aside My Healthcare Plan Covers More Peoples With Better, Less Expensive Coverage With Tax Savings

Image result for photos of republicans selling trumpcareTalking about healthcare insurance or even the subject in general is definitely not a sexy topic to discuss. It can be complicated as our republican legislators in the US House of Congress have recently discovered. This is why it would have been helpful if those attempting to write a bill to replace Obamacare had the most minimal and rudimentary understanding of how insurance works.

Republican talking point: The US healthcare is the envy of the world.

On July 8, 2017,  the MSNBC TV show host, Ali Velshi stated that the US healthcare delivery system is no longer the envy of the world.  According to the “Healthcare Equity study/ Common Wealth Fund”), “Despite having the most expensive health care system, the United States ranks last overall among 11 industrialized countries on measures of health system quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and healthy lives. The other countries included in the study were Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand Norway, Sweden Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. While there is room for improvement in every country, the U.S. stands out for having the highest costs and lowest performance. The United Kingdom ranked first overall.

Republican talking point: Healthcare costs should be subject to market place dynamics.

Unfortunately, when someone is being rushed to to the hospital for a heart attack, a stroke, auto accident injuries, etc., they are not in a position to shop around for competitive pricing and better service. This is a reality that they don’t want to hear about.

Image result for photos of republicans selling trumpcare

The lack of knowledge had so pervaded the legislative process to where it was the healthcare insurance companies’ lobbyists who were writing it to their best advantage. What could possibly go wrong except the creation of the least popular law in US history?

Then there were the US senators who were attempting to use  its healthcare plan as a means to create a huge tax savings as a precursor to the senate’s future tax reform/ tax cuts bill. There was no way to accomplish this feat without slashing the benefits currently available because of the 2010 Obamacare / Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This time the public had been paying attention and they were not easily fooled by republican political speak into buying this LOUSY work product. And they voiced their displeasure to their representatives in large numbers, thereby insuring the death of the republicans’ version of Trumpcare designed to replace Obamacare after its repeal.

Image result for photos of republicans selling trumpcareNow the republican legislators are back at the drawing board having to deal with democrats to at least fix Obamacare.

The question remains, was it ever possible to create healthcare legislation which provided better, less expensive coverage to a greater number peoples with the insurance companies at play while providing the legislators with their desired tax savings? And the answer is, YES!

Image result for photos of senators working on trumpcareAs per the June 28, 2017, LA Times article by Doyle McManus, “The bill McConnell and his allies unveiled last week satisfied neither side. It didn’t repeal Obamacare. It didn’t replace it. It didn’t even fix it, in conservatives’ eyes, except around the edges. It mostly just cut the current program’s spending to pay for tax cuts aimed at people making more than $200,000 a year.”

“The bill would break almost every promise Donald Trump and his party made to voters during last year’s campaign.”We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump said in January.”

“But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported Monday (6/26/17) that the bill would cover 22 million fewer people than Obamacare.”


First to keep costs lower, the risk pool for insurance must be spread over as many peoples as possible (law of large numbers). For health insurance, this means that there must be a mix of healthy folks mixed in with the not so healthy folks with a pooling of as many folks as possible. This why there was the Obamacare/ the ACA mandate, a crucial feature to push more young peoples to sign up.

The minute you carve out the young and healthy peoples you are skewing the insurance product to fail. This would be analogous to home insurance companies only covering homes in California near fire prone brush areas. The company would be wiped out with one major fire.  While the homeowner’s insurance companies would love to and are trying to carve out homes that are in flood zones for example, there is no way they would carve out insuring homes in low risk areas. Fortunately, there is a mandate when the mortgage companies demand that owners of mortgaged homes be required to carry homeowners’ insurance.

Almost all insurance companies have their own insurance coverage called reinsurance, that they can tap into when an unforeseen event causes the insurance companies to incur unanticipated huge losses, where they are in peril of not being able to pay client’s claims.

The (ACA) Affordable Care Act had this access to reinsurance for the first few years in the form of “risk corridors” which was established to cover insurance companies losses if somehow they ended up insuring many more unhealthy folks than had been reasonably predicted (Adverse selection.)

But republicans sabotaged the ACA by refusing to fund this provision as required by the ACA bill in the 2016 Omnibus Bill, which caused a spike in premiums/ deductibles and insurance companies leaving the ACA marketplace in the 2017 cycle. This coup was led by the then Senator Jeff Sessions but Senator Marc Rubio took the credit. They called funding “risk corridors” a bailout for insurance companies, which it is not. Glenn Kessler, fact checker for the Washington Post called the bailout term for reinsurance (risk corridors), a lie.

