aside Additional Data On Kushner’s Previously Undisclosed Contacts With Russian Operatives

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There is more news on the republican President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner’s contacts with Russian operatives. It is only after there are leaks and public disclosure that Jared Kushner has admitted to these meetings. Why the deception?

Any desire to want to give a family member, Jared Kushner the benefit of the doubt in the hopes that he was at least a modifying influence on the president, has been completely diminished. HE IS NO INNOCENT.

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Here is the rest of the story…

As per the 5/26/17 Reuters articleExclusive: Trump son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy – sources by Ned Parker and Jonathan Landay,  “U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser, Jared Kushner, had at least three previously undisclosed contacts with the Russian ambassador to the United States during and after the 2016 presidential campaign, seven current and former U.S. officials told Reuters.”

More excerpts from “Exclusive: Trump son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy – sources:”

“Those contacts included two phone calls between April and November last year, two of the sources said. By early this year, Kushner had become a focus of the FBI investigation into whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, said two other sources – one current and one former law enforcement official.”

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“Kushner initially had come to the attention of FBI investigators last year as they began scrutinizing former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s connections with Russian officials, the two sources said.”

While the FBI is investigating Kushner’s contacts with Russia, he is not currently a target of that investigation, the current law enforcement official said.

“The new information about the two calls as well as other details uncovered by Reuters shed light on when and why Kushner first attracted FBI attention and show that his contacts with Russian envoy Sergei Kislyak were more extensive than the White House has acknowledged.”

Image result for photos of kushner kislyak“NBC News reported on Thursday (5/25/17) that Kushner was under scrutiny by the FBI, in the first sign that the investigation, which began last July, has reached the president’s inner circle”.

(Mr. Kushner’s attorney has said)”Mr Kushner participated in thousands of calls in this time period. He has no recollection of the calls as described. We have asked (Reuters) for the dates of such alleged calls so we may look into it and respond, but we have not received such information,.”

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“In March, the White House said that Kushner and Flynn had met Kislyak at Trump Tower in December to establish “a line of communication.” Kislyak also attended a Trump campaign speech in Washington in April 2016 that Kushner attended. The White House did not acknowledge any other contacts between Kushner and Russian officials.”


“Before the election, Kislyak’s undisclosed discussions with Kushner and Flynn focused on fighting terrorism and improving U.S.-Russian economic relations, six of the sources said. Former President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia after it seized Crimea and started supporting separatists in eastern Ukraine in 2014.”

“After the Nov. 8 election, Kushner and Flynn also discussed with Kislyak the idea of creating a back channel between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that could have bypassed diplomats and intelligence agencies, two of the sources said. Reuters was unable to determine how those discussions were conducted or exactly when they took place.”

Image result for photos of kushner kislyak“Reuters was first to report last week that a proposal for a back channel was discussed between Flynn and Kislyak as Trump prepared to take office. The Washington Post was first to report on Friday that Kushner participated in that conversation.”

“Separately, there were at least 18 undisclosed calls and emails between Trump associates and Kremlin-linked people in the seven months before the Nov. 8 presidential election, including six calls with Kislyak, sources told Reuters earlier this month. . Two people familiar with those 18 contacts said Flynn and Kushner were among the Trump associates who spoke to the ambassador by telephone. Reuters previously reported only Flynn’s involvement in those discussions.”

Image result for photos of kushner kislyak“Six of the sources said there were multiple contacts between Kushner and Kislyak but declined to give details beyond the two phone calls between April and November and the post-election conversation about setting up a back channel. It is also not clear whether Kushner engaged with Kislyak on his own or with other Trump aides.”


“FBI scrutiny of Kushner began when intelligence reports of Flynn’s contacts with Russians included mentions of U.S. citizens, whose names were redacted because of U.S. privacy laws. This prompted investigators to ask U.S. intelligence agencies to reveal the names of the Americans, the current U.S. law enforcement official said.”

Image result for photos of kushner kislyak“Kushner’s was one of the names that was revealed, the official said, prompting a closer look at the president’s son-in-law’s dealings with Kislyak and other Russians.”

“FBI investigators are examining whether Russians suggested to Kushner or other Trump aides that relaxing economic sanctions would allow Russian banks to offer financing to people with ties to Trump, said the current U.S. law enforcement official.”

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“The head of Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank, Sergei Nikolaevich Gorkov, a trained intelligence officer whom Putin appointed, met Kushner at Trump Tower in December (2016). The bank is under U.S. sanctions and was implicated in a 2015 espionage case in which one of its New York executives pleaded guilty to spying and was jailed.”

“The bank said in a statement in March (2017) that it had met with Kushner along with other representatives of U.S. banks and business as part of preparing a new corporate strategy.”

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“There may not have been anything improper about the contacts, the current law enforcement official stressed.”

“The contacts between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials during the presidential campaign coincided with what U.S. intelligence agencies concluded was a Kremlin effort through computer hacking, fake news and propaganda to boost Trump’s chances of winning the White House and damage his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.”



  1. Gronda, I was stunned to read this about the back channel request. If this is true, this is not only a smoking gun, this could be construed as treason. The Washington Post article spoke also of the Russian ambassador’s incredulity and naïveté of the request. Of course, it would leak and be used as a lever over this administration. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      I couldn’t agree more that this is a smoking gun to where I don’t understand why Mr. Kushner’s clearance has not been pulled. There is no way he should be working at the WH.

      Ciao, Gronda


      • Gronda, it will be interesting to see where Ivanka’s loyalties lie now that her father has involved her husband in alleged illicit dealings. Her dad will throw him under the bus, if he has to, as that is his history. If this story is true, this may be the dumbest move that could have been made. Why would you need a back channel? There will be Repubicans asking Trump to remove Kushner. Keith

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        • Dear Keith,

          If I were her, I would be furious at the both of them, She should be upset to find out DDT put her husband in an untenable position but she should be furious at her husband for going along with DDT’s nefarious plans.

          Ciao, Dronda


      • Gronda, thanks. By the way, my respect for HR McMaster is starting to decline. Our country needs him to shot straight and his dismissive comments on the back channel issue are a discredit to him. Of course, it is important.

        On the flip side, Harry Potter’s creator JK Rowling said it well when our President visibly pushed past the Leader of Montenegro to get in the picture. She said “Oh, you tiny, tiny little man.” Keith

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        • Dear Keith,

          I had always looked upon General H.R. McMaster as a hero and as someone larger than life. I’m afraid he has feet of clay. This is a disappointing development.

          JK Rowling describes DDT well.

          Ciao, Gronda


    • Dear Rob,

      “We the people” have duty to step up to the plate and to demand that this intrusion by outside foreign entities (RUSSIA) into our country’s politics is not an acceptable standard that we will ever define as normal.


      Hugs, Gronda

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