aside There Has Been The 12th US Mass Shooting In A Florida High School In 2018

Parents wait for news after a ...

The USA is the land of easy gun access. “We the people” of the USA have been dealing with this for years. I better not hear from a republican candidate who will spout the words after any mass shooting tragedy that this is not the right time to talk about gun control because people need to grieve. We have been held hostage by the NRA (National Rifle Association) which owns the republicans in the US Congress to where not even the most reasonable of gun control measures can be considered for legislation. Yet, we have more to fear from these home grown mass shooters (terrorist events) than we have from the republicans’ bogeyman,  foreign terrorists. But in the USA, any individual on a terror list can still purchase a gun.

In the USA, there has already been 12 cases of mass shootings already in 2018. In Florida any 18 year old can legally purchase whatever guns and rifles they want, and it is a Parkland Florida High School that has been the latest target of a mass shooter.  it is being reported that the shooter is in custody, that there are at least 17 fatalities and multiple injuries. The Marjory Stoneman Dougas High School of 3000 + students was close to the end of a school day when the kids heard the second  fire drill of the day, only this second one was set off by the mass shooter.

As per a 2/14/18 Miami Herald report, the suspect is a 19 year old ex-student Nikolas Cruz who had been previously expelled.  “The former student suspected of opening fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland may have been identified as a potential threat to fellow students in the past, according to one teacher.

“Nikolas Cruz, was detained by police, briefly taken to a hospital and brought to the Broward Sheriff’s headquarters.

“We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him,” said math teacher Jim Gard, who said Cruz had been in his class last year. “There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus.”

(SEE: Shepard Smith reads list of school shootings since Columbine | Fox )

As per a 2/15/18 AP report by Kelli Kennedy, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said the 19-year-old suspect, Nikolas Cruz, had been expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for “disciplinary reasons.”

“However, Victoria Olvera, a 17-year-old junior, said Cruz was expelled last school year after a fight with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. She said Cruz had been abusive to his girlfriend.”

“School officials said Cruz was attending another school in Broward County after his expulsion.”

Cruz’s mother Lynda Cruz died of pneumonia on Nov. 1 neighbors, friends and family members said, according to the Sun Sentinel. Cruz and her husband, who died of a heart attack several years ago, adopted Nikolas and his biological brother, Zachary, after the couple moved from Long Island in New York to Broward County.

“The boys were left in the care of a family friend after their mother died, family member Barbara Kumbatovich, of Long Island, said.”

“Unhappy there, Nikolas Cruz asked to move in with a friend’s family in northwest Broward. The family agreed and Cruz moved in around Thanksgiving. According to the family’s lawyer, who did not identify them, they knew that Cruz owned the AR-15 but made him keep it locked up in a cabinet. He did have the key, however.”

“Jim Lewis said the family is devastated and didn’t see this coming. They are cooperating with authorities, he said.”

“Broward County Mayor Beam Furr said during an interview with CNN that the shooter was getting treatment at a mental health clinic for a while, but that he hadn’t been back to the clinic for more than a year.”

“It wasn’t like there wasn’t concern for him,” Furr said.”

“We try to keep our eyes out on those kids who aren’t connected … Most teachers try to steer them toward some kind of connections. … In this case, we didn’t find a way to connect with this kid,” Furr said.”

“Israel said investigators were dissecting the suspect’s social media posts.”

“And some of the things that have come to mind are very, very disturbing,” he added without elaborating.”

In this frame grab from video ...

Here’s the rest of the story…

On February 14, 2018, Moriah Balingit, Sarah Larimer and Mark Berman of the Washington Post penned the following report, “Shooting reported at South Florida high school; several fatalities reported”


“A suspect was taken into custody after a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. 

“Multiple fatalities are reported after gunfire erupted Wednesday afternoon at a South Florida high school, sending police on a lengthy manhunt while students and teachers remained barricaded inside.”
Map of Parkland, FL

“The shooting happened shortly before classes were dismissed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, northwest of Fort Lauderdale.”

“Police have taken the person suspected of opening fire at the school into custody, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.”

“Robert W. Runcie, the superintendent of Broward County schools, told reporters at the scene that there are “numerous fatalities.”

“It is a day you pray every day you don’t have to see,” Runcie said.”

“He said officials were not aware of threats made before the incident.”

 “ Broward County Sheriff’s Office said there were at least 14 victims in the incident. It was unclear how many had been injured and how many had been killed.”

