aside Transcript Of Fallen Military Hero’s Widow Myeshia Johnson’s 10/ 23/17 Interview On TV ABC’s GMA

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The widow, Myeshia Johnson  of the soldier Sgt. La David Johnson who was one of the 4 US fighters fatally injured on October 4, 2017 in Niger, participated in an 10/23/17 ABC TV interview with the host of, Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos.

No sooner had the interview ended, when the republican President Donald Trump tweeted the following:



“In a wide-ranging interview, Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, spoke out on “Good Morning America” about her husband’s death during a mission in Niger (10/4/17) and the controversy that has surrounded it.”


George Stephanopoulos: We’re joined now by the widow of Sgt. Johnson, Myeshia Johnson. Myeshia thank you for coming in this morning. I hope you’re feeling the prayers the thoughts of all of us. Myeshia Johnson: Yes.

GS: You know it was so clear watching the funeral how loved and respected La David was by his family, his friends, his community, his fellow soldiers. What do you want people to know about him?


MJ: Well, I want the world to know how great of a soldier my husband was and a loving and caring father and husband he was to our family.

GS: You knew him since you were six, huh? MJ: Yes sir.

GS: And I also know you have a lot of questions about what happened.

MJ: Yes.

GS: In Niger, What’s at the top of your mind?

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MJ: The questions that I have that I need answered is I want to know why it took them 48-hours to find my husband; why couldn’t I see my husband? Every time I asked to see my husband they wouldn’t let me.

GS: What did they tell you?

MJ: They told me that he’s in a severe, a severe wrap like I won’t be able to see him. I need to see him so I will know that that is my husband. I don’t know nothing they won’t show me a finger, a hand. I know my husband’s body from head to toe. And they won’t let me see anything. I don’t know what’s in that box, it could be empty for all I know. But I need, I need to see my husband. I haven’t seen him since he came home.

GS: And what have they told you about what happened in Africa?

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MJ: I really don’t know the answers to that one neither because when they came to my house they just told me that, um, it was a massive gunfire and my husband as of October 4th was missing, they didn’t his whereabouts. They didn’t know where he was or where to find him and a couple days later is when they told me that he went from missing to killed in action. I don’t know how he got killed, where he got killed or anything. I don’t know that part they never told me and that’s what I’ve been trying to find out since day one, since October 4th.

GS: Are you confident you’re going to get the answers you need? MJ: If I keep pushing for them I will.

GS: And they say they don’t know? MJ: They wont tell me. They won’t tell me anything. I don’t know anything.

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GS: There are also a lot of questions about the phone call you received from President Trump. I know you were in a car to the airport. Tell us what happened next.

MJ: Me and my family was in the limo to receive my husband from I think it was Denver, Dover, we went to…

GS: Dover.

MJ: Dover, and we was literally on the airport strip gettin’ ready to get out and he called Master Sergeant Neil’s phone. I asked Master Sergeant Neil to put his phone on speaker so my aunt and uncle could hear as well. And he goes on to saying his statement as what he said was…

GS: The president…

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MJ: Yes the President, said that he knew what he signed up for, but it hurts anyway. And it made me cry cause I was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said he couldn’t remember my husband’s name. The only way he remembered my husband’s name is because he told me he had my husband’s report in front of him and that’s when he actually said La David. I heard him stumblin’ on trying to remember my husband’s name and that’s what hurt me the most, because if my husband is out here fighting for our country and he risked his life for our country why can’t you remember his name. And that’s what made me upset and cry even more because my husband was an awesome soldier. He did what it take other people like five years to do in three years. So imagine if my husband was here now. It took my husband three years to make E-5 — it takes other soldiers five to six years just to make E-5. So if he was here now he woulda been on his way to bein’ the E-6 or E-7. My husband had high hopes in the military career.

GS: What did you say to the President?

MJ: I didn’t say anything I just listened

GS: But you were upset when you got off the phone?

MJ: Oh very, very upset and hurt. Very it made me cry even worse.

GS: Congresswoman Wilson reported that and you explained she was in the car with you. MJ: Yes.

GS: She’s been close with your family for a long time?


MJ: Yes. Ms. Wilson, my uncle-in-law was Ms. Wilson’s elementary school principal and my husband was in her 5,000 role model program that’s why she’s well connected with us because she’s been in our family since we were little kids.

GS: The President said that the congresswoman was lying about the phone call.

MJ: Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated. What she said was 100 percent correct. It was Master Sgt. Neil, me, my aunt, my uncle and the driver and Ms. Wilson in the car, the phone was on speaker phone. Why would we fabricate something like that?

GS: Is there anything you’d like to say to the President now?

MJ: No. I don’t have nothing to say to him.


GS: Your little girl’s going to be born in January.

MJ: Yes January 29th.

GS: What are you gonna tell her about her dad?

MJ: I’m gonna tell her how awesome her dad was and how a great father he was and how he died as a hero.

GS: Words she’s gonna love to hear Myeshia thank you for sharing your story this morning. MJ: Thank you.


