aside Republican Legislators Need To Hold Town Meetings

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The legislators need to hear from all their constituents and not just the ones who agree with them. A lot of what most of Americans want crosses party lines. What “we the people” need is a government that is competently and efficiently managed with accountability to meet our essential needs while placing our interests as a priority over special interests.

We who are employed in the real world have to deal with peoples all the time who do not agree with us and vice versa but we are still expected to get things done. We are required to base business plans based on facts, studied projections and reality. We would be fired if we acted on the basis of favoritism versus what is best for the employer’s best interests. Why should we expect less from our lawmakers?

Second Amendment copy 3What is frustrating to the voters, is that too often, what is in our best interests is secondary to the demands of special interests. For example, most of us would agree that mentally ill individuals should not be able to purchase a gun but a recent bill was passed permitting this at the behest of a special interest group, the NRA (National Rifle Association). The cost for Medicare could sensibly be reduced if its administrators could negotiate on drug prices but this low hanging fruit of a solution hasn’t been addressed because of the pharmaceutical special interest groups. The vast majority of Americans believe that climate change is for real but progress to mitigate for its consequences is being impeded because of the fossil fuel industry as a special interest entity. We have been sold alt facts like the climate change issue is a Chinese hoax.

Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon

Let’s not forget recent alt-facts that we were the recipients of, like we have to repeal Obamacare and replace it with an inferior product because it is on a death spiral and it needs to be salvaged.

Dear Legislators, When do our needs become a priority and when are you going to stand up for us? You need to face us to become aware as to how frustrated we are with those who are living off of our tax dollars while producing very little to benefit and to make our lives better.

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On 4/16/17 Kyle Cheney and Rachel Bade of Politico penned the following report, “4 takeaways from the town halls dogging the GOP.


Liberal constituents aren’t letting up on Republicans even after their Obamacare repeal bill stalled

POLITICO reporters traveled to nearly a dozen town halls to document the tumultuous homecoming Republicans faced. Here are four takeaways from Congress’ first week on the road, with reporting from Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS1) Republican AHCA critics sharpened their skepticism of the bill

As Republican leaders eye an attempt to salvage their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, they now are likely to have even more difficulty winning over wayward members.”

“Republicans who opposed the bill, which was abruptly pulled from the floor last month, soaked up some support from their left-leaning constituents. They also vowed to protect Obamacare provisions that cover people with preexisting conditions.”

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Senator Bill Cassidy

“But across all factions of the divided Republican Conference, lawmakers found one common way to generate applause from a hostile crowd: criticize the AHCA.”

“Mainstream GOP Rep. David Young of Iowa found friends in his crowd who appreciated his decision to stake out opposition to the measure. Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida, a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, earned grudging support for suggesting he’d even prefer single-payer health care — which he hates — to Speaker Paul Ryan’s bill.”

“Centrist Rep. Leonard Lance of New Jersey, who faced scorn for his initial support of the measure, earned some rare applause when he promised to reject any health care legislation that undermines coverage guarantees for people with preexisting conditions.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS“Lance’s experience illustrates the danger for any moderate Republicans who flirt with gutting Obamacare. He backed the measure when it traveled through the House Energy and Commerce Committee — and his constituents made sure he didn’t forget it. Though Lance ultimately pledged to reject the AHCA, he still found himself fending off attacks.”

“I want you, and all of the Republicans, to sit down with the Democrats and fix the Affordable Care Act,” said Janet Katz of Chester, New Jersey, summing up the crowd’s sentiment. “I want this repeal crap to stop.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS“Constituents grilled Colorado centrist Republican Rep. Mike Coffman for supporting the Ryan bill at a frequently chaotic town hall on the outskirts of Denver. Even a man who called himself a “life-long registered Republican” stood up to shame Coffman for backing a measure he felt was too conservative for their district, which leans slightly Democratic.”

“The room exploded with cheers when one person asked: “Will you commit to limiting premiums for people with pre-existing conditions so that they can actually afford health insurance?”

“Coffman tried to reassure the skeptical audience that people with histories of medical problems would be OK under the GOP plan, but it was largely in vain.”

“Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), one of the few hard-line conservatives to ultimately endorse the AHCA, also got shouted down in his Texas district.”

