aside President Trump Is Intent On Creating A Third World Country

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I am one among many who is exhausted watching the republican President Donald Trump’s grab for more and more power while he violates the rules any previous US leader felt bound to ethically follow. It has become my premise that the president and his team are pushing the USA hard towards becoming a third world country with an authoritarian leadership where his campaign slogan to “make America great again,” was just a quip he used as a marketing tool to win the White House.

Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and presidential debatesHis subconscious Machiavellian strategy to win the presidency by dividing the country has proved effective. No matter what he does from falsely accusing his predecessor of a felony; his attacks on judges who don’t agree with him; his receptiveness towards authoritarian leaders like Russia’s President Putin, Turkey’s head Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Philippines President Rodrigo Duerte, and Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi; to his constant criticisms of the press for its “fake news as well as his penchant for alt-facts, his republican legislative enablers continue to cover for him. And they do this even when they know that the president and his team have been under investigation by law enforcement and other oversight bodies for allegedly having coordinated the president’s campaign with Russian operatives who were a supportive enterprise during the 2016 US presidential election.

His lack of transparency is not being questioned by his party’s leaders, like his refusal to publicly share his IRS forms as past presidents have done; his decision not to disclose the names of peoples who have visited the White House; and his refusal to create a blind trust for all his financial dealings as previous leaders have done.

If it were a democratic leader in the White House, these republicans would be singing a different tune.

Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and Matt Lauer and foreign policyHis followers act like they’ve been bewitched (gas-lighted) and are continuing to back him. So far, he has been mostly catering to the alt-right population and those who are in bed with the fossil fuel industry as exemplified by his travel ban; his escalation of deportation of undocumented workers along with his rolling back of regulations and any impediments to pipeline construction projects which the oil companies have been requesting.

As for the president’s non alt-right supporters, the ones who voted for President Obama in the past, they haven’t yet given up on him despite his reneging on promises to make their lives better. For instance, he has eliminated a planned lower mortgage premium that would have helped a million homeowners; he has decided to defund an Appalachian career redevelopment program that benefited coal miners; he has rolled back the rule where financial planners have to act in the best interests of their clients when it comes to their retirement investments. Then there is his recent backing of the republican’s health care bill and his proposed tax cuts which are both heavily weighted to favor the wealthy.

Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and Republican Party and Democratic Party

Here is the rest of the story…

On 1/17/17, Ruth Ben-Ghiat of CNN wrote the foreshadowing report, “Trump is following the authoritarian playbook.”


I have spent decades studying authoritarian and fascist regimes and saw in Trump a deeply familiar figure: the strongman who cultivates a bond with followers based on loyalty to him as a person rather than to a party or set of principles.
Such individuals inevitably seek to adapt the political office they inhabit to serve their needs. They are clear from the start about this intention, refusing to submit to shared customs and norms — such as releasing tax returns — Anyone who believes that Trump will morph into anything resembling a traditional politician will be disappointed. Authoritarians never pivot.”
Editorial cartoon on Trump inauguration“He has been open and unconcerned about his most provocative character traits — his penchant for aggression and for serial untruths — from the start of his campaign.”
“Trump has followed the authoritarian playbook in targeting the media. And once in power he’s very likely to step up his attempts at intimidation.
“Strongmen show aggression to the press as part of a slow-drip strategy of discrediting all information that is not dispensed by their close allies. Many were surprised at Trump’s rude treatment of CNN at his recent press conference. Calling the media outlet “fake news,” he refused to allow reporter Jim Acosta to ask a question.”
“This was classic authoritarian posturing. Trump was delivering a lesson: anyone, no matter how powerful, can be humiliated and deprived of access if they displease him.”
Editorial cartoon on President Donald Trump and Inauguration Day and Kellyanne Conway“No wonder Trump’s Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogen praised him for putting Acosta in his place.” We can hope that Trump does not follow Erdogan’s criminalization of the media. But recall the fencing-off of journalists at Trump’s campaign rallies and his incitement of the crowd to treat them in a hostile manner. The media must push back strongly now or pay a heavy price later.”
Strongmen also target the judiciary, since it stands in the way of their “reforms” that often veer into extra-legality. Those with a history of legal troubles can be particularly focused on this sector.”

