aside Republican Legislators Still Covering For President Out Of Fear Of His Supporters

I can’t be the only recently former republican of over 25 years who is asking, what has happened to this once noble party of Abraham Lincoln. Where are those who are emulating past heroes, examples of “profiles in courage?” What will it take for republican US senators and congresspeople to stand up for the US constitution that they have sworn to uphold?

In the year 2017, all 17 US Intelligent Community agencies have agreed that Russia aggressively attempted to interfere in US politics for nefarious purposes.

Meanwhile, a new NBC News/WSJ poll shows nearly three-quarters of Americans overwhelmingly support having an outside, independent commission to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

73% of American people say they prefer an independent, non-partisan probe, instead of the US Congress, to investigate Russians’ meddling in the 2016 presidential election process.

But, as per the 3/22/17 Washington Post report by Eric Plutzer and Michael Berkman, “Polls seem to suggest that the 45th president enjoys historically high approval ratings among members of his party. Other journalists report continuing enthusiasm from the small towns that delivered his strongest electoral support.

(In a poll) “Only three individuals (fewer than 1 percent of Trump voters) said that, could they go back in time, they would cast their vote for Clinton. Seven said they would vote for one of the minor-party candidates.”

“When we asked why, most regretful Trump voters pointed specifically to his performance as president. (Misspellings are original.)”

“He has moved kinda fast with the immagration ban, and abortion law.”

“I don’t like his decisions so far.”

“Trump’s actions since the inaugeration.”

“… Trump cannot get out of his own way. He won’t stop running his mouth and has no humility.”

“These sentiments echo regrets highlighted in social media. But they are too few to conclude that Trump’s electoral coalition has somehow eroded. Moreover, of the already small number of Trump voters expressing regret, only one in four would have shifted their support to the Democratic nominee.”

“In short, the 45th president’s electoral coalition remains intact.”

No, the republican President Donald Trump’s supporters do not represent the majority of the American peoples but according to several recent polls, they represent about 35% of the population.

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Real reasons republican lawmakers are still strongly resisting the people’s will:

And the republican law makers in Washington DC are terrified of losing the backing of the president’s core supporters which could cause them to lose their cushy jobs.

Then there is also the possibility of the republican lawmakers finally attaining the dream of a lifetime, a marginal tax cut rate. These republican partisans are loathe to give up on this opportunity.

Image result for photos of trump supporters rallyIn this hyper-partisan political world of within the beltway of Washington DC, it is no wonder that most Americans are in favor of a truly well-conducted non-partisan independent investigative commission, so that they can have some reliance in whatever its members conclude.

What happens if those current investigative governmental groups from congress to law enforcement end up providing the White House a clean bill of health regarding the president and his associates interactions with Russia officials over our recent elections. In this hyper-partisan atmosphere, the American peoples will rightfully question the veracity of this outcome. For this reason alone, if the president genuinely has clean hands, he should welcome an independent review.

And then there are those “see me now” voters who have been attending the town hall gatherings hosted by our US representatives who will vote against these gentlemen who act in fear. The bigly demand by the majority of Americans for an Independent Investigative Commission staffed by competent non partisan professionals of integrity crosses party lines.

Here is the rest of the story…

On 5/12/17, NPR asked the question, “After Comey Firing, Are Supporters Still Backing Trump?.” (Reverberations from President Trump’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey continue to reverberate. David Greene talks to Chris Buskirk, editor and publisher of the website American Greatness.)


GREENE: “But what should we make of – I mean, President Trump initially – I mean, he praised Comey when Democrats were very angry at Comey for the way he handled Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. And then we have sort of different stories coming out as this week has gone on. Does the president have a credibility problem?”

BUSKIRK: “On this issue, no. I mean, look, his core supporters voted for him to go and drain the swamp. He was explicit about that in the campaign. This is why people voted for him, the ones who did. And they saw him – they saw the president as an agent of change. They saw him as a disruptor. And what I’m hearing from people here in Phoenix is, yeah, this sounds like a good start. Firing Comey is just one step towards fulfilling campaign promises of effecting change in Washington. That’s what people wanted, and that’s what they seem to be getting.”

GREENE: “It’s funny you bring that up because, Chris, I want to play you some voices here if you could bear with me. These are some Trump supporters”…

BUSKIRK: “Sure.”

GREENE: …”From different parts of the country. And let’s give a listen.”

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: “I think that it was a sound decision. I’ve been really disappointed in how Comey has handled the whole Clinton investigation. He put us through a political volley that I don’t think we needed to go through.”

JOHN JACKSON: “I mean, I was a bit shocked at first. But, you know, if he violated his seat in his office, then it probably would be a valid reason. And I guess we’re going to find out more as it goes.”

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2:” I was surprised it didn’t happen sooner. It was the appearance of him flip-flopping and just overstepping what his role is. I don’t think Comey being let go, being fired – I don’t think that had anything to do with an investigation with Russia.”

JACKSON: I don’t believe that the Trump campaign has anything to do with the Russians. I’m just over it. I really don’t care.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: “So far, what it appears that has been going on is a witch hunt, and time will tell.”

GREENE: “OK. That – Chris, that was John Jackson (ph) of Milledgeville, Ga.; Stephanie Hill (ph) of Las Vegas, Nev.; and Jackie Kolbeck (ph) from Johnstown, Pa.”

“What does that tell us about Donald Trump supporters?”

BUSKIRK: “It tells us that they’re getting what they wanted. It tells us that they’re looking – they were looking for certain things in this president when they voted for him and that they think that they’re getting them. And that is consistent with what I’m hearing from people who are not in politics, people who don’t do this all day, every day. You know, I’ve asked the question of people – is this a D.C. story, or is this a Kansas story? And everybody says the same thing, which is, this is a D.C. story. This is D.C. talking to itself. The rest of the country thinks, OK, you know, an FBI director serves at the pleasure of the president. And he had more than a right to do so – a legal right – but more than that, FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Director Comey seemed to have gotten out over his skis. He was seen to be on both sides of every issue. People don’t want to see an FBI director involved in politics on either side of an issue. They want to see him enforcing the law. And as a result of that, I think Comey lost credibility. And when, you know – look, if there are two words that Donald Trump is known for more than anything else, it’s you’re fired. ”

GREENE: “He is.”

BUSKIRK: …”When he fires somebody, this isn’t a surprise.”

GREENE: “Although, I suppose we should point out, I mean, overall his approval ratings – not that great. But the polls do suggest that his hardcore supporters are really sticking with him. “


  1. This whole thing sickens me, but nothing sickens me more than those women wearing shirts that spell out “Make America White Again”. If I were ever to encounter that in person, I would be in jail, for I could not help punching their ugly white faces. Great post, Gronda!

    On another note, did you see this afternoon’s breaking news on the Washington Post site yet?


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