“No, not true!” constituents yelled when he said the federal government had failed at administering the health care law.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS2) The House GOP’s civil war is getting noticed beyond the Beltway

“Americans have long watched from afar as feuding Republican factions have battled each other. But after the pivotal role played by the far-right House Freedom Caucus in sidelining the GOP health care bill, constituents are taking note of the schisms that drive the House Republican Conference.”

“Coffman’s town hall, more than 1,600 miles from Washington, D.C., a young woman stood up to ask the Colorado Republican whether he was part of the Freedom Caucus — which doesn’t post its full membership list — or the Tuesday Group, a 50-member band of moderate Republicans.”

“She also asked whether it was appropriate for lawmakers to join these “secret societies.”

“Coffman appeared caught off guard by the question.”

“Secret societies? Whoa!” he exclaimed.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS“Coffman acknowledged being part of the Tuesday Group but quickly noted he was also a member of the bipartisan “No Labels” caucus.”

“That constituents are asking about the various factions in the House GOP Conference demonstrates just how ugly the intraparty fighting has gotten.”

“Trump may also be driving the Freedom Caucus’ newfound notoriety. After Ryan was forced to pull his Obamacare alternative due to opposition from the caucus as well as a number of moderates, Trump began tweet-shaming the conservative group. He told his millions of followers that the hard-liners were blocking his agenda, and at least one White House aide even called for primary challengers to boot some of the group’s members from office.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS3) Republicans have gotten better at handling hostile crowds

“Lawmakers were startled by the ferocity of the protests that greeted them at home in February.”

“Raucous town halls led to viral moments like California Rep. Tom McClintock fleeing under heavy guard and Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton getting dressed down by an attendee who supports Obamacare.”

“This time, they were ready. They phoned in local police, imposed new security measures and tightened attendance availability, and it worked, to an extent.”

“Republicans across the country appeared much more comfortable and better prepared to deal with noisy town hall crowds. Yoho didn’t fire back when he was overwhelmed by angry constituents and protesters. Rather, he’d get down on one knee and gaze directly at his questioner, absorbing any heckling until he could finish his answer. Others defused tension with jokes, waiting out hecklers or pivoting to safe talking points.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS“Let’s do some more!” Coffman said when the moderator called for one last question, at an event that had already gone 45 minutes late. It was a stark contrast from a few months ago, when Coffman escaped out the back door of a town hall event that had been overrun by protesters.”

“Part of that newfound confidence is due to increased vetting of town hall attendees.”

“Coffman’s constituents, for instance, had to register and show their IDs at the door to prove they were actually constituents. Policemen also stood by and watched from the top of the auditorium. In one instance, they even escorted out a woman who make a ruckus about Coffman’s views on climate change.”

“At Lance’s event, a large security contingent confiscated signs from attendees. A ticketing system also appeared to limit the number of attendees, though Lance said he thought the somewhat smaller crowd size was because people were celebrating Passover.”

Related image“Rep. John Faso, who helped secure the bill’s much-maligned “Buffalo Bribe” to force the state of New York to pay more in Medicaid spending, opted for a television studio that could fit only about 70 constituents.”

“When the New York Republican took heat for not holding a conventional town hall-style meeting, he argued his televised gathering was “a much more effective means of communicating” that would ensure “a civil discourse back and forth.”

“And in tiny Troy, Ohio, the local conservative group that hosted GOP Rep. Warren Davidson’s event fought to maintain order amid protesters and hecklers.”

“But unlike in many of the events across the country, Davidson’s crowd was largely supportive of the freshman Freedom Caucus member. About two-thirds of the audience remained after Davidson’s critics walked out en masse after he criticized Obamacare.”

Related image“Rep. Joe Wilson — who famously shouted “You lie!” at President Barack Obama during an address to Congress — was greeted with the same chant from his constituents. Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin took flak when he said it was “bullcrap” that taxpayers pay his salary.”

4) Taking on Trump is a winner for Republicans

“If Republicans were ever in need of a lifeline, challenging the president worked wonders in just about every town hall.”

Image result for PHOTOS OF REPUBLICANS TOWN HALL MEETINGS“Yoho, for example, said he now supports a measure that would compel presidential candidates, including Trump, to release their tax returns — and said he was convinced to do so by a liberal activist who urged him to ensure the president isn’t participating in any “funny business.”

“She changed my opinion,” Yoho said to applause.”

“It was one of several breaks from the Trump administration that were crowd-pleasers for the left-leaning attendees.”


