aside My Computer Nightmare Due To Microsoft’s Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Image result for cartoons of peoples having computer problemsOn April 13, 2017, I went to shut down my laptop which had been updated to Windows 10 awhile back. The system sent out a notice not to shut down the computer as updates were in progress. And that was the catalyst which ended the usage of my computer laptop, as I had known it.

When I returned to use my computer, I found that I couldn’t key in a letter without two letters appearing on my screen. I did figure out that there is an internet keyboard which I could access to enter my password and to be able to work with a Microsoft agent, but it was slow and cumbersome to use.

Image result for cartoons of peoples having computer problemsWhen I first called Microsoft at 1-877-696-7786 to speak to a technician, I was told that the updates with the Windows 10 were automatic which is a different feature than with Windows 7.  It was suggested that I could have this function separated out from the shutdown/ restart keys, if I purchased the Windows 10 PRO for $199.00. After some vehement protesting on my part, Microsoft did disable this feature.

It turned out that I could not backdate my system to a time prior to when the updates occurred because whatever I needed to click on to do this was grayed out, so this was not an option.

I asked to to have all updates done on 4/13/17 uninstalled which was done except for Adobe. For some reason, Microsoft could not uninstall whatever was done on 4/13/17 because of Google Chrome.

I worked for hours with Microsoft but nothing worked to where I finally gave up trying.

Eventually, I went to a Best Buy computer store, where I purchased a Google Chrome laptop which means I will not ever have to deal with Microsoft again. But I still have to figure out how to transfer all the files myself.

Image result for cartoons about problems with computersSo, for a quick interim solution and work around, I picked up an inexpensive keyboard to plug into my laptop which seems to work okay.

As you might suspect, I am not alone in voicing my frustration over the usage of my computer laptop with the Microsoft Windows 10 product.

Here is the rest of the story…

Related imageAs per a 4/11/16 CNET article by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, she writes why a consumer should not update, one of which is if “you don’t want to be forced to update.”


“Windows updates are usually a good thing! Most of them bring important security patches and bug fixes to your device. But that doesn’t mean you should update your computer the second a new fix is out, because the updates themselves can come with bugs that can mess up your machine. With older versions of Windows, you can choose when to update.”

Related imageOn 3/7/17, Sean Hollister of Cnet, penned the following report, “Microsoft won’t fix the most frustrating thing about Windows; Commentary: The worst feature of Windows 10 is automatic updates — even when you’re in the middle of something.”

“Maybe you’re delivering a presentation to a huge audience. Maybe you’re taking an online test. Maybe you just need to get some work done on a tight deadline.”

“Windows doesn’t care.”

Related image“Windows will take control of your computer, force-feed it updates and flip the reset switch automatically — and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, once it gets started.”

“If you haven’t saved your work, it’s gone. Your browser tabs are toast. And don’t expect to use your computer again soon; depending on the speed of your drive and the size of the update, it could be anywhere from 10 minutes to well over an hour before your PC is ready for work.”

lost 90mins of work. wish to destroy microsoft. it did a windows update. asked me if i wanted to restart now/later. i chose lata. it ignored

Related image

How Windows Update sabotaged me at work — more than once

“It felt like karma.”

“On September 1, 2010, I sat within speaking distance of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, ready to help live-blog his every word. But my Windows laptop — a Windows laptop in a sea of MacBooks! — wasn’t quite working properly. I figured it just needed a quick reboot, so that’s what I did.”

“But because Windows had recently downloaded some updates, my computer decided it would be a good time to install all of them. So I spent the next 15 to 20 minutes internally screaming at my PC while Steve Jobs presented the new iPod Touch.

(Yes, it would have been slightly funnier if Jobs had announced new MacBooks.)

Got to customer office, opened my laptop and boom – Windows update… One hour later, only 58% finished

Related image“It was the first of three occasions that a forced Windows update would totally destroy my workflow at a critical moment — once crippling my computer when I had a hot scoop to share with the world.

‘”Then, Windows 10 came along to add insult to injury.”

