aside DOJ Dropping Charges Against 129 Inauguration DisruptJ20 Day Protesters


On January 20, 2017, activists who were a part of Disrupt J20 group in the Washington DC area which geared up in November 2016 to develop plans to protest the presidential inauguration events but a few did end up resorting to violence.

It just so happens that James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, a right wing outfit famous for the doctored videos of ACORN and Planned Parenthood did one for this DisruptJ20 before the president’s inauguration day.  See: New O’Keefe Video: Leftists Planning Stink Bombs at  Deploraball….Jan 16, 2017

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The Washington Police had been placed on notice by James O’Keefe of  Project Veritas , whereupon, on that inauguration day, anyone protesting peacefully in the vicinity of this group (about 230) were also arrested en masse even though only a few had acted acted out, criminally.

But on  December 21, 2017, the jurists of a trial led by the DOJ (government) rendered not-guilty verdicts for all charges filed against the first six people to face trial for participating in the Inauguration Day Disrupt J20 protests.”

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On January 18, 2018, Sean Rossman of USA Today penned the following report,”U.S. drops charges against 129 inauguration day protesters”

“The U.S. Attorney’s office is dropping charges against 129 people accused of rioting in Washington, D.C., on President Trump’s inauguration day.”

“Prosecutors, in documents filed late Thursday afternoon, said the decision was made in light of a verdict last month, which found the first six defendants to stand trial for the charges not guilty.”

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“In a statement, the government said it was exercising discretion, “so that it can focus its efforts on this smaller, core group that we believe is most responsible for the destruction and violence that took place on Inauguration Day.”

“Violent protests on Jan. 20, 2017, resulted in 234 people being charged or arrested with mostly felony charges. At the time of Thursday’s filing, 188 people had pending charges.”

“The government said it will move forward with the remaining 59, which, it said, engaged in the destruction of downtown D.C., helped plan the demonstration and displayed “black-bloc” tactics.”

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“Prosecutors will file motions to dismiss for the 129 defendants.”

“It’s a massive win for the protesters and their supporters, who for months have urged the government to drop the charges. Many had claimed prosecutors were dragging the defendants through the legal process in order to send a message.”

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“This has been a long road, but we’re pleased that the government, albeit belatedly, saw fit to drop this case,” said Sheridan England, an attorney for Adam Simpson, whose charges were dropped Thursday.

“Previously, about 20 defendants have had their cases dismissed and another 20 have pleaded to lesser charges, often misdemeanor rioting carrying a fine and community service. One person, Dane Powell, 32, went to prison. He pleaded guilty to felony rioting and assault on a police officer. He received a four-month prison term.”


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