“Earlier in the day, Dan Booker, a fire chief from a nearby city, had said that the number of injured could stretch much higher, estimating 20 to 50 victims. Some of those injured are students who were shot, Booker said.”

Anxious family members wait for information ...
 “Booker said he was seeking aid from the Coast Guard and other agencies because many victims will need to be transported by helicopter.”

“Video from the scene showed police surrounding the building and students being quickly marched away from Stoneman Douglas High. News cameras also captured people being wheeled out on stretchers, though their conditions were not immediately clear. A tweet from the school’s parent district, Broward County Public Schools, said, “We are receiving word of multiple injuries.”

“Police from nearby Coral Springs, who were also responding to the incident, urged students and teachers to remain barricaded inside the school. Law enforcement officials said they were clearing students building by building.”

Police are working an active shooter scene, and ask that if you are in touch with your student you ask that they remain calm and barricaded until police come to their room, this is for everyone’s safety. Do NOT call our 911 or non-emergency number unless it is an emergency.

“Gov. Rick Scott (R) said he had been briefed by the Broward County sheriff, whose agency was leading the response, as well as by the county’s school superintendent. President Trump was notified of the shooting, Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters said.”
“The president has been made aware of the school shooting in Florida. We are monitoring the situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected,” Walters said.”

My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.


Just spoke to Governor Rick Scott. We are working closely with law enforcement on the terrible Florida school shooting.

Today, close to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s dismissal, students, staff heard what sounded like gunfire. The school immediately went on lockdown but is now dismissing students. We are receiving reports of possible multiple injuries. Law enforcement is on site.


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is now dismissing students. We are receiving reports of possible multiple injuries. Law enforcement and the District’s Special Investigative Unit are currently on site. The District will provide updates as more information becomes available.


  1. I’m so sorry for the students, staff, and families of this school. Absolutely horrifying. This tragedy puts even more pressure on the people to vote Democratic in November and bring in some worthwhile gun control laws.

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    • Dear John Fioravanti,

      At this point, I don’t have any words that adequately describe my emotions over all of this injustice.What does it take for those republicans in the US Congress to act instead of Kow towing to the power of the NRA (NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION) like the weenies that they are? How many children do we have to lose.

      Those republicans who refuse to act are complicit with the actions of this young man. They have blood on their hands.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, this breaks me heart. But, I grow weary of thoughts and prayers as the only answer that legislators can give. We must require action or vote them out. Because it will it be a surprise when the next shooting happens in the near future. Keith

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    • Heartbreaking, prayers going out to the families.


      I believe these shootings go deeper than gun control. Even if we repeal the 2nd Amendment and confiscated all guns, ppl will still find a way to hurt one another. We need deeper understand of why these mass shootings keep happening, is it pharmaceutical drugs? Gov’t false flags? Or simply human nature?

      Besides, underground black markets will take the place of gun shops anyway. Look at alcohol prohibition of the 20s and early 30s, look at our current war on drugs… billions spent every year on ATF, jails, more police, more violence, so how’s that working out?

      Laws can only go so far in controlling human behavior; what we need is more understanding, awareness, cultivating higher consciousness, more love and enlightenment. Perhaps it’s time to try something new, evolve our polarizing black or white thinking. Come together as a ppl, and not divide further apart.



      • Gov.Scott and Sen Marco Rubio received over a million dollars from the NRA last year. They and other republican cowards are doing all they can to make it easy for people to purchase assault weapons in Florida , even 18 year olds. Their concern is with power and party, Tonight Rubio says it’s too soon to talk about gun control once again. Shame on all of these Rep. power hungry cowards and their supporters, there is blood on their hands, the blood of school children . I wonder how they will sleep tonight or look at themselves in the mirror.


        • A very astute point you have brought up.

          Politicians are part of the symptom, like the NRA, the gun manufacturers, the whole gun culture. But they are not the underlying cause of mass shootings – man’s inhumanity toward man.

          Yes i agree, shame on our “representatives” for selling us out. Allowing loose gun control laws under the guise of upholding the 2nd Amendment is criminally negligent and irresponsible legislation. They should be held accountable for accepting blood money, a clear conflict of interest which does not benefit the ppl they supposedly represent. It is painfully clear where their allegiances lie, and we the ppl have the responsibility to vote them out!


    • Dear Keith and 1EarthUnited,

      I am out of tears. It seems I go from the crying stage to being enraged within minutes. This is an outrage.

