aside Ivanka Is Not The First President’s Daughter Of Influence

Ivanka Trump

The republican President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka  and her husband Jared Kushner can arguably be considered to have the most sway when dealing with the US leader. But Ivanka Trump is not the first daughter in the White House to exert an aura of influence.

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On 4/26/17, Steve Hendrix of the Washington Post penned the following article, Before Ivanka Trump, other presidential daughters also wielded influence and power at the White House.


“Ivanka is far from the first adult daughter to leave a mark on White House history. The teen rebel Alice Roosevelt, for example, may have some scorched ones on the White House itself, given her habit of sneaking cigarettes in defiance of father Teddy Roosevelt’s no-women-smoking rule. “I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I can’t possibly do both,” a frustrated T.R. once famously declared.”

“But after maturing a bit, Alice’s had real impact as a glamorous fashion plate who was dispatched to represent her father on a diplomatic tour of five Asian countries in 1905, even as the president was helping to mediate peace between Japan and Russia.”

“He harnessed her spunk, and she became a political asset,” said Joshua Kendall, author of “First Dads,” a book on presidential parenting. “She was very stylish the way Ivanka is, although she wasn’t selling her handbags.”

Alice did sell cigarettes, though, long after she set up her Georgetown salon and was widowed from her husband, House Speaker Nicholas Longworth. She flogged Lucky Strikes in print ads, quipped like Dorothy Parker and was a legendarily acerbic hostess in Washington society into her 90s.

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President Roosevelt/ Daughter Anna

But the time wasn’t right for her to play more of an overt policy role in her father’s administration. “She was extremely intelligent,” said her biographer, University of Iowa history professor Stacey Cordery. “People always said if she had been a boy she would have been president.”

Cordery’s own vote for most influential first daughter in the pre-Ivanka age may go to Maureen Reagan, the Gipper’s child with actress Jane Wyman.”

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Patti Davis

“Maureen–Mermie, as her dad called her–lived at the White House during much of her dad’s presidency, where she was a reportedly a voice of moderation on women’s issues whispering in his ear (Sound familiar?). She was active in party politics, co-chairing the Republican National Committee and running unsuccessfully for public office twice in California before dying of cancer in 2001.”

“Like Alice Roosevelt, Maureen’s half-sister Patti Davis thrived in the wild-child category of first daughters. She posed topless in the July 1994 issue of Playboy, five years after her father left office.”

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Anna Roosevelt

“Anna Roosevelt played a less flamboyant but more central role in her father’s White House. FDR turned to his daughter as an all-around help-meet when his relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt had become strained and distant.”

“Anna was working as a journalist on the West Coast when Roosevelt asked her to come back to Washington during World War II. She ran his social calendar, took a hand in managing access to him and is credited by some with persuading him to take on Harry Truman as his final running mate. Life magazine took note of her influence by suggesting, “Daddy’s girl is running Daddy.”

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Anna Roosevelt

“It was Anna the president asked to accompany him to meet Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin at Yalta.”

“He seemed more comfortable with his daughter for things like this,” said Kendall. “Yes, like Trump.”

“Martha “Patsy” Jefferson Randolph took up First Lady duties during two winters at the White House for her widower father Thomas Jefferson. In 1806, she gave birth to the first baby born at the White House.”

E. Clifton Daniel Jr. and Margaret Truman arriving with Drucie Snyder Horton at the Kansas City Club for a bridal party on the wedding eve.E. Clifton Daniel Jr. and Margaret Truman arriving with Drucie Snyder Horton at the Kansas City Club for a bridal party on the wedding eve.E. Clifton Daniel Jr. and Margaret Truman arriving with Drucie Snyder Horton at the Kansas City Club for a bridal party on the wedding eve.
. Clifton Daniel Jr. and Margaret Truman arriving with Drucie Snyder Horton at the Kansas City Club for a bridal party on the wedding eve.© Time Inc. Grey Villet

“First Daughter Margaret Truman made a name for herself as an enthusiastic, if not accomplished, singer. When Washington Post critic Paul Hume panned her 1950 performance at Constitution Hall, her father let him have it in a note written on White House stationary.”

“Some day I hope to meet you,” President Truman wrote. “When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and a supporter below!”

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Margaret Wilson

“Margaret Wilson was also a singer, but a less notorious one. She took over First Lady duties when Woodrow Wilson’s first wife died. Wilson had three daughters, who reportedly lobbied him to back the woman’s vote and support the 19th Amendment.”

“His youngest, Ellen Wilson, married Wilson’s Secretary of the Treasury at the White House, making William McAdoo arguably the most powerful presidential son-in-law in history.”

“On whether that achievement will survive in the age of Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s influential husband, history is still out.”


    • Dear Renxkyoko.

      You are absolutely right. These are different times. Frankly, while she is claiming influence towards being a champion of women’s and family issues, she appears to have exerted little influence over DDT’S regulatory roll backs, like the “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” rule, which barred companies from receiving federal contracts if they had a history of violating wage, labor or workplace safety laws. That regulation, derided by critics as the “blacklisting” rule, has already been held up in court.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I seriously just want to zone out. Everything that’s happening has already overwhelmed me so much it makes me physically sick everytime I see pictures of this family.

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        • Dear Renxkyoko,

          if folks thought that they too much of the Bush and the Clinton families, their feelings pale in comparison to the Trump family.

          Hugs, Gronda


  1. I could, perhaps, feel somewhat empathetic toward Ivanka, except … she is using her position, as well as her fathers, to further her own business interests. Plus, she appears to see her father as a good man, and I do not believe he is. Sigh. She is … well, she is what she is.


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    • Dear Jill,

      This is a situation where Ivanka’s reality does not match that of most women. Many young adults have to face a reality where they learn that their parents are flawed human beings but she has not progressed that far. She is a young person who would never attain her current position but for her Dad. She is going to have to show some results to garner any credibility and/ or respect.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I often wonder if Ivanka really believes what she says about DDT, or is simply trying to stay in his good graces? I read that she was gien a ‘less-than-enthusiastic’ greeting in Germany earlier this week … not surprised! Hugs!

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        • Dear Jill,

          She was heckled but surprisingly, she handled the situation well. But she also looked like a fish out of water. The women she was sitting next to were very accomplished. To earn these people’s respect she is going to have to show results when it comes to women’s issues.

          Hugs, Gronda


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