“Imagine this: With no warning, a prompt pops up on your screen telling you that your Windows 10 laptop is about to restart. Even though you know you’re about to lose access to your computer, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it — the buttons are all grayed out. If you’re really unlucky and Windows is installing a major update, the progress meter may be a tease: Once it reaches 100 percent, your computer might reboot a second or third time before you finally get control again.”

“I’ve personally seen this — or something similar –happen five times over the past year.”

Left a video expiring over night at 6 hours in 25% and wake up to this

Related imageAnd it turns out lots of people have stories just like mine.

Worldwide Windows tales of woe

There’s software developer Dylan Beattie, whose laptop decided to shut down while he was giving a talk in front of 200-odd developers in Malmo, Sweden, and found he had to wing the rest of the presentation without his slides. “I wasn’t terribly happy,” recalls Beattie, adding that he now has a habit of explicitly running Windows Update a few hours before his presentations “just to make sure it’s not going to spring any surprises.”

How I hate & despise the @WindowsUpdate automatic restarting. AFK for 10 minutes & PC down for 25 minutes updating & online work lost.

“Alex Gibson, a 3D printing consultant, says he no longer trusts Windows to manage his 3D printer after his computer forced a restart near the end of a 6-hour-long print job for a customer in November. He tells me he’s switching to a Raspberry Pi.”

by the way, thank you dearly windows update forced reboot for erasing two days of work overnight

“Lydricsama, a digital artist from Finland, says she lost hours of work on a commissioned piece she was working on late into the night, leaving her with a bare sketch (instead of a mostly lined and colored illustration) after her machine forced an update back in October. She tells me that while it was her fault for not saving the document more often, Windows also didn’t help: “I had no prior warning before it restarted itself.” Luckily, her client didn’t mind the delay.”

Left my PC for 10 minutes, and I come back to a forced windows update… I sure am happy Photoshop does automatic recoveries -.-

“Mark Switzer, who goes by the handle Preheat when he plays World of Warcraft, also had his machine restart at a particularly inconvenient time last month. He was in the middle of beating the game’s final boss in front of a live Twitch audience. He says he lost most of his viewers that day, a little bit of money (he’s an official Twitch partner), and his in-game reward for beating the boss. “Overall it wasn’t a huge deal, just very frustrating to have your computer decide these things on its own,” he tells me.”

major of the windows update function. Keeps deciding when it’s ok to reboot machine without me knowing. Lost work x3 now

“Alexsander Stukov, an software engineer who spends days running stress tests and cloning virtual machines, says he’s lost hours of work to forced Windows Updates on five separate occasions now. “Windows Update is a terrible piece of software,” he tells me, but says he has no other choice: “Our customers use it, and we have to test our software on the same environment.”

Automatic @Windows update right when you need to get some work done on a deadline and you step away for a minute. So much for productivity.

“Then there’s Alexandria Seabrook, who says she couldn’t complete the online test for a college course this October because of Windows 10 updates — and whose professor wasn’t quite as forgiving as Gibson’s and Lyricsama’s customers. Busy with midterms, she waited until nearly the last minute before flipping open her Windows 10 computer — only to watch Windows Update take control of her machine until well after the deadline had passed.”

“It was only 20 questions. I could have finished the test on time if it wasn’t for the Windows Update,” she tells me. She got a 58 on the midterm, and was barely able to bring it up to a C by the end of the semester. “I don’t like (Windows), but I’m a college student,” she says. “I’m stuck with this laptop literally until it breaks down because I have no money.”

View image on Twitter

Applying updates for 7 min. Then restarting for 18 min. Now 4 min of this.

I’ll never get along with my PC.

 “When I ask my fellow CNET staffers, many of them chime in with stories, too: how Windows decided to reboot in the middle of a liveblog, or an expense report, or while taking notes in the middle of an interview — or in the airport, right before boarding a plane, without enough power left to actually finish the install. Once, Windows 8 even force-updated CNET editor Stephan Shankland’s machine when he was in the middle of a Skype interview with NPR.”

