aside The Alt-Right Exodus From The White House Could Include Steve Bannon

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There are some interesting news on the horizon. It is a sure thing that some of the Alt-right who are a part of the republican President Donald Tump’s team, are being shown the exit door. The NSC principal, KT McFarland, formerly of FOX News and General H.R. McMaster’s nemisis has been tapped to be Singapore’s US ambassador.

“As per a 4/30/17 NY Times article by Maggie Haberman, is reporting that another staff member and friend to Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, adviser on national security, “is likely to be moved out of the White House in the coming weeks for a different role in the administration, two senior administration officials said Sunday.”

“The retired Lt. General Mike Flynn has already been forced out of Trump’s White House (February 2017) after misleading officials about his conversation with Russia’s ambassador about sanctions.”

“The rumor mill is hot and heavy within the Washington DC beltway, that Steve Bannon is also on the way out the door. There is a lot of speculation that Steve Bannon is being set up to become the head of the Heritage Foundation.Image result for images of jim demint

The news about Steve Bannon possibly becoming the Heritage Foundation’s new president, has been exacerbated  by the tweeter feed buzzing about how the current head, Jim DeMint is being forced to leave. (5/2/27 Statement From the Chairman of Heritage’s Board of Trustees)

Here’s the rest of the story…

On 5/2/17, Rosie Gray and McCay Coppins of the The Atlantic penned the following article, “The Fight for Control of the Heritage Foundation.”


“The drama over the attempt to remove the president of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint, is partly classic Washington power politics. But it also reflects tensions over the organization’s relationship with the Trump administration and with Trumpist ideology.”

“DeMint, the former SC senator who has led the conservative institution since 2013, (has been ousted—the decision was finalized at a board meeting on Tuesday (5/2/17). News of DeMint’s likely imminent departure was reported by Politico last week.”

Image result for photos of mike needhamThe driving force behind DeMint’s ouster, according to multiple sources close to the organization, is Mike Needham, the CEO of Heritage Action for America, the organization’s political arm. Needham, these sources say, is making a power play to push DeMint out, and is appealing to both pro- and anti-Trump elements to accomplish it.”

“”Needham has been laying the groundwork for this for two years,” said a source close to Heritage. “He’s been badmouthing DeMint to board members for a long time.”

“Multiple people close to the situation called DeMint’s ouster a “coup,” and said the driving force behind it was not philosophical but old-fashioned ambition and power politics. “This is an old-as-time story,” said one source.”

“But nowadays, it’s difficult for a conflict like this on the right to unfold outside the context of ideological friction over Donald Trump and his nationalist agenda.”

Related image“To the Trump-averse elements on the board, Needham has pointed to DeMint’s growing coziness with the new administration as evidence that the think tank, a beacon of movement conservatism, needs a new steward. At the same time, Needham has been telling pro-Trump board members like Rebekah Mercer that Heritage needs a leader who will follow the president’s lead—even going so far as to float White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, a key Mercer ally, as a potential future president, according to one source.”

“Heritage’s tolerance of Trump has sparked some criticism in conservative circles. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Heritage Foundation can’t endorse candidates, but DeMint met with then-candidate Trump in March 2016 and avoided publicly criticizing him throughout the campaign. Heritage played a key role in guiding Trump’s transition, helping to staff many administration posts.”  There are board members who think it got too political,” said the senior congressional aide. Needham, the source said, has been doing some “pretty deft political maneuvering if you ask me. Telling each faction what they want and need to hear.”

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Steve Bannon

“Needham, echoed another senior Republican congressional aide, is “basically telling different board members what they wanted to hear.”

“A Heritage employee concurred. “What I’ve learned is that Mike Needham will tell these board members whatever they want to hear as long as it gets them to be opposed to DeMint,” the employee said.”

“On Fox News Sunday this weekend, he was non-committal when host Chris Wallace asked whether Bannon could take over after DeMint. “I can tell you there’s a lot of speculation and rumor in the media that never misses a chance to divide and attack conservatives,” Needham said.”

“Meanwhile, DeMint’s ouster is the source of a brewing backlash on Capitol Hill, where some conservatives are talking about boycotting the Heritage Foundation in solidarity with their former colleague. Much of Heritage’s power is derived from its close ties to right-wing Republican lawmakers, who speak at the think tank’s events, use its research to craft legislation, and coordinate with its political operatives.”

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Jim DeMint

“One prominent conservative senator, worried about Heritage’s new direction, is cutting ties with the think tank for the foreseeable future, according to an aide. Another Senate source said Heritage staff are no longer welcome at Senate Steering Committee meetings or in several members’ offices as a result of DeMint’s ouster.”

“Forty-eight congressional Republicans signed a letter in support of DeMint that was released on Monday night. The letter praises DeMint as a “leading advocate for America at its best” and laments that DeMint being “confronted by overwhelming opposition.”

“And the floating of Bannon’s name, even if it wasn’t done seriously, isn’t going over well in some conservative circles, either.”

“I would find it shocking if Mike would even promote Steve Bannon to lead that organization,” said one senior Republican aide. “You would see a lot of conservative backlash. Bannon is overall a populist and I don’t identify him as somebody who would be good in that situation.”

“[Needham] could have easily tamped it down,” said the Heritage employee. Floating Bannon, the employee said, “helps them with small dollar donors in the activist base, and I think it helps them quell a lot of the bleeding there. Because they’re very upset about [losing DeMint].”

“An email was sent out to all Heritage staff on Saturday asking them to not talk to the media. A statement will be forthcoming with more information,” read the email from Heritage’s vice president for personnel, Wes Dyck. “In the meantime, I ask all of you to avoid speculation, especially outside the Heritage family or with the media. Further public speculation is not helpful to the cause we all share: advancing principled, conservative public policies for all Americans.”

“Sources expect DeMint’s status to be resolved after Tuesday’s (5/2/17) board meeting. “I imagine he’s exhausting his legal options and that’s why they’ve been really quiet as an organization,” said the senior Republican aide.”

“One scenario being discussed is for Ed Feulner, the former longtime president of Heritage who still serves on the board of directors, to take over as a placeholder after DeMint leaves, paving the way for Needham to succeed him.”

“Just because Mike Needham might want something or be advocating for it, it would be impossible for him to do it without very strong allies on board of directors,” the aide said.”


  1. Gronda, ceasing a relationship with DeMint is an excellent move for the Heritage Foundation. The founder said he wants to get back to its roots. Hiring Bannon would be the antithesis and a horrible move. From what the founder said, Bannon would take them past the extreme actions of DeMint in a very negative way. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      I think I’m going to do a blog on the Mercer couple because they are the ones in the back room, pushing for Steve Bannon to be the new leader for the Heritage Foundation. This would not be an improvement and I hope their maneuvers are not effective.
      Ciao, Gronda


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