aside The Enigma About President’s Supporters Sticking To Him Like Glue


Image result for photo of trump at his ralliesI HAVE BEEN PUTTING A LOT OF THOUGHT into the riddle of the the republican President Donald Trump’s followers who stick with him no matter what. A part of me has been hoping that as his followers learned about policies that did the rural voter real harm, like the republican’s AHCA bill, that his supporters would walk away.

But after the 4 point win by the republican Karen Handel over the democratic candidate Jon Ossoff at the June 2017 Special Elections for the Georgia’s sixth district vacated congressional seat, I am rethinking my premise about “the Trump supporter.”

For the record, this southern state seat had been held by republicans for decades. Tom Price, the current HHS Secretary, had previously won this seat by 23 points. But when polls starting indicating a tie, it seemed that the democrat could actually win. Towards this end, donations from all over the country poured into his campaign to the tune of $23 million dollars. But the republican party responded in kind by heavily assisting their candidate.

Related imageHowever, the big issue during this campaign was the republican health care AHCA bill which had been extremely unpopular and which could spell disaster for the rural voters. So, why do they still continue to support the president by 54%?

I think that I have figured out that for the most part, the president’s voters are just so angry, that they are content to watch the president take it to the government elites, the media types, the New York elites, etc. And because this is exactly what the president has been doing, his followers are appeased and they plan to stick by him. They only wish that they could do likewise.

So what if the president pulls the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, or if he is playing footsies with Russia, or that he is making policy decisions based on his personal financial interests versus acting in our country’s best interests, or that he is denying access to the press and that he lies frequently. Every time the president gives the supposed elite, the Washington/ NY/ San Francisco liberals and the media a hard time, he is doing their bidding.

This is why the likes of the Alt-right Steve Bannon is back in favor with the president.

And this is why the republican candidate in Georgia prevailed barring any the manipulation of Georgia’s voting machines. (See blog: “Why COULDN’T Mr. Ossoff Or Ms. Handel Just Win The June GA. Special Elections, Fair And Square?“)

Jon Ossoff

Until this week, I would not have given the below post a second glance.

On May 24, 2017, Jason Johnson of The Root penned the following piece, “Yes, Trump Voters Will Stick With Him Forever.”


“The question shouldn’t be, why did millions of Americans vote for Donald Trump? That answer is obvious. The question should be, why have his core supporters stuck with him and, spoiler alert, why will they continue to stick with him no matter what he does over the next four to eight years?”

“Most Trump-voter articles fall into three categories:”

1. What motivated people to vote for Trump: “The answer is usually some variation of “economic anxiety” and “cultural anxiety,” which is just fancy code-speech for racists. These folks are different from just plain ol’ Republicans who were just voting party.”

 2. Why Barack Obama voters switched from Obama to Trump: “The answer is generally the same (with a smattering of “I hated Hillary Clinton”), with buzzwords like “cultural anxiety” and fear of Black Lives Matter mixed in. This has baffled many mainstream white commentators and journalists who don’t understand how someone could move from a black president who touts an open multicultural society to a racist, sexist president who advocates ethnocentrism and suspicion.”

Cathy Wilcox is an Australian cartoonist who has been drawing for The Sydney Morning Herald and other Fairfax Media publications since 1989.“It really shouldn’t. Didn’t the No. 1-rated Cosby Show give way to Roseanne? Wasn’t the ’90s Michael Jordan era followed by the mainstreaming of Confederate-flag-winking NASCAR? To paraphrase Van Jones, the “whitewash” is real, and we’ve seen it before.”

3. What it will take for Trump voters to abandon him: “These stories involve putting together some collection of mostly white Trump voters (and usually one black guy  from the Steve Harvey Collection), who are presented with lie after lie that Trump has told, and the journalist sits there gobsmacked as these people calmly stick with Trump no matter what.”

 Cintia Bolio lives in Mexico City and is a self-taught artist, feminist and mother. This year she celebrates 21 years of work.“White Trump supporters aren’t going to come out and say, “That black guy and his pretty wife and kids made me feel bad about myself, and Trump is my way of getting back at him.” The rules of whiteness prohibit such honesty.”

“The reason these analyses fail is that they don’t get to the root of white-American psyche over the last two decades. Imagine you’re a 35-year-old white guy in 1999. The world is your oyster; the next 15 years, your income, life and opportunities are going to skyrocket. Then, boom: Columbine, the white suburbs are no longer safe; 2000, the electoral system is a mess; 2001, America is no longer safe from terror; 2002, the economy is rigged for big business like Enron; and 2005, America’s party city New Orleans gets flooded and the government botches the recovery.”

Image result for cartoons trump alt right“After all that, the only way to fix the country is by handing it over to a handsome, smart black guy with a funny name. How emasculating! Eight years later, you’ve got black folks protesting, gays on every television network, and even black athletes, from college to the pros, are demanding to be heard. To quote the late Bill Paxton, “Game over, man; game over!” America is done.”

