aside President’s Former Adviser said A Truth; Republican’s Tax Plan Is A Form Of Revenge On Democrats

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Is it just coincidence that the US states that lean democratic and are more progressive in their policies are the same states that are being the most penalized by the current US congressional tax cuts proposals under review for passage by January 2018?

Would the republicans in the US Congress give a second thought about creating legislation that is partisan versus what is in the best interests of the American public? The answer is, NO.

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On December 5, 2017, Bob Bryan of the Business Insider penned the following report,Top Trump adviser says the GOP tax bill is ‘death to Democrats’

  • Stephen Moore, a conservative economist who was a Trump campaign adviser, said the Republican tax bill represented “death to Democrats.”
  • Moore said the repeal of the state and local tax deduction, new taxes on universities, and the repeal of the so-called individual mandate in particular targeted liberals.

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Stephen Moore, one of the top economic advisers to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, on Tuesday said the new Republican tax bill would hit one groups of Americans especially hard.

“It’s death to Democrats,” Moore told Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur.

Moore, a conservative economist, pointed to provisions that would repeal the state and local tax deduction — which is used heavily in the high-tax states New York and California — and new proposed taxes on large universities as examples of provisions that go after liberals.

“They go after university endowments, and universities have become playpens of the left,” Moore told Bloomberg. “And getting rid of the mandate is to eventually dismantle Obamacare.”


“Moore also wrote an op-ed article published Tuesday (12/5/17) saying the increase in taxes for “blue states” in the bill — the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — should be blamed on liberals in those states.”

“But here again, blue state voters are the ones responsible for these inequities,” Moore wrote. “Blue staters tend to send liberal politicians to office, who then vote for bigger federal spending — even though a greater share of the money goes to the red states. Maybe somebody needs to write a book called: ‘What’s the Matter With Massachusetts.'”

“Moore also said tax cuts would come for everyone, even wealthier Americans. But he said they would not specifically help the wealthy more than the middle class, citing an analysis by Chris Edwards at the libertarian Cato Institute. He said every American should fight for the tax bill to be passed.”

“You want to kill the economy — and Christmas? Follow Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s advice and kill the tax cut,” Moore wrote.

“Other analyses by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and the Joint Committee on Taxation, the official government scorekeeper, have shown that over time more and more of the bill’s benefits go toward wealthier Americans, while many middle-income Americans could face tax increases.”

“Some of the biggest losers under the Republican tax overhaul include upper-middle class families in high-tax areas like New York City, graduate students, government workers and public school teachers.”

 “The one thing they have in common? They’re mostly Democrats.”
 President Donald Trump and GOP leaders have promised that the two main goals of a tax code revamp are to benefit middle-class families and to slash the corporate tax rate. But paying for those changes has come in large part at the expense of breaks that are important to residents of high-tax states, which tend to be Democratic.

 Benefits used by universities and graduate students are also on the chopping block. And the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate to buy insurance — a centerpiece of Democrats’ biggest achievement in a generation — is estimated to generate some $300 billion to pay for tax cuts.

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“One of the most controversial measures in the House and Senate tax plans calls for repealing state and local tax deductions — save for a $10,000 cap for property tax deductions. The benefit is most important for residents of high-tax states.”

“Conservatives say they hope the change will mean lower state taxes and smaller governments. “One hopefully positive result of this legislation will be that state and local officials will be less eager to jack up the taxes on hard working Americans,” Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said after the bill passed. He mentioned California, New Jersey and New York explicitly.”

“Democratic governors in those SALT-dependent states were furious about the provision — New York’s Andrew Cuomo called it “political retaliation through the tax code.”

I”n addition to hitting certain middle-class and upper-middle class families, the removal of the state and local tax break could hurt public sector jobs and programs. State and local deductions ease the burden of state taxes — without the breaks, the taxes are politically harder to impose and maintain. Public employee unions, a robust Democratic constituency, rely on state taxpayers for jobs and pensions.”

“This is going to be a direct hit on us,” said Peter MacKinnon, president of the Massachusetts-based SEIU Local 509.”

“For some Republicans, the union anger is a feature of the plan, not a bug. Given the “high cost of unionized government employees” in states like Illinois, “the fact that government employee unions oppose reforms makes the need for them all the more clear,” said Michael Steel, who served as a spokesman for former House Speaker John Boehner.”

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      The republicans are surely getting their pound of flesh but payback is a bitch.

      Thanks a million times over for all your support and for this reblog.



  1. Gronda, let me revise Steve Moore’s quote. It is a revenge on the American people. Senator Chuck Grassley summed it up nicely in the Des Moines Register – he cares more about people who pay estate tax than those who use any money on booze, women and movies. Mr. Grassley, tens of millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck – they spend money on food, medicine, gas, day care, etc.

    Grassley’s quote reveals why Trickle Down Economics fails. Giving a rich person more money tends to add to his savings. Giving a poor person more money and they will spend it in the economy. So, not only is Grassley insensitive, he is off base on what works.


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