Image result for computer problems cartoonsMicrosoft’s response

“I know what you’re thinking: “How many times do you have to get burned before you get a Mac?” Or maybe a Chromebook. Or even an iPad with a keyboard cover — anything but a Windows machine that can just spontaneously restart while you’re in the middle of mission-critical work.”

“That’s pretty much the direction I’ve been leaning in recent months. And after hinting there might be a MacBook purchase in my immediate future, I asked a Microsoft spokesperson if the company was doing anything about forced updates.”

Related image“Here’s the statement I got:”

“Once a machine is upgraded to Windows 10, it will remain current through Windows Update for the supported lifetime of the device, with safety and security, productivity, and entertainment value over time. This is what we mean when we talk about delivering Windows as a service, and it is one of our core inspirations for Windows 10. We’ll keep listening to our customers, improving the experience month after month. Windows 10 is an operating system that will run on a range of devices — from Xbox to PCs, phones to tablets and tiny gadgets — all of which are connected and kept up-to-date by Windows Update. Both enterprises and consumers benefit. The optimum way to ensure our customers are running the best Windows is to get them the latest updates for Windows 10. Delivering Windows 10 as a service means we can offer ongoing security updates, new features and capabilities – we’d like to make sure people can get access to the latest Windows 10 updates as soon as they are available.”

“In other words, Microsoft thinks it’s super important that you get the updates. “Auto-restarts” are a feature, not a bug.”

“In fact, Microsoft has been actively getting rid of ways to keep users from disabling automatic updates: in Windows 10 Pro and above, you used to be able to do that from the Group Policy tool. As of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, though, that option is gone. (You can stilL schedule a restart, but it involves doing a lot of work to change the annoying “ready or not, here it comes” default.)”

Automatic Windows update restarted my PC and I lost hours of work in a commission. I want to fucking die.

“And while the next version of Windows will let you stave off updatesfor a 35-day period (if you paid extra for a Pro, Enterprise or Education-grade copy of Windows, which sounds like a moderate form of blackmail), my understanding is that even those versions won’t let you cancel an update that’s already been delayed and is now about to occur.”

In other words: you’ll be helplessly watching your computer turn itself off, just the same as usual.

Playing when suddenly everything goes black. decided to forcibly update while I was gaming -.-


 Spontaneous Windows Updates are basically free ads for Apple

“Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate that these updates can help keep my PC secure. It’s a heck of a lot better to have Microsoft patching holes in my computer’s software instead of having to deal with damage after the fact with third-party antivirus software. (Particularly because the likes of Symantec and McAfee tend to bog down computers.)”

“And I’m not an anti-vaxxer: I understand that by patching my PC, I’m helping to keep it from spreading malware to other computers, too.”

“But I think the company has over-corrected with these forced updates. We should be able to decide when to get our vaccines — not have the doctor walk into our house, grab us by the hair and shove the medicine down our throats.”

Two hours later the forced @Windows update is surprise, still working. Thanks for screwing me out of being able to do work.

“I think it’s time we send Microsoft a message that this isn’t okay — that the computers we bought and paid for with our hard-earned dollars are ours to use whenever we want, not just when Microsoft says so. I need a reliable PC, a computer that’s ready for action whenever I need to report on a story, jot down notes from an interview, or liveblog a keynote.”

Dear @microsoft I need windows update NOT to automatically restart and then destroy my computer, can we maybe work on this functionality

 “There’s got to be a better way of handling these updates. Perhaps by automatically installing them when a PC and its owner are both asleep? That’s what college freshman Alexandria Seabrook suggested, right after she told me how furious she was with her Windows machine. Or maybe Microsoft could take a page out of the Apple and Android playbooks and let users decide when to update.”


  1. It happened to me a year ago but I successfully solved the problem. I posted about this problem on my blogsite, and fortunately, one reader soved it for me. I’ll check out that od post…… Im sure his comment is still there.

