aside Dear Hillary Clinton, We Need You Back In The Game

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Dear Hillary Clinton,

Within the past month, many of us were pleased to see you step out a little into the limelight. The book you are writing is probably all time consuming. And of course, it will be a super best seller but the final chapter should include your plans for the future.

Your gift needs to be shared now more than ever with the world which is how to accomplish great things from any level/ status in life. Your policy proposals were so well thought out to where it was a map of how to move our country in a much better direction. You have a history of accomplishing major projects from scratch, like making sure that disabled children have assured access to a public school education.

1999/ Marian Wright Edelman / Mrs. Clinton (Reuters)

Under this president, people feel paralyzed. They need hope. They are resisting by not accepting this current presidency as normal. Many are blogging; attending protests; joining resistance groups; contacting legislators, media outlets and other resistance members by various methods.

But as we watch what is happening, we are becoming disheartened. We need a leader, but not just for being part of the resistance. There is a need for someone to demonstrate to the average Joe out there, that they have more power than they think.

Image result for photos of hillary clinton with oprah winfreyFor example, if you along with two other older well-connected women were to join forces by taking on projects like getting those lead encrusted pipes in Flint replaced without waiting for government to act; establishing wind energy or solar energy farms on land already used up by strip mining in regions like West Virginia; supporting qualified women to run for office in 2018, you could start a real radical movement that could make a huge difference in people’s lives.

The list of ideas is endless. You probably have been thinking about these projects for a long time, anyway. Well, guess what! You don’t need to be president to pursue these creative great schemes.

Image result for photos of hillary clinton with oprah winfreyYes, the right’s scathing tongues may start wagging again. But in this case, you are no longer running to be president and so those naysayers don’t count. Don’t let them get away with dimming your light.

God knows, over the decades, they’ve tried hard enough. Instead, tell them with a shout out, I’m baaaaaak!

Think about this just a little. Many of us nasty women out here in the real world, wish you well and we would love for you to have the last word.


Gronda Morin


    • Dear Renxkyoko,

      While I do truly believe that she was by far the better candidate, her life as president in this hyper-partisan world, would have been a living nightmare. She still has this very real gift in getting things done, which could be used as a unifying catalyst to bring this country together (minus the alt-right).

      Hugs, Gronda.

  1. What a truly WONDERFUL post, Gronda!!! It almost brought tears to my eyes! Just thinking how much different things would be today if the election had been an honest one and Hillary had won … sure, the Trump supporters would still be throwing a fit, but at least … at least we would have an adult in the White House, our allies would be working with us instead of planning their futures without us. We would know that, even if some of her decisions did not make us happy, at least she was trying to do that which is in the best interest of the country, rather than further lining her own pockets. Thank you for this inspiring post … I hope Ms. Clinton reads it and takes heed!

    Hugs, my friend! ❤

    • Dear Jill,

      I doubt very much that HRC will read this blog but thanks for your gracious feedback. But you just gave me a great idea. I could put these words in a personal letter and then mail it to her.

      Those women around the world who showed up in the millions to march on January 21, 2017 were not happy with the way she was treated and we want her to have a third chance but sans the title. She doesn’t need it.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • That is a great idea … actually, I rather thought that perhaps you had already sent her the letter! Please do it … maybe she won’t even read it, but it is worth trying. I would love to see her become involved in making a difference in whatever way she can!


        • Dear Jill,

          I really would love for her to have the last word in this horrid saga It could be an opera. DDT MAKES A GREAT EVIL MONSTER. HRC has been seriously wounded but at the last second she rises to fight one more battle. She and other nasty women rescue this great country from the foolish whims of the monster and his sycophants and then those in the kingdom celebrate.

          Hugs, Gronda

    • Dear Horty,

      With all the reflexive hatred from the right which is so loud, she may not realize how much support there is out there for her from us “nasty women.” I now have 2 pink hats with pussycat ears and a “nasty woman” coffee mug. I know that you have your pink hat.

      As always, thanks a million for all your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

  2. A beautiful and hopeful post Gronda. I love your patriotism and “call to arms” to take back the country. While it would be nice to have a strong leader, I believe it is more important for ppl (all of us) to take responsibility and be the change we wish to see.

    There are no saviors in this day, but we can save ourselves by working together, that means the right, left and everyone in between united and helping to improve the world.

    No doubt Hillary is a great woman, but will she really lead the charge, fight for the ppl while not in office? Everything she’s done up to this point has been to advance her political career; will she really be so egalitarianistic and civic minded outside of politics? I’m not so sure about her but I sincerely hope I’m wrong b/c we sorely need genuine heroes who inspire!

    Trump, Pence, Paul Ryan and the whole Republican lot are not cutting it, personally I wouldn’t mind 4 more years of slick Willie, hey if Putin can do it. 🙂

    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      We are destined to respectfully disagree with each other with regards to HRC. HRC accomplished things that you may not even be aware of like the (S-CHIP) State’s Children Health Insurance Program.

      i became of age in her time warp, when misogyny was rampant. Because of this, I admit to a natural bias in favor of HRC BUT my favorable opinion of her is also based on tons of research.

      HRC would not be expected to lead the resistance. But she does have a knack for getting things done.and if there was ever a niche market for her expertise, this is it.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • I certainly agree with you that Hillary has a knack for getting things done, esp issues she really cares about like S-CHIP while being First Lady. But like Trump, she is a polarizing figure in American politics. Rightfully or wrongly, she is perceived as a corrupt politician by the majority of conservatives/ republicans who will oppose her at every turn b/c she cannot be trusted.

        Sadly, she cannot be the unifying force that this country needs in time of crisis. It’s really not her fault, what can she do if half the country will not accept nor support her, even if she’s trying to help? Trump faced the same difficulties, Liberals and Democrats simply cannot tolerate this man, how effective can his leadership be if half the nation wants him out!

        While I don’t see HRC in any type of leadership position, I am hopeful for Bernie Sanders as an agent of change for the future. Michael Moore is very influential and has great organizational skills for getting ppl to rally behind a cause. There’s even talk of Chelsea Clinton getting in on the game, the future is wide open.

        • Dear 1EarthUnited,

          HRC doesn’t need the right to do what I am talking about. When she was actually doing a job and not running for elected office, her approval numbers were quite high, in the mid 60s or higher

          For example, If she were to be able to step in to help Flint get their problem pipes replaced, the people who are being helped won’t care about what the right says about her; or if she was able to financially support qualified, competent women in their run for elected offices, this would have nothing to do with the right. She still has something to contribute.

          The concept here is that when she is not running for office, and she is doing good deeds, those who are the recipients won’t care what the right thinks or says. And with their current president in the WH, they would do well to keep their mouths shut.

          Quitting at the twilight of her life is just not in her genes. .

          Hugs, Gronda

        • Excellent points you’ve brought up. If Hillary chooses to do good outside of her political capacity, with her talent and resources, then more power to her. I’m fully behind her altruistic contributions to society if that’s her destiny! We shall see.

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