aside When Is This “Fake News” Weapon Of Choice By Republicans Against Mrs. Clinton Going To End?

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For decades, the old fuddy duddys from the right have made a cottage industry of making up “fake news,” conspiracy theory stories, all outright lies against the former First Lady, the former US Senator from New York, former US Secretary State of State and former democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Whenever there has been a republican majority in the US Congress, there have been numerous investigations initiated against her for alleged criminal wrong doing without her ever being charged. And she was not the US president who cannot be indicted for criminal charges while he/ she is serving in the White House. There have been fact checking websites set up to counter all the slander.

One could argue that this is just hardball politics but I counter that this kind of ugly politics is what has contributed to the divisive nature of politics today where demonizing the opposition is the standard way of how things operate in Washington DC, and why gridlock prevents laws from being enacted that could lift up the average Joe.

While the republicans have a well deserved history of being tone deaf to the average Joe’s complaints, the democratic party has been taking these voices for granted. And this is one reason why a Donald Trump was able to come along, and by talking to the average Joe folks, he was then able to win the prize of the US presidency. He gave them a glimmer of hope that he was going to shake up Washington DC TO FINALLY GET THINGS DONE TO BENEFIT THEM. It is disheartening to most of us that the messenger is so flawed.

Now we have a president in the White House who makes the republicans favorite piniiata, Hillary Clinton look like Mother Teresa and who by the way, is no longer running for elected office. But no, these grumpy old men like Newt Gingrich can’t stand it. They will resort to any means possible to deflect from the glaring shortcomings of the current republican President Donald Trump who now resides in the White House which includes the creation of “fake stories,” dastardly lies like the Seth Rich tale and the Pizzagate fiasco, which has caused real harm to innocents in order to target their favorite bogeyman,  Hillary Clinton.

Here’s  the latest on the Seth Rich’s totally fake news story. Fox News reported last week (May 16, 2017) that Seth Rich had leaked 44,053 DNC emails and 17,761 attachments to a now-deceased WikiLeaks director. This news immediately gained traction with conservative news outlets and then social networks— even as Rich’s family rejected the reports. Sean Hannity was the main offender.

At what point does this become unacceptable behavior! Here’s the rest of the story…

On 5/22/17, the Editorial Board of the Washington Post penned the following op-ed piece, “The absurd conspiracy theory around Seth Rich’s death causes real harm.”


“LET’S DISPENSE with calling the frenzy of reports about Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich’s death last summer fake news. So overused and misused is the phrase — by those seeking to disparage things they simply dislike or disagree with — that it risks losing real meaning. And there must be no ambiguity or confusion about the recent reports about Mr. Rich. They are lies. They do great harm. And those peddling them, including most recently former House speaker Newt Gingrich, are either ignorant of the facts or without scruple.”

Related imageMr. Gingrich on 5/21/17 during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” gave a boost to conspiracy theories that Mr. Rich was not killed during a botched robbery — as D.C. police believe based on all available evidence — but rather was “assassinated” to cover up how tens of thousands of internal Democratic Party emails were leaked to WikiLeaks. Never mind that U.S. intelligence officials have conclusively determined that Russia hacked the accounts. The absurd notion that operatives working on behalf of Hillary Clinton killed the 27-year-old staffer has been a staple of far-right websites but given little acknowledgment or credence from mainstream media. That changed last week when local Fox affiliate WTTG 5 aired a report claiming Mr. Rich had been in touch with WikiLeaks before his death.”

“Within a day, the story had been thoroughly debunked by reporters at NBC News, CNN and The Post. The lone “source” for the report — a contributor whose previous claim to the national spotlight was his report that pink-pistol-packing lesbian gangs were terrorizing the nation— recanted and the station issued a clarification. None of that, though, stopped Sean Hannity and then Mr. Gingrich, with no push-back from Fox News hosts, from trying to peddle the bogus story.”

James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong, at his restaurant in Washington, D.C. Fake news websites have called it the home base of a child abuse ring led by Hillary Clinton and John D. Podesta. Credit Chad Bartlett for The New York Times

“Pizzagate,” the insane conspiracy theory that Ms. Clinton was operating a child-abuse ring out of a popular family pizzeria in Northwest Washington, demonstrated the damage that can be caused by lies. A North Carolina man believed the reports on social media and stormed the restaurant with an assault-style rifle. The cost this time is anguish for a grieving family as attempts are made to sully their son’s memory. They have made clear they have confidence in the D.C. police. Does anyone really think that this mother and father don’t want their son’s murderer brought to justice or that they would be willing to look the other way to give someone political cover?”

“It is preposterous. Those suggesting otherwise should apologize.”

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  1. Dear Mz. Gronda,
    When the GOPTP allowed a person with no true plans to better the nation and not one shred of moral fiber, to seize the reins of their party, they had but one option. Continue down the path of hate and lies against their opponent, Hillary Clinton. It mattered not that most if not all of their statements about her were false and easily proven as such. The base voter for tRump already had a built in well versed hate for Mz. Clinton, and why not, they had heard for many years from the GOPTP how evil she and her husband were. If they had said she was a purple martin the core voters would have simply accepted that she was, and proceeded to take their rifles and gone on a shooting spree agains purple martin houses. They had no candidate that they could say good factual based positive things about, so they once again resorted to taking the low road as a path to victory. It has worked so well in the past, that there is no incentive to simply stop now. It seems that the average tRump supporter still does not realize the election is over and they won, but then again, if the man who was elected (?) still seems to not realize it, how could they?

    Hate, is what has brought the GOPTP to this point in history, and their own hate is what will bring it down! While many people who support the GOPTP are not what most would call ardent supporters of tRump, they will, because of their willingness to go along with him, fall right along with him… Is the end in sight? Maybe, but at this time regardless of how much we wish for it to end, we need to realize what a great weapon blind hatred actually is! The GOPTP may yet survive this president, but will the rest of us?

    Note: While we may have truth on our side, never forget that they currently have the full power of the government on their side..

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      While the GOP may be caving into hate, we in the USA have one gift that empowers the average Joe peoples of the country given to us by our forefathers. We have the US constitution which grants power to “we the people” in the forms of free speech, the right to peacefully protest, a free press, separation of powers, the right to vote, the rules for the separation of religion and the government, etc, all of which are being tested by the likes of DDT and his ilk. What these purveyors of hate don’t get, is that it is these very same rights which make this country a great nation.

      But it is up to “we the people” to not grow weary and to stand up and fight back by exercising these God given rights.

      Ciao, Gronda


  2. Very good points you have brought up, but why are the GOP still attacking HRC? She’s no longer a scapegoat if she’s out of politics. I have to surmise that it’s simply unjustified hatred.


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      For republicans, picking on HRC has a way of rallying the troops and this is good for fund raising because of the hatred that has been built up over the years against her.

      But on the flip-side, I also think that peoples are becoming more aware of the insidious nature of fake news. Sean Hannity is in danger of keeping his job because of his promotion of this fake news story on FOX TV which has had to print a retraction.

      Hugs, Gronda


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