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    • Dear Renxkyoko,
      I literally spent over 14 hours working with Microsoft without adequately resolving my problem. I have had it with Microsoft. As far as I am concerned, Microsoft stole my computer from me. I went to the computer store where I asked for a non Microsoft option. I just purchased a Google Chrome laptop. I am hoping that I will have a better experience.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gronda, I am forced to like this, as I agree with you having a similar situation. I had to reinstall my system as all I got was a blank screen after the computer came on. While my files were saved, all software updates were lost including Outlook, Adobe, etc.. I am not 100% yet, but it is functional. Keith

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  3. Dear Keith,

    This is when competition is crucial. When I talk about a company’s branding being important, this is what I am talking about…Microsoft should not force auto updates on its consumers without being able to do a quick fix if one’s usage of a computer is compromised afterwards. They are forgetting about the consumer’s need to be able to rely on a functioning computer.

    I empathize with your frustrations.

    Ciao, Gronda


  4. Hi Gronda, so sorry to hear of your computer issues. Bad news: Google Chromebook also does automatic updates, unless you change the setting to manual! Be sure you do that or you’ll encounter the same problems.

    As for MS, you could turn off updates like windows 7, just follow these instructions (were available since Win 10 first came out) …

    Personally, I think updates are worthless. If you have a good firewall that you can configure yourself, then updates are not critical. Case in point, I haven’t updates my windows 7 since mid 2015, b/c the nag screen for Win 10 kept bugging me. So I deleted all the registry values and update files for that “Free” upgrade, permanently turned off my windows update, and I haven’t updated my computer since.

    My computer is 9 years old and works like the first day, right out of the box, perfect. Personally, I think win updates do more harm than good, and alot of it is unnecessary. Just configure your firewall ports and definitions/ exeptions properly and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

    I never caught a virus or worse, my computer never crashed, and it’s still going strong. Oh, also regularly check on your HOSTs file definitions for blocking nasty sites. And you’re all set!

    Good luck everyone, hope this helps for all Windows sufferers! XD


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      I envy you and your computer skills. I am not at your level of competence and / or confidence. I first started to use email around 2013 and then I figured out (after many grueling hours) how to set up the most basic blog. I live in Florida, and as a registered republican older white lady, I was disgusted with the republicans’ support of George Zimmerman without showing any empathy for Trayvon Martin. Then I watched the prosecution of GZ on TV which was a charade. At the time, I was so green that I ended up in tears because of all the ping backs that I was getting. I was sure that I was doing something wrong.

      I started blogging again for the 2014 election cycle and then for the Michael Brown case which the establishment media got completely wrong. I have struggled to get this far.

      I truly appreciate your help and support.

      Ciao, Gronda


      • I’m a younger white lady, living in NYC and I admire, consult, and value opinions from the older generation for their experience and guidance. So your investigative reporting and blogging is an invaluable resource to many ppl, also I trust your heart and mind. We may get the facts wrong sometimes (due to fake news sources, disinfo dumps etc), but if we rely on good instincts, ethics and our consciousness, then i truly believe we are slowly awakening to a better society and world. I truly value your opinion on politics and life, so thank YOU Gronda! 🙂

        Happy Easter!


  5. Wow, this is difficult to do, but it needs to be considered. While many people have had problems with Win 10, there are many more that have not had problems at all with the OS. Most don’t consider the reason that MS elected to more or less lock down Win 10 updates to force the updates to be done. The average computer user is not very motivated to protect not only their own system but those of others that they communicate with. MS, because of the beloved writers of the various viruses and bugs, has opted to take command of the system sort of like big brother would in government, and has been forced into protecting us from ourselves and others. So, you might consider understanding the position they are in. Truthfully, those of us who are more of less capable of keeping their own system in relatively good operating condition feel that they are denying us the option of doing what we feel is best for us, feel that we have been tossed into the dustbin of progress. Being the biggest producer of OS’s leaves little room to wiggle when it comes to criticism especially considering no one else even comes close to offering what they do. But in all fairness to MS, they do still support at this time other older OS’s that are more attuned to some of us old folks that resist change…

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      I actually buy into Microsoft’s argument for the auto-updates but there should be some exceptions. For example if the consumer is in the middle of doing something important, there should be a way to stop the updates for up to 24 hours; and if the updates messes up someone’s computer system, there needs to be a sure way to fix this.