Editorial cartoon on President Donald Trump and the CIA

 “So look forward to Trump administration efforts to tar individual judges who seem to block the fulfillment of GOP agendas or interfere with Trump’s personal interests.”
“One more thing: Authoritarians love to think they are making history, and never hesitate to rewrite the past to suit their political agendas. Trump’s use of racism as a campaign tool laid the foundations for what will be a concerted effort to delegitimize the history of civil rights struggles in our country.”
“Trump often levies tweet-attacks on those who criticize him, but his denigration of Representative John Lewis on the Martin Luther King weekend sends a message that he intends to fulfill promises to his white voters to try and reverse the course of racial emancipation.”
Editorial cartoon on President Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon
Be courageous or be complicit,” Representative Cedric Richmond recently stated in his testimony against Senator Jeff Sessions. The Trump administration promises to test that wisdom.”
“Each of us can stand our ground in our own way, but the lessons that come to us from a century of authoritarian rule around the world — and the civil rights movement in America — meet up in one phrase: Do not lose hope. Do not hide away. Be visible and be heard, on the street and in phone calls to your elected officials.”
“Some of us have taken our freedoms for granted. We now have a reason to value them all the more. We also have a chance to decide what side of history we want to be on.”
On 4/29/17, Aaron Blake of the Washington Post penned the following article, “Trump is now talking about consolidating his power.”

“President Trump has suggested that the judiciary doesn’t have the authority to question him.”

“Now Trump is talking about consolidating his own power.”

“In an interview with Fox News that aired Friday night (4/28/17), Trump dismissed the “archaic” rules of the House and Senate — using that word four times.”

Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and flag burning and the First Amendment“A sampling:

  • “We don’t have a lot of closers in politics, and I understand why: It’s a very rough system. It’s an archaic system.”
  • “You look at the rules of the Senate, even the rules of the House — but the rules of the Senate and some of the things you have to go through — it’s really a bad thing for the country, in my opinion. They’re archaic rules. And maybe at some point we’re going to have to take those rules on, because, for the good of the nation, things are going to have to be different.”
  • “You can’t go through a process like this. It forces you to make bad decisions. I mean, you’re really forced into doing things that you would normally not do except for these archaic rules.”

Editorial cartoon on Donald Trump and the alt-right“And then Trump came out and just said it: He doesn’t like the filibuster.”

“I think, you know, the filibuster concept is not a good concept to start off with,” he said.

“So there you go. Trump is frustrated with the pace of legislation after 100 days, and his answer is that he wants to change the rules.”

“Whether this is just him blowing off steam or signaling what lies ahead, it’s significant. Because it suggests a president, who doesn’t agree with his own powers being limited or questioned.”

“He wants more power — and he wants it quickly. It’s not difficult to connect this to his past admiration for authoritarian leaders, and these comments are a demonstrated pattern for him.”


  1. Another excellent post Gronda, please forgive me, but I feel it will end in tears (for everyone else in America and the world that have emotional intelligence, regardless of political persuasions). I so respect you for your commitment to factual pieces of TRUE NEWS. sorry, couldn’t help myself…

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    • Dear Steele46,

      I appreciate your generous feedback. This has been a wake-up call. I truly believed that what has happened was not possible in the USA. THESE ARE FRIGHTENING TIMES FOR ALL OF US.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Many of us had voiced similar words about this individual even before he managed to seize control of the Republican party. Few people actually understand the reason that I continue to refer to him as King tRump, unless of course they take the time to watch and listen to his words as they come from his mouth. Thank you for this article, while it might not reach the desired audience, at least you are making an effort to shout out a warning to your fellow citizens! One can only wonder how much longer our voices will be allowed to be heard?

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      We are never going to reach the alt-right segment of DDT’S followers but if the democrats ever get their mojo back, we should be reaching out to those supporters who voted for President Obama in the past. The democrats should never have lost these folks in the first place.

      The power that the democrats have right now is from the resistance participants who are ready to protest, visit a lawmaker’s office and contact them at a moment’s notice.

      This takes all of us to be on board who are non DDT supporters. I have always been puzzled as to how the Germans were so bamboozled by the likes of a crazy man but now, I know.

      Our forefathers anticipated this possibility and that is why, they set up a government of “we the people.”

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. Surely if he goes much further there will be a revolution, but I can’t see him winning that as in some countries, since surely none of the armed forces would back him.?
    xxx Huge Hugs Gronda xxx

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    • Dear David Prosser

      I am a strong backer of resistance participants except when it comes to the usage of violence because the President would use this as a marketing tool and he wouldn’t hesitate to use force.

      DDT is too much like the former President Nixon who in 1970 called out the US National Guard for students who were protesting the Viet Nam War at Kent Ohio. Four students were killed and 9 were wounded.

      But yes, the resisters need to become more active in increasing numbers. For me, it has crystallized in my mind that we need to fight hard for an independent investigation or an independent prosecutor.