    • Dear David Prosser,

      I am convinced that this frustrations with politicians is what got DDT elected. It is a situation where a lot of people may have liked the message without understanding that the messenger was so flawed. He is losing those who voted for President Obama in the past. But those hard core supporters are sticking to DDT like lemmings.

      Ciao, Gronda


      • Maybe less so when they find themselves losing insurance for previous conditions or priced out of the market altogether. There must be some who are defecting because of the Global Warming situation and some will be unhappy not to see all the jobs he promised and the huge tax on cars imported into the USA. I’d say he’s disappointing his die-hards too.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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        • Dear David Prosser,

          The kind of issues that you are talking about will cost DDT some supporters. Unfortunately, there is a segment described as the alt-right consisting of the racists, misogynists, Xenophobes who are supportive of his travel / Muslim ban and his hard-line deportation measures.

          Ciao, Gronda


  1. With the response that these Republican politicians are receiving just imagine for a moment if they simply allowed any registered voter from their district into the venue…

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa did just that. The crowd was manageable because she acted like a real person. When she was asked about DDT’s taxes, instead of deflecting, she simply said he should make public his tax returns because that is what he promised to do.In short, she did not excuse away the indefensible.

      Ciao, Gronda


      • On Monday April 17th at 2:00 pm Tom Cotton and French Hill held a town hall in Little Rock, Ar. Please note the time, it is one of the tactics that Young Mr. Cotton has started to use to control the crowds. However that is not the best method that they have started to use, I drove to Little Rock to attend this event and had preregistered as they requested, all was good until I got to the door, after requesting to see proof of residence and voters registration card, I was told that all the slots for Democrats had already been filled and I would not be able to attend, but was welcome to watch it of closed circuit television from another location. So there you have it, Democracy in action, or could it be better said, Democracy for the voters that put them into office, but the rest of us not so…

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        • Dear Crustyolemothman,

          But good for you for making the attempt. Still, the crowd that was present did not let Senator Cotton get away with just spouting out stupidities like DDT not publicly sharing his tax returns because his tax forms are under an IRS audit.

          i give him credit for holding it and facing his constituents. My Florida senator is Marco Rubio who has been listed as MIA.


          Ciao, Gronda


  2. I attended yesterday’s science march with tens of thousands of my fellow San Franciscans.

    Many of these people are political moderates which means that they occupy the center between conservative and liberal economics.

    Most of these people think if you pay your taxes do your best to be your best you deserve a fare
    shake and they honor the place of out Nation in the history of civilization.

    Most Americans are sensible enough to understand that healthy, well educated people are essential
    to our Nationals security.

    Most Americans are not blind ideologues looking for a savior.

    Most Americans are not going to join the Trump cult.

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    • Dear Rob,

      The science marches was a great way to send a message and it was world wide.

      Most folks are somewhere in the center. What DDT has forced more of us to do, is become active participants in our political system. We can’t sit on the sidelines.

      What is interesting is that more states, companies and individuals are stepping up to make up for the breach DDT’s plans are making by rolling back whatever progress we have made regarding climate change.

      There are some major lawsuits developing against companies like Exxon for having deliberately misled folks about the reality of climate change when its executives knew better.

      By the way, it looks like DDT is rethinking his plan to withdraw from the Paris treaty.

      Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Roger,

      It is a custom here that when legislators return to their home states that they conduct some type of a meeting to keep in touch with their constituents. THIS IS A PART OF THEIR JOB. But too many are refusing to hold these town hall meetings because they are afraid of their constituents giving them a hard time. We have stories of lawmakers after seeing the crowds at a town hall meeting slipping away out of a side door.

      In the past, these U.S. legislators working in Washington DC would be lucky to have 20 peoples show up at these home state meetings. After DDT was elected, this is no longer the case. When they hold these meetings, these lawmakers are facing 100s of attendees who are making them answer uncomfortable questions.

      There are newspaper ads declaring these members as missing and posters asking for people to report in if they happen to spot one of these weenies. There was even a billboard ad reflecting this problem.

      But we have still been calling, protesting etc.

      Ciao, Gronda

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  3. Gronda, our old party must recognize a key lesson of governance. Change must have bipartisan support to be sustainable and they must think more of impact on their customers who are also their bosses. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Our old party is resisting working things out with democrats. Eventually, they will figure out that they have no choice but to cross the aisle to pass any major legislation.

      Ciao, Gronda


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