aside What Sources In Niger Believe Happened On 10/4/17 Attack Against US And Nigerian Soldiers

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What is not being covered by the press except on rare occasions is the following:

Risks to military and civilians increased in Niger after the Chadian military left Niger soon after the republican President Donald J. Trump placed Chad on the US travel ban around September 24, 2017, despite the absence of  DOD, US State Department, and an array of foreign policy experts approvals. It turns out that Chadian soldiers who are reputed to be the most competent fighters in the region were the ones who had been keeping militant groups like Boko Haram at bay in Niger. In short, any military personnel traveling in Niger needed to be better prepared to face militants that were no longer contained.

As a matter of fact, about 2 weeks after US army / Niger military convoy came under attack by terrorists, 12 Niger troops were also attacked within 50 miles of where the 10/4 ambush occurred.

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There are questions that all of us have about why did the convoy of US and Nigerian special forces were not better armed, protected during their mission on October 4, 2017 and why did it take about an hour of these brave men being under attack before help was called in for support? Why did they overnight in the area on October 3, and was the mission assignment altered?

The below report has credibility because the sources are in a position of having first hand knowledge.

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Here is the rest of the story….

On October 23, 2017, VOA published the following report, “Villagers Suspected of Luring Green Berets into Niger Ambush.”


“A local official and an analyst say residents of the Niger village where four Green Beret soldiers were killed this month may have delayed the soldiers while an ambush was set up and helped to lead the victims into a deadly trap.”


“The attackers, the bandits, the terrorists have never lacked accomplices among local populations,” said Almou Hassane, mayor of Tongo-Tongo where the attack took place, in what is believed to be his first interview with a Western news organization.”

“The village chief in Tongo-Tongo, Mounkaila Alassane, has been arrested since the attack, Hassane said, lending credibility to the suspicion of local involvement. He is in government custody according several officials.”


“His arrest was also confirmed by Karimou Soumana, a representative of the Tillaberi region, during a National Assembly debate to extend the state of emergency in that part of Niger.”

“Speaking by telephone to VOA’s French-to-Africa service, Mayor Hassane said the dead Americans were part of a patrol made up of eight U.S. Green Berets and about 20 Nigerien special forces, which arrived in pickup trucks at the village near the Mali border the evening before the attack.”

“They must have spent the night in the northwest of Tongo-Tongo,” Hassane said.”

“Moussa Askar, director of the newspaper l’Evènement in the capital, Niamey, said the soldiers were in the area to track down an accomplice of Abu Adnan al-Sahraoui, a former member of the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), who joined the Islamic State terror group in the Sahara Desert.”

“Aksar, a specialist on terrorism in the Sahel region of Africa, told VOA that members of the patrol questioned residents of the village, who dragged out the discussions, possibly giving the attackers time to organize an ambush.”

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‘Contaminated’ village

“It turns out that this village was a little contaminated by hostile forces,” said Aksar, who said he received the details from Defense Minister Kalla Moutari. “The unit stayed a little longer than expected because, apparently, people were aware that something was going on.”

“While the soldiers were still in the village, a fake terror attack was staged nearby, according to Aksar and local sources. The soldiers rushed to the scene, where about 50 or more assailants with vehicles and motorcycles opened fire with Kalashnikovs and heavy weapons.”


“Four Nigerien soldiers and three Americans were killed on the spot. The body of the fourth American soldier was found 48 hours later, about a mile away from the initial site, CNN reported.”

“Rhissa Ag Boula, a high-ranking government official and a former Tuareg rebel chief in Niger, told VOA that the fourth soldier, La David Johnson, had remained at the front line while the others retreated under heavy fire.”

“The attack has raised questions in Niger, especially since the U.S. Army operates drone bases in the country and has significant intelligence resources there.”

“That’s what really shocked us: how, at their level, with all the resources they have, they could not have strong intelligence to avoid what happened there,” said Hassane.”


Responsibility for attack

“No group has officially taken responsibility for the attack. According to sources in the region, however, it is the work of Abu Adnan al-Saharaoui, who calls himself the Islamic Emir of the Great Sahara, affiliated with the Islamic State group.”

“According to a Tuareg from the region, al-Saharaoui is believed to be involved in arms and fuel trafficking. He is a former member of the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), which occupied and imposed sharia law in northern Mali in 2012 before being dislodged by French forces.”


“Al-Saharaoui, a former acquaintance of Algerian extremist and trafficker Mokhtar Bel Mokhtar, had led the kidnapping of the nine-person staff of the Algerian consulate in Gao in 2012. Originally from Western Sahara, he wants to control the band on the common border of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.”

“The group is the latest of several jihadist organizations in the Sahel region, including the Defenders of Islam group linked to militant Iyad Ag Ghali in northern Mali. The movement for the Liberation of Macina, led by Hamadoun Koufa, remained very active in central Mali.”

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“Ansarul Islam, on the other side of the border, is increasing its attacks in northern Burkina Faso, while Boko Haram continues to launch attacks in the countries in Africa’s Lake Chad Basin.”

“The al-Mourabitoun group, which is led by Moktar Belmokhtar — declared dead several times — has perpetrated several terror actions in the vast Sahel region, including the 2013 attack on the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria that left 67 people dead.”


    • Dear Kim,

      I don’t get it either. My guess is that maybe the military is pushing against publishing this news because it would be irresponsible to blame what happened directly on the exodus of Chadian soldiers from Niger soon after 9/24.

      I am alleging that this event increased the risk to any military traveling in Niger because it was the highly reputed Chadian army which were keeping the militants at bay in Niger.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Gronda, after doing some research it is my assessment that Prez Trump wanted to withdraw US military commitment from Africa at the objection of military commanders. Since he could not do so overtly, he calculated that including Chad on the US travel ban list would have the same effect.

        Of course he did not anticipate the murder of 4 US soldiers, so now he has to pacify the situation and backtrack a little. Let’s hope this does not evolve into an Afghanistan type situation.


  1. Dear 1EarthUnited,

    Let’s hope the president back tracks soon where Chad comes off his travel ban list which has been blocked by a US federal judge which means that it has yet to take effect.

    Hugs, Gronda


  2. I suspect the reason why it’s not being covered, it is that is not considered news worthy. Unlike the undignified treatment by your incumbent of the families of the dead.
    The layers of tensions & conflicts overlaid by racial, tribal, religious and political overtones along all of the African continent are just too complex to fit into a ‘newsbite’. You’d need a whole TV station given over to continuous mature news feed and impartial analysis.
    Well done to you Gronda for keeping this segment of the African Matrix in view.

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