      Ciao, Gronda


  4. Lol, perhaps not intentionally, b/c that would imply some sort of cogent thought. His impulsive, muddled immature mind incapable of having long term vision. He thinks he can fix every with hallow words, but his actions are shortsighted and dangerous. That missile strike in Syria shows his approach to foreign relations, like a reality TV show desperate for ratings! Sadly there are plenty more “sharks to jump” for DDT.


  5. Dear 1EarthUnited,

    He is like having to watch a toddler or an Alzheimer’s patient 24/7 because he could anything at anytime that is not good for the USA if he is left to his own devices.

    Right now I am more angry with the republican lawmakers who are enabling DDT because they know better but they don’t care.

    Hugs, Gronda


  6. A possible few words of comfort with apologies for any repetitions which may occur.
    As usual as seen from outside, and with History sitting on my shoulder.
    And just having watched another episode of that gritty and sardonic comedy “The Budget and Capitol Hill”

    For many years now the American public have had to witness the antics of people of much independent wealth feed their egos, ambitions and quirks by playing polly-ticks with ordinary people’s lives. Whereas this has been a factor down the decades in many democracies for the long-suffering American people the participants managed to go to new depths. While ignoring the maxim ‘You Can’t Fool All of The People All of The Time”

    Thus when something new appeared on the scene, ie a flamboyant personality who appeared to have no political connections, this attracted a number of disaffected folk, which was unfortunate as they then added weight to one the vociferous hate-mongering wings of politics. Thus was Donald Trump elected as president.

    Now, in perspective President Trump is not there by an overwhelming majority, nor because no one else stood for election, nor because he seized power by force of arms. Therefore it can be argued that President Trump, is not there because of Donald Trump, but because of the irresponsible actions of Capitol Hill and is but a statement of a section of the population. This suggests that his constituency is one of protest and not one of loyalty, which considering a generous estimate of 30% of the electorate, does not make for a solid power base.

    Whereas it can be argued that a president of the USA has vast power, this itself is a conditional circumstance, bearing in mind the powers of the judiciary, the powers and vagaries of Capitol Hill, the labyrinthine constructs which are the two main political parties. If a president should fail to take any of these into account either in terms of loyalty , their own feelings of independence and in some cases sense of self-preservation then these powers can seem not as strong as it would seem on paper. In addition a president should also bear in mind the possibility of mayors of the major cities and the dynamics of state politics making waves which affect the navigation of the ship of state. In short the US is not a commercial corporation, nor a small nation of saying 60,000,00 in one time zone.

    Although much has been speculated in journalist columns, fictions, discourses of the possibility within the future of a chance of one person seizing a quasi-dictatorial style of government within the USA as the USA currently stands this is not possible
    In the first case the Constitution is far too complex and paradoxically accessible device for one person to control
    Secondly the attempt to bring 300,000,000 who are used ‘to sounding off’ under a semi-dictatorial style of government requires the 100% complicity of every law officer and military person; this is impossible (unless you are writing fiction or are a very die-hard Conspiracy Theorist)
    Thirdly: A brief study of the map of the USA shows the titanic requirements of such a task; the Markets would have the proverbial ‘fit’ and have someone do something about such a person.

    What therefore lies ahead is a long and probably very bitter dispute as folk take up pro and anti President Trump lines and as the folk in the Whitehouse have little in the way of professional acumen they could well find themselves as figureheads.

    Now to a possible scenario coming out of all this……(Imagine I was writing a column)…..
    In conclusion these are great days for young politicians on the make who wish to carve out a career for themselves as saviours of the nation. Many of these will be genuine (of course with a fair smattering of egotists), and there will be the hardnosed professionals who want a try at the job, but will have learnt that Consensus is the New Game in Town (Politics 101). These folk will thrive and be willing to work with Consensus people be they Right or Left of Centre. This will be seen as an aberration and source of many books and that will be that.

    Thank you for your time & space.

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    • Roger,

      I love your fiction which can possibly resemble reality. It turns out that post DDT becoming president, there has been a significant increase in young people stepping up to the task of running for elected office.

      This is just part of “we the people” taking our country back from “a Madman’

      Your analysis of how the U.S. government news is spot on.

      Ciao, Gronda

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      • I had one of those ‘Should I?’ interludes the moment after I pressed ‘send’.
        Much relief to read it passed ‘muster’
        How interesting to read the effect this is having on the younger people. Much more healthy than the Fashionable Cynicism of not getting involved because it makes no difference, which plays straight into the hands of the extremists and also those of the extremists.
        “We, The People”
        Gives me a nice shiver.
        Best wishes

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