      I did not grow up with guns but I did have rifle training as a kid while my Dad was in the military. I’m agree with the 2nd amendment. But an AK47 is not a weapon required for hunting or for protection. There is no reason for these weapons or any mechanical gadget that can adapt a rifle to be automatic, to be available for sale on the open market.

      There needs to be background checks on everyone and better follow-up care on troubled youngsters. This was a lost difficult child who had lost his Mom, this past November, and his Dad in 2004. It seems that in the home where he lived, he was allowed to own this AK47. He fell through the cracks and innicents paid the price.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, like you, I have written the same post about ten times since 2012. As many have noted it is a complex issue, especially since the larger problem happens daily – mental health, lack of civil discourse, crime, entertainment violence – but make no mistake it is an access to guns issue. The majority of gun deaths in America are suicude about 2/3), so we could start with what Americans say they want – background checks on every purchase and elongated waiting periods. And, since it is a mental health issue, why is Congress trying to get rid of the ACA and so against promoting Medicaid expansion, as well as allowing mental health disabled Social Security recipients be added back to the allowable gun purchase rolls. I grow weary of politicians who won’t do a damn thing to address a problem that will happen again. Doing nothing is obviously not working. Keith


  3. Will the same inaction happen under the Democrats, will the NRA be offering gifts, bribes or even threats to have their Senators etc in their pockets. Major changes didn’t happen last time they were in power, small ones are no longer enough. My thoughts are with the families and the victims of this latest incident.


    • Dear David Prosser,

      The democrats will and have acted in the past, The problem is that whatever is passed by democrats into law, is undone, the minute republicans are in a position to act. This was one of the main issues on Hillary Clinton’s platform.

      This problem of the NRA owning republicans is for real.

      See my 2nd answer. I answered your question without doing the research required to answer your question more correctly. Forgive me.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear David Prosser,

      There was a time where Dems fell down on the job. In 2005, there was legislation enacted barring victims of gun violence from being able to seek redress from the gun manufacture that 59 Dems supported along with Senator Bernie Sanders and bill Nelson of Florida.

      As per an Oct 2005 NYT report, The Republican-controlled Congress delivered a long-sought victory to the gun industry on Thursday when the House voted to shield firearms manufacturers and dealers from liability lawsuits. The bill now goes to President Bush, who has promised to sign it.

      The gun liability bill has for years been the No. 1 legislative priority of the National Rifle Association, which has lobbied lawmakers intensely for it. Its final passage, by a vote of 283 to 144, with considerable Democratic support, reflected the changing politics of gun control, an issue many Democrats began shying away from after Al Gore, who promoted it, was defeated in the 2000 presidential race.

      “It’s a historic piece of legislation,” said Wayne LaPierre, the association’s chief executive, who said the bill was the most significant victory for the gun lobby since Congress rewrote the federal gun control law in 1986. “As of Oct. 20, the Second Amendment is probably in the best shape in this country that it’s been in decades.”

      The bill, which is identical to one approved in July by the Senate, is aimed at ending a spate of lawsuits by individuals and municipalities, including New York City, seeking to hold gun manufacturers and dealers liable for negligence when their weapons are used in crimes.

      While it bars such suits, the measure contains an exception allowing certain cases involving defective weapons or criminal behavior by a gun maker or dealer, such as knowingly selling a weapon to someone who has failed a criminal background check.

      In 2008-2009, Dems were working overtime to pass Obamacare when they should have taken steps as well, to extend the 1994 law banning the sale of assault weapons which expired in 2004 under President Bush.

      Today, Democrats would not get away with the vote they made in 2005 / or for their non-action in 2008-2009 but you are right, their hands are not as clean as they claim.

      Hugs, Gronda


  4. One day the legislator and the current stance of the NRA will be called to account in a manner which will allow them no room to wriggle out.
    It is a simple fact which History teaches us; such excesses of violence and the myopic vision of the apologists for the cause cannot carry on without a massive reaction.
    What form that takes is hard to say.

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    • Dear Roger,

      This will be when the Democrats take over. The Dems over time do not have cleans hands on this issue, but now, they would not dare NOT TO ACT. Then they will have done their republicans brothers and sisters a favor. The NRA has less of a hold once the bills are passed.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • The build-up of anguish seems similar to those of tectonic plates we read about in the earthquake process; at some stage there will be a reaction.

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