 “The ’80s aren’t coming back; the era of white male cultural hegemony is only at 97 percent instead of 100 percent, and there’s no way to change it. Trump voters know this. They know that manufacturing jobs that pay a living wage aren’t coming back. They know that a wall is impractical. They know that terrorism is impossible to stop. When you know the inevitable is coming, when you know that you have to face change or become irrelevant, you either change or you kick and scream and drag every tablecloth and curtain in a temper tantrum on your way out.”

Related image“Donald Trump is that temper tantrum. This is why Trump voters are still angry. Why they’re still hanging nooses and protesting at Confederate statues and can’t stop talking about Obama and Hillary. Those aren’t the actions of optimistic winners who believe America’s best days are ahead.”

“Trump supporters still believe that America is ruined, soiled, tainted and irredeemable. No matter what America says to Trump now, his voters know that she dated a black guy for eight years and she liked it, and she still thinks about him.” Image result for cartoons trump alt right“This is why poll after poll shows supporters sticking with Trump no matter how many times he fails or completely betrays his policy promises. They never expected him to change anything, and they never will. All they need to know is that he drives liberals crazy (and to them, “liberals” are anyone who isn’t a Trump supporter), that he’s white and male, and doesn’t challenge Americans to grow up and change.”

“They just want to make sure they go down swinging, and if that drives the rest of the world off the cliff, so be it. At least the black guy won’t be at the steering wheel.”


  1. The Michael Moore diatribe expressed it best why Trump has such hardcore followers:
    Michael Moore on Trump: “The Biggest Fuck You in Human History”

    Ironically, Republicans were using this snippet as an endorsement from MM, without actually listening to the whole lecture, which is decidedly anti-Trump. In a way, MM inadvertently promoted Trump and lent him credibility… helping him win bigly.

    My theory is that the American public are so sick and tired of big gov’t, after 8 yrs everyone swings to the other side. Look back at history from Nixon onward: 8 yrs Republican, followed by 8 yrs Democrats. Predictable as a pendulum swinging back and forth, right to left and back.
    Sadly, we just might get 7 more years of the Trumpster, with plenty of diehard backers. Of course by then he’ll run the nation to the ground, and we’ll elect the next great Democratic hopeful! Oh joy 🙂


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      Michael Moore has it right. It is useful to me to figure out that no matter what DDT does, his followers will continue to support him because every time he misbehaves, that is what his followers want.

      Thanks for the reference.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. If I read this correctly then they’ve not read ‘The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich’. Written by an American, a classic history of what happens when a segment of the population hijacks the governmental process out of anger at what it sees as perceived injustices foisted on it and yet actually of its own making.
    I would suggest some of them should read histories of the years up to the Civil War, but they’d probably twist that into the wrong message.
    Take care.

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    • Dear Roger,

      What is bubbling up within the masses are what have fueled numerous revolutions in the past and throughout the world. Pitting average day folks against each other is not a prescription for healing.

      What I pray for is a leader who lets the average joe realize that he/she does have power but they have to truly believe it and then encouraged to use it effectively.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Gronda, the man has told them to believe no one else but me. The media and establishment are out to get him. We must stand strong together he tells them. It is sad this man is believed.

    To his credit, he went places other politicians did not. He made it simple for them, regardless of whether he identified the only (or even a) cause for various problems. I fault for HRC for not going more places. While she was trying to win bigger going to Arizona and Texas, she needed to go visit Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. I remember last fall wondering why DT was going to those places, while I was wondering while HRC was going elsewhere.

    Yet, what his followers do not realize is the man does not often tell the truth. He is the incarnate of a jaded, highly successful sales person who does not care about delivery of promises. He has purposeful mixed in a few things, while he is stealing people’s candy.

    What creates jobs are customers. We cannot retrench from the rest of the world, back out of Paris, back out of trade talks, become less welcoming and insult our allies and grow customers. We cannot kick tens of millions off healthcare and not see dilution in our economy.

    I recognize the early financials look good, but the market is priced on euphoria and he benefitted from being handed a pretty good economy by his predecessor. The proof will be what things look like next year at this time.


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      Here is the rub. I have become convinced that DDT’s followers don’t care that he lies. All they care about is that he gives his finger as often as possible to the Washington DC political political class, the media besides FOX and right wing publications, the NYC and San Francisco liberals and elites.

      This is why they voted for DDT and why he can continue to count on their backing.

      Hugs, Gronda


  4. The “good old days” of white race dominance hold strong I agree. When I realize why so many white neighbors moved to the antiseptic boredom of suburban communities, I see one aspect of the Trump popularity phenomenon in full fledged reality. They simply don’t care to be engaged.

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    • Dear Usfman,

      Many who suffer from the disease of racism and lots of other isms, don’t like to admit to these thoughts. They don’t even want to admit that they voted for DDT, but when they enter that private voting area, they pulled the lever for you know who. But some advertise this vote from the mountaintops.

      These are the ones who harbor ill will against our former President Barack Obama.

      Hugs, Gronda


  5. How very, very sad. We’re under siege and have to do our best to wait him out. If a number of Republicans lose seats in the Congress he’ll have less backing and be straitjacketed. Let’s hope for the best. 😟 — Suzanne

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