aside US Senate Plans To Block President From Making Recess Appointments

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The Washington DC political grapevine is a buzz with rumors that the republican President Donald Trump has been disparaging his appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions in attempt to make him resign. So far, Mr. Sessions has been refusing to take the bait and his stance is being backed by his fellow senators and right wing pundits.

It is a well known fact that the president is strongly motivated to fire the FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is leading the Trump-Russian probe, in order to curtail this investigation. But the president can’t fire Mr. Mueller, himself. Normally the president could order his attorney general to do the honors, but in this case, Mr. Sessions has been barred  from taking this step because he decided to recuse himself from any involvement in the Trump-Russian inquiry, due to his prior role in the president’s campaign. But if Mr. Sessions were to quit, then it is possible for the president to find a replacement when the US Congress is in recess, without the appointee having to undergo the Senate’s confirmation process, and then this official could fire the president’s nemesis, Mr. Mueller.

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It seems that the US Senate is taking steps to block the president from making any recess appointments. Here is the rest of the story…

On July 25, 2017, Ted Barrett of CNN penned the following report, “Senate won’t let Trump make recess appointments.”

“Senators are planning to continue procedural moves to prevent the Senate from formally adjourning for recess next month in order to prevent President Donald Trump from making recess appointments, when the chamber eventually adjourns through the Labor Day weekend.”

“Using the threat of a filibuster, Democrats plan to force the Senate to hold pro forma sessions — a practice both parties have carried out to block recess appointments from presidents of opposite party, Democratic and Republican aides say.”
“Recess appointments let a president install nominees who normally must be confirmed by the Senate; their terms would run through the end of the “next session” of the Senate, but the “pro forma” sessions essentially means the Senate is never in recess.”
“While Republicans control the Senate now, the only way they can formally adjourn — which would set up a period when recess appointments are allowable — is to pass an adjournment resolution. The problem is that Democrats can filibuster that resolution, which they would do to prevent Trump from making recess appointments.”

“The maneuver started when George W. Bush was President and Democrat Harry Reid was the Senate majority leader, then continued under Barack Obama.”

“Obama tried to challenge the practice when he made a series of recess appointments despite the Senate meeting in pro forma sessions every three days. But the Supreme Court ruled against him saying the Senate was not technically on recess unless it was away for at least 10 days.”


    • Dear Suzanne,

      It is a relief to know that he can’t do what he wants. It is not like I wouldn’t like to see the backside of Mr. Sessions but not under these circumstances.

      Hugs, Gronda

  1. Gronda, unfortunately this is necessary. Our “beleaguered” President (I could not resist) is getting a lot of pushback on his critique in public of his AG. But, reason often gets downplayed in the President’s decision-making. Keith

    • Dear Keith,

      DDT is being protected from himself. But with all these actions on his part, he is just screaming, i’M GUILTY.!
      He is figuring out that he is not king. He can’t lift the Russian sanctions and he can’t fire Mr. Mueller by replacing the AG Sessions when Congress is in recess.

      Hugs, Gronda

      • Gronda, he is coming even further unglued. I saw a comment from an unexpected source, a local humorist. He said Trump has had more than four months to be upset with Sessions’ recusal, yet only when Mueller has gotten close to Trump’s financial dealings, did he raise holy hell about Sessions. The humorist found that interesting, as do I. Keith

        • Dear Keith,

          Timing is everything! DDT with every maneuver is shouting, I am guilty! I keep saying this because he is becoming so obvious like when kids are trying to hide something from their parents who can read them like a book.

          Hugs, Gronda

  2. I agree that every move he is making screams of guilt, and it appears that perhaps even some of the republicans in Congress are beginning to question his motives … perhaps even his sanity. Personally, I think he has gone off the deep end, but his supporters are still … STILL in love with him. I remain leery, even with the pro forma senate sessions, for I do not put anything past Trump.

    • Dear Jill,

      We both know with absolute certainty that if DDT could figure out a way to fire Mr. Mueller, he would. The Congressional representatives are beginning to push back. Senator Lindsey Graham is saying that he wants to introduce legislation to bar DDT from firing the FBI Special Counsel Mueller.

      Hugs, Gronda

    • Dear JunkChuck,


      It looks like the republican Congressional reps are beginning to push back.. The republican Senator Lindsey Graham has publicly warned the president that he better not dare to fire the AG Sessions or there will be serious repercussions. And he said he plans to introduce a bill, barring the president from firing the FBI Special Counsel Mueller.

      .Hugs, Gronda

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