aside Merry Christmas As A Culture War Wedge Issue Is Being Used By Scrooge President To Deflect

Image result for cartoons of santa trumpThe use of the words of “Merry Christmas” have been used as a culture war issue for far too long. Greetings like, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Sadeh, Happy Holidays do not detract from the joy of many in their celebration of Christmas Day, a day to bring joy to the world, a day of generosity towards others, a day to practice kindness, not more divisiveness.

But the republican President Donald Trump couldn’t resist by delving into this culture war over the words, “Merry Christmas.” He will resort to anything to deflect from his own short comings and troubles.

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On December 5, 2017, Lucia Brawley of Verified Politics penned the following report, ?Famous Priest Just Responded To Trump’s Christmas Brag With A Holiday Lesson For The Ages.”

“In his attempt to further exacerbate an already divided nation in order to distract from his litany of scandals, President Trump delivered a bombastic speech today, declaring that Christmas, like some three-ring circus, is “back, bigger and better than ever before . . . .”  He intended his braggadocio as a point that “true” Americans (read: Christians only) say, “Merry Christmas,” as if the more inclusive “Happy Holidays” were somehow an assault on Christianity.  Never mind that only seconds later, Trump added his own, “Happy Holidays.”

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“It took a humble cleric to bring the Narcissist-in-Chief back down to earth.  Famous Jesuit priest, America Magazine editor, and theological author James Martin, SJ, tweeted a pointed response to Trump about the true meaning of Christmas.” 

1.) Christmas never left.
2.) Christmas is about littleness. God entered the world as a poor, small, helpless infant, the most vulnerable state imaginable.
3.) Christmas is about humility. God lowered himself, “emptied himself,” to enter into the human condition.
Merry Christmas 

Pres. Trump in Utah: “Christmas is back, bigger and better than ever before…and we say it now with pride.” 

 “Father Martin stated that, “Christmas never left” because Christmas isn’t about what coffee cup Starbucks sells or whether we say, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”

“Christmas is about “littleness,” Martin said, caring for “the most vulnerable” among us, like a homeless baby in a manger, rather than the 1% Trump’s tax scam seeks to reward at the expense of the poor.”

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“The holy day, the priest adds, is about “humility,” emulating the way Jesus lowered himself from divine to human form, so that the meekest among us would have a champion.”

“These notions are as far from the way Trump thinks and lives as Earth is from the Big Bang.  The Carnival Barker President surely could never absorb the simple, resonant words Martin utters about the significance of Christmas.”

“However, Martin’s words serve as a reminder for the rest of us that loud mouths and empty phrases hold none of the power of simple acts of kindness and charity.”

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  1. Gronda, my Congressman has a sickening and shallow commercial on this subject. His lack of sincerity was called on the carpet by a scathing editorial in The Charlotte Observer. This man who speaks of living a good Christian life has at least twice voted on business issues in state legislature which is a conflict of interest as reported by the Observer. He also has been vilified for racist remarks during the Charlotte riots last year. Not to mention voting to kick poor people off healthcare and providing a tax bill for the rich. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      I too, am sick of this crass usage of the old culture war issues which get reused to rile up the base of far right politicians like your Congress representative and President Trump and his surrogates.

      There should be joy, good will, generosity of spirit and giving during this Christmas season but these scrooges are intent on ruining these positive notes to satisfy their selfish self-absorption.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, I personally find it offensive that Conservatives feel they are the only Christians. I also feel the use of commercials like this is an attempt to hide behind bad policies. Keith

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