aside Will The Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand Up, Part V (Years 1973 to 1993)

This is a repeat of an earlier work. Hillary Clinton is attempting to reemerge back into the fray. I want to challenge the right’s “fake news” campaign against her for over 30 years.

The Young Couple
The Young Couple

This blog is being written to counter the naysayers talking points, designed to question Mrs. Clinton’s professional accomplishments. It is safe to say that she has done more  within a 20 year time span from 1973- 1993, than the vast majority of her adversaries.

 Most of her detractors could not begin to compete with her. For years they have thrown so much mud at her but she has managed to survive to fight another day for her causes. No wonder conservative republicans are going   nuts with frustration that she is still standing.

The following covers the background of Hillary Clinton from 1973 to 1993:

Personal: (Source: 7/31/2016 CNN Library Hillary Clinton Fast Facts)

Birth date: October 26, 1947

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois

Birth name: Hillary Diane Rodham

Father: Hugh Rodham, a businessman

Mother: Dorothy (Howell) Rodham

Marriage: Bill Clinton (October 11, 1975-present)

Children: Chelsea Born on February 27, 1980

Education: Wellesley College, B.A., 1969; Yale University Law School, J.D., 1973

Religion: Methodist

Other Facts:
Hillary and Bill Clinton met in the Yale Law Library in the early 1970s.



1964  Works on the presidential campaign of Republican candidate Barry Goldwater.

1968  Switches to the Democratic Party and campaigns for Eugene McCarthy.

1970  Works as a summer intern for civil rights lawyer Marian Wright Edelman.

1973-1974  Works as an attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund (under founder Marian Wright Edelman).

January 1974  Begins working for John Doar, the special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, who is in charge of the inquiry in to the possible impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

August 1974  Moves to Arkansas to teach at the University of Arkansas School of Law (She was one of two females on the faculty).

1974-1977 – Director of Legal Aid Clinic at the University of Arkansas School of Law.


1974-1977 and 1979-1980  Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law. (As per Wikipedia: Rodham maintained her interest in children’s law and family policy, publishing the scholarly articles “Children’s Policies: Abandonment and Neglect” in 1977 and “Children’s Rights: A Legal Perspective” in 1979. The latter continued her argument that children’s legal competence depended upon their age and other circumstances and that in serious medical rights cases, judicial intervention was sometimes warranted. An American Bar Association chair later said, “Her articles were important, not because they were radically new but because they helped formulate something that had been inchoate.”)

clinton-as-a-student-great-photo-cdfestreet1976-1992 – Attorney at Rose Law Firm, Little Rock, Arkansas. Is named (First woman)partner in 1979. (In 1976 Bill Clinton became attorney general of Arkansas and couple moved to Little Rock. At Rose Law she  specialized on inpatient infringement and intellectual property law while also working pro bono in child advocacy. )

1978 -President Jimmy Carter appoints Clinton to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corp., an organization that provides federal funds to legal-aid bureaus throughout the United States. (As per Wikipedia: she was the chair of that board, the first woman to do so. During her time as chair, funding for the Corporation was expanded from $90 million to $300 million; subsequently she successfully fought President Ronald Reagan’s attempts to reduce the funding and change the nature of the organization.)

clinton-90clinton-laugh1978  Bill Clinton is elected governor of Arkansas. Hillary Clinton continues to work at Rose Law Firm, making her the first First Lady of Arkansas to continue working while her husband is governor. (As per Wikipedia: In 1979, Rodham became the first woman to be made a full partner of Rose Law Firm.)

1979  Governor Clinton appoints her chairperson of the Rural Health Advisory Committee, whose members deal with the issue of providing health care in isolated areas. (As per Wikipedia:  She secured federal funds to expand medical facilities in Arkansas’s poorest areas without affecting doctors’ fees.)

1979 – The Whitewater Development Corp,. is formed by the Clintons and James and Susan McDougal. (As per Wikipedia:  From 1978 until they entered the White House, she had a higher salary than her husband. During 1978 and 1979, while looking to supplement their income, Rodham engaged in the trading of cattle futures contracts, an initial $1,000 investment generated nearly $100,000 when she stopped trading after ten months. The couple also began their ill-fated investment in the Whitewater Development Corporation real estate venture with Jim  and Susan McDougal at this time. Both of these became subjects of controversy in the 1990s.)      

clinton-hrc-time-mag-fighter-d35f13b1239977653ed91263c12a57331980  Governor Clinton loses the 1980 gubernatorial election. He returns to office in 1982, and then is re-elected in 1984, 1986, and 1990.

1983  Governor Clinton appoints his wife to head the Arkansas Education Standards Committee. (As per Wikipedia: She fought a prolonged but ultimately successful battle against the Arkansas  Education Association to establish mandatory teacher testing and state standards for curriculum and classroom size. It became her introduction into the politics of a highly visible public policy effort. In 1985, she introduced Arkansas’s Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth, a program that helps parents work with their children in preschool preparedness and literacy. She was named Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983 and Arkansas Mother of the Year in 1984.)

clinton-mom-dau-photo-firstdraft03clinton-tmagarticle1982- 1992  Source of following data is from Wikipedia: “Clinton continued to practice law with the Rose Law Firm while she was First Lady of Arkansas. She earned less than the other partners, as she billed fewer hours, but still made more than $200,000 in her final year there.” 

“From 1987 to 1991, she was the first chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession, created to address gender bias in the legal profession and induce the association to adopt measures to combat it.” 

“Clinton served on the boards of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Legal Services (1988–92)and the Children’s Defense Fund (as chair, 1986–92). In addition to her positions with nonprofit organizations, she also held positions on the corporate board of directors of companies like TCBY (1985–92), Wal-Mart Stores (1986–92) and Lafarge  (1990–92).

clinton-pis-good-audience-9-181988 and 1991  “Hillary Clinton is named one of the 100 most influential U.S. lawyers by the National Law Journal.”

1992 – “Bill Clinton is elected president.”

January 1993 – “The president names Clinton to lead the Task Force on National Health Care Reform.”

September 28, 1993 – “Testifies before the House Ways and Means Committee in support of President Clinton’s health care package. The health care reform bill is later defeated by Congress.”

(As per 2/17/16 PolitiFact review by Alan Gathright, “the first lady refused to give up when Congress defeated health care reform. Instead, she worked with Republicans and Democrats to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which now provides health coverage for more than 8million low-income children.)”


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