It is important to note, that if auto and homeowners’ insurance companies were barred from carrying reinsurance policies, our premiums would all spike, bigly.


Dear Republicans, If you want your tax savings while living up to President Trump’s promises for better, less expensive coverage for more peoples, then hear me out. Of course, you would need to work with democrats, as there is no way that the conservative wing of your party would pass my plan.

So, the question is, how badly do lawmakers want those tax savings?  

Image result for photos of senators working on trumpcareMy answer is that I would provide Medicare for all! Living in Florida, we who have our health insurance through Medicare have access to a myriad of insurance companies like Aetna, United Healthcare, Humana, Blue Cross etc., which have been managing this program with lots of choices called Medicare Advantage plans.

With the adoption of my plan, republicans would not have to reinvent the wheel. There would be the ample tax savings that they want. They could have even more savings, if Medicare agents were free to negotiate on prescription prices with big pharma. By continuing the plan so hospitals would have electronic medical records linked into a main system, and which is currently being pushed by the Affordable Care Act, eventually more savings could be possible.

And thus, republicans could repeal Obamacare while replacing it with a better product that covers more peoples, with higher quality, less expensive healthcare insurance policy options. President Obama would not mind this in the least, and the President Trump would be honoring a promise.

This blog was updated on July 8, 2017.


Medicare for All: Leaving No One Behind – Bernie Sanders


  1. Just goes to show healthcare and politics really shouldn’t mix. Everyone loses when politicians neglect the most important element of any social program: the people!
    Here’s a solution that works beautifully in Singapore, and is becoming a sustainable model for the world to follow. Of course the West cannot allow this program b/c what would become of insurance companies raking in billions, doctors actually treating patients not just numbers, and citizens taking responsibility for their own health and not relying on the system.


  2. Dear 1EarthUnited,

    Thanks for the reference. There are options that can help the peoples while providing savings. Republicans keep referring to subjecting healthcare to market place dynamics.

    Unfortunately, when someone is being rushed to to the hospital for a heart attack, a stroke, injuries from an auto accident, etc. they are not in a position to shop around for competitive pricing and better service. This is a reality that they don’t want to hear about.

    Hugs, Gronda


    • What you are talking about is the old model of healthcare in America. No matter how you “tweak” it, there will always be disadvantages, shortcomings, winners and losers.

      That’s b/c it’s still fundamentally a For Profit system of medical coverage. First and foremost, the SYSTEM has to get PAID. Insurance, drug, medical companies, hospitals, doctors, etc want their piece of the ever shrinking pie. Who can afford to keep paying into an abyss with no solution in sight. Under ACA, a dozen major insurance companies stopped offering coverage b/c not enough working ppl were signing up, and under the new Trumpcare about 30 million poor will lose coverage. Does this sound sustainable to you?

      No, we need to embrace a whole new paradigm shift. Why is it that Cuba’s healthcare is superior to the US and they offer universal coverage? Hint: Cuban doctors are passionate about healing and caring for their patients, even offering excellent care for foreigners like Americans who go to Cuba for free operations b/c they were denied coverage by Medicare and hospitals refuse to treat them, WTF?? Watch Michael Moore’s Sicko movie and ur eyes will open!
      BTW Cuban doctors and nurses are paid a fraction of what US doctors charge, but they enjoy a higher quality of life and much less stress, paperwork and life choking bureaucracy from the government.

      Why is it that poorer, so called third world countries like Cuba, Singapore can do this, and the greatest nation on Earth can’t? It is any wonder that Americans are so sick and tired, so desperate that we as a nation elected a moron with empty promises? Let’s be honest, our “healthcare” or more aptly SICK-NEGLECTED system no longer works, we can no longer depend upon politicians to fix it, and we all deserve better!

      Solutions? In Singapore, citizens are rewarded for maintaining good health, eating right and exercising, taking care of their parents and each other. This reduces the overall strain/ dependency on the nation’s medical system and disease is vastly diminished. Doctors are not greedy SOBs in it solely for the money and there are no special interest groups/ lobbyists, dirty politicians interfering with the system. Drugs are kept to a minimum as doctors try to correct the underlying causes and not mask symptoms with endless painkillers. Lifestyle plays a HUGE role in personal health, do not depend on the government for your health and well being!

