to be obtained?

“According to the “breaking story” of September 21st, by Alana Goodman in the Daily Mail, this girl had begun to sext with Weiner in January 2016. Her original story is odd and convoluted in a number of respects.”

“Firstly, the story is dated September 21st, but publishing dates on videos contained within the story appear to indicate that they were uploaded some six days earlier.”

“Secondly, the story contains a report that Weiner “provided emails that he says proved he was the subject of a hoax” but the journalist does not tell us why Mr. Weiner said these emails proved this.”

“Of course, there is the one sentence: “You got catfished by a dude.”

“But, I can reveal, the “15 year old girl”’s letter was not written by her.”

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Chaffetz/ Comey

“It is full of plagiarized quotes from novels. A second letter, ostensibly written by her to James Comey, appears to contain an odd phrase used by Julia Hahn, a former Breitbart writer whom Steve Bannon brought into the White House, and Michelle Bachman.”

“The “15 year old girl” not only claims to be a “dude” ‘catfishing’, that is to say, a hacker pretending to be a woman or girl in order to entrap, but “her” email contains the following passages:”

1. “My posture was consciously congruent to the back of my chair” – from the opening of Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace”

2. “We’re the middle children of history….” To the words “But we won’t.” – From Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk”

3. “Guilt is guilt. It doesn’t go away…” to the words “paralyzing you.” – From Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction, both by J.D. Salinger”

4. “I was losing my soul….” To “…you still have a soul to lose.” – From Tales of Ordinary Madness, “A Dollar and Twenty Cents” by Charles Bukowski.”

Image result for photos of julia hahn“In the letter “she” signs off “Girl that lost her faith in America”. “Lost her faith in America” turns up both in a quote from Michelle Bachmann and a Breitbart article by Julia Hahn.” (Julia Hahn now works for President Trump’s administration.)

“The above is the classic signature of a cat-fishing attempt. But there is plenty more online to connect this North Carolina teen with the Crackas With Attitude hack.””

Image result for PHOTOS OF CWA HackersCWA or USSR – The Hacking Group

Hackers need not be Russian to work on behalf of Russia. In this case, CWA’s UK and US branches had close links to Sputnik, the Russian state owned propaganda channel. A ‘journalist’ called Cassandra Fairbanks, @CassandraRules, on Twitter, who was and probably is ‘active in the hacker community’, posted photographs of herself with Liverman and said she was raising money for his defense. And why not? Weren’t CWA just some young punks that got in over their heads?

Image result for PHOTOS OF CWA Hackers

The Daily Mail, Sputnik, and Trump

There seems to be a strong friendship between the Daily Mail’s journalist Alana Goodman, who wrote the “15 year old girl” story on which the “criminal case” was based, and Ms. Fairbanks of Sputnik. They photographed themselves on multiple occasions together in social settings, such as sabering bottles of champagne at Trump Tower.  At one debate, Miss Goodman stars in a photograph of herself wearing a ‘Make America Great’ cap pulled down over her head. Sputnik’s Miss Fairbanks points everybody to Goodman’s story on Weiner of the 21st. Goodman is also apparently close to the Trump campaign’s Moishe Lee.

Image result for PHOTOS OF CWA HackersSputnik’s Cassandra Fairbanks was also invited to the Inaugural Freedom Ball, which is quite an honor for a mouthpiece of the Russian state, and tweeted her pictures close to Trump and the First Lady. She followed this ostensibly unlikely triumph by spending New Year’s eve, too, with Miss Goodman (shortly after her photograph with Justin Liverman of CWA).

Sputnik’s Miss Fairbanks also seemed to know that publication was imminent; she decided to pose in an arch t-shirt for Wikileaks that said ‘Publish or Perish’ which she said she was ‘wearing for traveling’.

Image result for photos of giuliani flynn and nyc FBIForeknowledge from the FBI NY, the NYPD, Lara Trump, Giuliani and Flynn

It is by now well-known that now disgraced General Mike Flynn, and Rudy Giuliani, once a Secretary of State contender, boasted in advance of the ‘October surprise’ that was coming based on “emails discovered” on Weiner’s laptop as part of the “separate criminal case”. The FBI Field Office in New York, indeed, have hung themselves up nicely by leaking on Russia’s behalf to these people but also by tweeting from an account. Giuliani’s partner boasted that the NYPD was also corrupt; that if Director Comey did not write to Congress, the letter that handed the election to Trump, they, the NYPD, would call a press conference announcing all the ‘arrests’ they had made in the “Weiner sexting” case.

Image result for photos of giuliani flynn and nyc FBI“Lara Yunaska, NC, now Lara Trump, NY, boasted on the radio, in advance, that an October surprise was coming – something she had no legal way of knowing. The FBI and NYPD are not supposed to leak information on criminal cases, particularly those ostensibly involving sexual abuse of a minor, to politicians for political purposes. Yet Mrs. Eric Trump was on the radio, bold as brass, saying on October 24 that ‘there are still a few days in October’ and ‘we’ve got a couple of things up our sleeve.’

“On 10/29/16, when the Comey letter had been leaked by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, North Carolina native Lara Trump went further, saying on the radio to ABC’s Rita Cosby that Trump had “forced” Comey’s hand with the letter.”

Link to the entire report: The Carolina Conspiracy | patribotics


  1. It’s beginning to sound as though every Republican is going to have to be relieved of office when all this is sorted. The connection to the Russians goes way beyond just Trump and his immediate associates There won’t be anyone left but Democrats to form a legitimate Government.
    Huge Hugs

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    • Dear David Prosser,

      If only that were true. When people say, truth is stranger than fiction, they are talking about these times in the US. It is like living in the middle of a Tom Clancy novel, only this is too real. This will definitely be a time period that will be written about a lot in future history books.

      Ciao, Gronda.


  2. Will this nation survive the Russian invasion? Will the real Americans at some point rise up and say “NO MORE”? While many of us have had a pretty good guess about what you have outlined here, far too many people still think that King tRump is a great (grate?) American Patriot. Seldom are I at a loss for words to express my disappointment and anger as I am presently!

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      Russia has already done damage to the US which is more divided than ever. Without the Russian President Putin’s meddling, Hillary Clinton would probably be president.

      There are many in the resistance doing their part. Peoples are engaged more than ever. His approval rating is about 35% overall. It is just that a majority of republicans still support him but that is not true of independents.

      He will eventually regret his decision to become president.

      Ciao, Gronda


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