aside FBI’s Special Counsel Mueller Clears Former FBI Director Comey To Testify Before Congress

Image result for photos of mueller, trump and rod rosensteinThis is breaking news on 5/31/17.  It is being reported by several news sources that the newly appointed FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, has cleared the former FBI Director James Comey to testify before congress, as early as June 5, 2017 about his interactions with the republican President Donald Trump before he was fired on 5/9/17.

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On 5/31/17, Eric Lichtblau of CNN News penned the following report, “Comey to testify publicly about Trump confrontations.”


“Fired FBI director James Comey plans to testify publicly in the Senate as early as next week (6/5/17) to confirm bombshell accusations that President Donald Trump pressured him to end his investigation into a top Trump aide’s ties to Russia, a source close to the issue said Wednesday (5/31/17).

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“Final details are still being worked out and no official date for his testimony has been set. Comey is expected to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia during last year’s presidential election.”

 “Comey has spoken privately with Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to work out the parameters for his testimony to ensure there are no legal entanglements as a result of his public account, a source said. Comey will likely sit down with Mueller, a longtime colleague at the Justice Department, for a formal interview only after his public testimony.”
“When he testifies, Comey is unlikely to be willing to discuss in any detail the FBI’s investigation into the charges of possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign — the centerpiece of the probe, this source said. But he appears eager to discuss his tense interactions with Trump before his firing, which have now spurred allegations that the president may have tried to obstruct the investigation. If it happens, Comey’s public testimony promises to be a dramatic chapter in the months-long controversy, and it will likely bring even more intense scrutiny to an investigation that Trump has repeatedly denounced as a “witch hunt.”
“The appointment of Mueller as a special counsel in the Russia investigation had raised concerns among some members of Congress that his probe could scuttle the chance for Congress and the public to hear directly from Comey. That appears less likely now that Mueller and Comey have discussed the limits of his testimony.”
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“Since his firing last month (5/9/17), dramatic accounts have emerged in the New York Times, CNN, and elsewhere about the tense confrontations with Trump that Comey memorialized in memos afterward. A week after he took office in January, Trump allegedly demanded Comey’s “loyalty” if he kept him on as FBI director, and he urged Comey to drop his ongoing investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump’s fired national security adviser, in a separate, one-on-one meeting.”

“The bottom line is he’s going to testify,” the source close to the issue said. “He’s happy to testify, and he’s happy to cooperate.”


  1. I can’t help but wonder if much will be done in camera to avoid tarnishing the office of President by presenting the truth of any collusion or of any attempted bullying. For sure all the Republicans just want this all to go away. It’s almost June and not even all the positions are filled which should be working by now.
    I hope they move quickly with deliberations and end this sordid Presidency ASAP.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • Dear David Prosser,

      All i know for sure at this time is that in the USA, this will be the most watched US congressional hearing ever. The former FBI Director Comey is expected to tell about how the president attempted to curtail the FBI’s investigation into his former National Security Adviser General Mike Flynn’s connections with Russia.

      This US government does not move as quickly as it should.

      This is such an incompetently run White House that I can’t stand to watch all of its missteps, mostly self-inflicted.

      Ciao and HUGS back, Gronda


  2. The mistakes have to be seriously bad to cause an ordinary citizen to flinch and shake their head. It’s like their stumbling around blindfolded. Also, nobody wants to work for that administration. It’s as bad as King Henry VIII looking for wives after he had a few executed. —- Suzanne

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      Steve Bannon, DDT’S dark Angel has taken over. I wouldn’t want to work for DDT either. Yesterday, was a horrible day for the world. I like France’s President Macron’s quip back to him, “Make our planet great again.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. This reminds me of one of those instances you read in histories about the last days of an administration and all the floundering which goes on before the collapse.
    But this is the start of one?

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