      Anyway, thx for listening to my rant, I’ll chill out now. 🙂


      • Dear EarthUnited,

        The British run health system (#1 RATED BY COMMON WEALTH FUND) has universal healthcare not managed by insurance companies: Switzerland is #2 and it uses not for profit insurance companies; Germany and France also use “not for profit” insurance companies; Netherlands is frequently top ratedbut they use insurance companies. All these countries are rated higher when compared to USA.

        Of all the systems available to imitate, I prefer Taiwan’s system which was based on US system, on what not to do.

        Preventive health care needs to be encouraged no matter what plan is implemented.

        I respectfully disagree with your analysis with regards to Medicare for All. Please refer to the plan recommended by Senator Bernie Sanders.

        If US Senate cannot ram through its Trumpcare version in the near future, it will probably work with democrats to fix Obamacare.

        Thanks for the references.

        Hugs, Gronda


        • As long as you have a Republican in the White House, Universal single-payer health care coverage will never see the light of day. The rich will never stand for higher taxes on capital gains and dividends. Under Trump, tax breaks for the rich, corporate welfare, and tax deductions will only INCREASE!

          Of course Bernie’s plan would work, and work beautifully like other socialized countries in Europe, but only if corporate America and the rich 1% agree to make these concessions. In other words, we are asking wealthy ppl to subsidize the poor by agreeing to take home less after tax pay.

          Honestly, I don’t see this happening under either party b/c that’s capitalism. It would take a socialist like Bernie Sanders to pull it off, and Congress would have to sign off on it. Chances of that happening would be zero.

          Sadly, the Republicans will half-ass their plan through, Dems would rant and rave bloody murder but ultimately concede. Business as usual in ‘Murica, reality bites.

          The British may have the best run healthcare system, but ranked 23rd according to the Bloomberg 2017 Healthiest Country Index. US fares a bit worse at #34 due mostly to obesity from GMO/ junk foods and stress.

          “Italians are in way better shape than Americans, Canadians and Brits, who all suffer from higher blood pressure and cholesterol and poorer mental health.”


    • To address your solution: “My answer is that I would provide Medicare for all!”
      Woo Hoo problem solved! Oh wait, it’s not so simple…
      Medicare’s budget is already bloated, practically bankrupt and the federal gov’t can’t find additional funds to shore it up. In fact, Trump plans to reduce Medicare funding and redirect more resources to the military!

      Also: “Medicare agents were free to negotiate on prescription prices with big pharma.”
      That’s a naive wish, even Trump can’t stand up to Big Pharma. Drug companies are a monopoly in this country and drug costs can only go up b/c THEY dictate the prices, not the marketplace.
      Why do you think Big Pharma pay 100s of millions every year to lobbyists and campaign contributions to “foundations” like Clintons? Hmmm, perhaps our gov’t is corrupt to the bone and our politicians are bought and paid for to do their bidding. The talk about a competitive drug marketplace to reduce cost has been touted forever, but always voted down b/c drug co need to make their billions! Who cares if it will bankrupt Medicare and poor ppl can’t afford it. Oh well, too bad so sad!

      See my other comment for a better solution. 🙂


  3. Your ideas are sound … excellent, in fact. The only problem is that they make too much sense and are too simple for the republicans in Congress. First, the reality is they don’t care if any of us can afford medical care or not … their goals are far different than ours; and second, they will intentionally keep it more complex than it needs be just so a large portion of the citizens cannot understand it, thus they can use double-speak to confuse us even more and leave us scratching our heads whilst they sneak an abominable bill through. Perhaps you should consider a run for Congress next year? Rubio needs to be replaced, and I think you will do just fine!

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    • Dear Jill,

      Guess what some republican lawmakers are talking about? You would never believe the answer in a million years. The answer is Medicare for all. They must want those tax savings bigly.

      It is an obvious solution where they don’t have to reinvent the wheel and they can legitimately say that they have kept their promises.

      Unlike our current leader, I am well aware of my shortcomings like an Italian temper.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Imagine THAT!!! Are they finally beginning to ‘see the light’? I don’t have much faith that they will actually legislate something that makes sense for us all, but at least they may be using their brains for a change.
        As re the Italian temper … since it is coupled with a fine mind and intellect, it makes for a good combo, I think. 🙂
        Many hugs!

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,
      Thanks a million for the reference. I have already blogged on this story and have it scheduled to post after midnight. This is a big deal.

      Hugs, Gronda


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