  1. I note Trump very often says he has proof of something as id that’s meant to mollify everyone and stop any further argument. Does this proof ever see the light of day? It’s a terrible thing to accuse a Congresswoman of lying ( a deliberate act) and not just mistaken (non-deliberate) because mud sticks. I hope this interview has put paid to that terrible accusation.
    xxx Hugs Gronda xxx

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    • Dear David Prosser,

      Both the president and General Kelly look like fools. I don’t expect much from President Trump but it shocks me that General Kelly would stoop yo lying about a beloved friend of the family US Rep, Frederica Wilson. I expert more integrity from a Marine general.

      And then other republicans have joined on the band wagon. They have lost any claim to having any moral authority.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Reblogged this on Musings on Life & Experience and commented:
    It sounds like that was a thorough interview and the young widow, Myeshia told the truth. She certainly convinced me. I’m glad she got to tell her side of the story and I hope that settles it. I also hope she and the rest of the country find out what actually happened. I also think an apology is due to the Congresswoman, Ms. Wilson.

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      The widow Myeshia Johnson handled herself very well during the interview. You are right in saying that she seems very credible.

      We all want to know what happened. It would be a great comfort to me if General Kelly would take the high road and Myeshia Wilson.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Gronda, the rule of thumb is quite simple. Start from the point to not believe a word Trump says. The odds are in your favor, I am sad to say. He lies much more than he does not. So, as the old joke goes and is adapted, how do you how you can tell Trump is lying – he is talking or tweeting.

    These were not the only lies he made last week, nor will they be the only ones this week. Too many sycophants are defending him. Kelly needs to come clean or he will not erase the taint. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      The president can’t help himself. This is just the way he is. At this point, if he were to do something decent and noble, I would find that suspect because that is not his character,

      What I find disturbing is how General Kelly is acting against his character and I can’t help but ask why? Why would he throw away his integrity? Have I missed something? Is General Kelly a closet racist?

      General Kelly is acting contrary to his oath as a Marine and as a general.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Agreed on both counts. It is newsworthy when Trump does something in the ballpark of Presidential. Kelly has damaged his reputation as have others who have toadied up to the the man in charge.

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    • Dear Rob,

      I’m at the point where I truly believe that President Trump is not of sound mind. He needs to go but the republican sycophants are enabling him, and this now includes General Kelly. He lied about Rep Frederica Wilson but he is sane and a military leader to where he should not have cavalierly tried to besmirch her reputation..

      Myeshia Johnson deserves so much better.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  4. Trump is certainly not of sound mind, Gronda. His words and actions become more outrageous with each passing day. It is a sorry time for us all. Thanks for this post!

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    • Dear John Fioravanti,

      According to various reporters, most republican legislators agree with this assessment but they will not go on the record to say this. Sen. Jeff Flake, Sen Bob Corker and Sen. John McCain are all saying this but they are all not running for re-election again.

      This is a sad state of affairs.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  5. Like you, I am very disappointed in Kelly. We expect Trump to lie, so that was no surprise. But I truly thought General Kelly had more integrity and more cojones than that. He has apparently been exposed to Trump fever in his short tenure in the White House. Another one tainted.

    I am also curious about what happened … if it took them 48 hours to locate Sergeant Johnson, and then they refused to allow her to see any part of his body … I have to ask the question: was his body even in that coffin, or does the military truly not have a clue where he is?

    Thanks for sharing this transcript, Gronda … the public needs to know. My heart goes out to Myeshia. Hugs!

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    • Dear Jill,

      I, you and Myeshia are asking the same question. Was Sgt. La David Johnson’s body in that coffin? It turns out that a military emissary can advise the family member from seeing a body but if the family member insists, then the military representative is obligated to honor this request.

      She did ask and as per the interview, she was denied this option which was her right.

      I am also bothered by the reporting that La David Johnson’s body was discovered 48 hrs. later about a mile away from where his buddies were killed.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda.

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      • That’s what I thought … that if she demanded to see the body, they could not stop her. She will never have closure, never be 100% certain, unless she does. There are simply too many questions unanswered, and it is throwing up red flags for me.

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    On October 4th, four Green Berets were attacked and killed in Niger. One of them, Sgt. La David Johnson, left behind a pregnant wife and two children. Sgt. Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson, has many questions about his death, but is being stonewalled and has received no answers. And then, as if she hadn’t enough troubles already, she has been publicly disrespected by none other than Donald Trump. Gronda has written the details of Ms. Johnson’s ordeal, and I would like to share this story. The nation needs to see/hear this. Please take a few minutes to read Gronda’s post and think about what this says of the man some call ‘president’. Many thanks for this post and permission to share, Gronda!

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  7. Trump yet again demonstrates how ill qualified he is for this difficult and often delicate role.


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    This is a national disgrace … never before!!
    ‘The nation needs to see/hear this. Please take a few minutes to read Gronda’s post and think about what this says of the man some call ‘president’. ” …. #Sad

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