      While I am willing to work with Microsoft, its executives need to return the favor to its consumers.

      Ciao, Gronda


  6. I turned off the auto update function although I still allowed updates to download but they had to wait for me to say it was okay to restart my computer. The other day, however, my laptop froze for two hours while an update was downloading, causing me extreme frustration as it happened while I was searching for a job. Without any warning my screen cleared itself just before restarting to complete the “necessary” update to prevent my laptop being hacked. Two hours to download so I thought while it was restarting I’d go for a walk. Three hours after returning home, four hours after the restart, my laptop was ready for use again but my two external hard drives had disappeared. Bearing in mind they’re both USB3 connected through a USB3 hub and using a USB3 cable this was frustrating. I spent days trying to find them again and in the end I dug out my USB2 hub, connected them to that and lo and behold they’re both back with all my files still intact. Microsoft say they need to update Windows 10 automatically to prevent 3rd parties hacking in, but what about Microsoft hacking in to do these damn updates?

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    • Dear DaveBarclay1954,

      I have no issue with the auto updates as long as there is some warning so that if the consumer is in the middle of doing something important that he/ she can stop the update with a reschedule within a 24 hour time period; and if the update causes issues with the client’s system, that there is a way to backdate or another sure way to fix any malfunction. Without these consumer friendly measures, Microsoft should not be allowed to do auto updates if the client does not want this.

      In my case, I have had the use of my my computer lap top stolen from me and there appears to be no remedy except denial.
      In your case you were robbed for days from being able to use your computer.
      There is no way to challenge this in the courtroom because as I found out, we all who are consumers of Microsoft have signed an agreement to arbitrate any disputes.

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  7. This post would be funny, if only it weren’t so true, so frustratingly and annoyingly true! While I haven’t had problems such as those you have had with Windows 10 (knock on wood!!!), I am frequently frustrated by the amount of control each new version of Windows takes away from We The Users. I can often be heard yelling at my computer, “You belong to ME, not Microsoft … do you not understand what I am telling you to do, you stupid @#$%&?” Fortunately, I have not yet thrown it through a wall, but it’s been close a few times. I am glad you’re back in business … I love your posts and rely on you to fill in the blanks for me many times. Hugs!

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    • Dear Jill,

      I am about to find out how consumer friendly and competent the Google Chrome laptop technical support team is.I hope this works out. Microsoft could use a little healthy competition.

      i can certainly empathize with yelling at the computer. You know those auto voicemail systems. Once when I was working, I passed by a coworker who was on a work phone used for making personal phone calls and she was screaming away at one of those systems. I couldn’t stop laughing LOL.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Ah yes … I’ve cursed those a few times also! And my poor cell phone … I have a new one now that I am very happy with, but my old one and I just never bonded. I never threw it, but I would bang it against the side of my hand when annoyed with it. I think that hurt me more than it. 😦 Hugs!!!

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  8. Not just me then…
    (Nothing more likely to bring out my Gunnery Sergeant Hartman out of Full Metal Jacket than Microsoft’s Word)

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      • Yesss.
        Yesterday I set to installing my Internet/Phone provider’s new ‘Hub’ (no problem- apart from unpacking), then their new gubbinz for selecting TV channels/recording programmes…etc (not much of a problem..really).
        THEN later on in the day I remembered the (sarcasm warning) poor, dear widdle, printer was all lost from the old internet signal.
        Now HP were at part to blame (should stand for Highly Pedantic), but was Windows 10 any help…HA! It was only be dogged determination, stumbling around from one ‘Help/FAQ’ place to another that by chance I made the breakthrough….I can’t even remember just how I achieved it.
        I am convinced that Terminator’s Skynet is actually out there in control of Microsoft.

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        • Dear Roger,

          It does end up being a frustrating experience and a test of our patience quota. We who live on the computer for a good amount of time want dependability and consistency. As I told the technician, I don’t want to know why it is not working but I just want it to work.

          Ciao, Gronda

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        • Exactly Gronda!
          I don’t need to hear council for the defence when a computer programme does not work…(with the subtle inference that somehow I am at fault)

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