aside Russians Operatives Under Indictment By FBI For Criminal Interference In 2016 Presidential Elections

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Nowadays, to keep up with the news, a blogger cannot take off to do the most basic of projects, otherwise they could miss a major mind blowing story like the one I came home to on 2/16/18. The republican President Donald J. Trump was not informed until this morning of 2/16/18 about the latest news by the DOJ and FBI regarding its indictments against Russian operatives who have been identified as having meddled in the 2016 presidential election policies.

There can no longer be any denial by the White House that Russia did indeed attack the US voting and election infrastructure for the 2016 presidential elections season. The Department of Justice’s Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the announcement that the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III was charging 13 Russian nationals and a Kemlin-linked internet company.

I will be updating this blog as more information becomes available.

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On February 16, 2016, Brad Heath and Kevin Johnson of USA Today penned the following report, “Special counsel indicts Russian nationals for interfering with U.S. elections and political processes”

“Russian operatives sought to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including in support of supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump, special counsel Robert Mueller charged on Friday (2/16/18) in an indictment of 13 Russian nationals and a Kremlin-linked internet research firm.”

“In the indictment, Mueller charged that some of the Russians, posing as Americans,  “communicated with unwitting individuals” associated with Trump’s 2016 campaign “to seek to coordinate political activities.”

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“The charges include violations of campaign finance laws, conspiracy and identity theft and failing to register as agents of a foreign government.”

“They are the latest salvo in Mueller’s investigation of Russian election interference. Last year, prosecutors brought charges against four people tied to Trump’s campaign, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his top national security aide Mike Flynn.”

“Prosecutors allege that the Russian Internet Research Agency and others spread messages on social media to promote Trump’s candidacy and to criticize his political rival Hillary Clinton. They also alleged that some of the Russian operatives organized rallies supporting Trump and traveled to the United States to gather information.”

Thanks to CBS, here’s the indictment:

See entire 2/16/18 CBS report: Rod Rosenstein to announce indictments of Russians in U.S. election


  1. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    This is/was an absolutely brilliant move on the part of Bob Mueller and his team! It will now be impossible for King Little Hand Donnie to fire him or Rod Rosenstein to stop the investigation. To remove either man now that it has been indicated that the Russian Government did in fact interfere with our election would force even the most die hard congressional lackey to turn against him for their own protection…

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      You are so right. This showed the FBI in its glory, that it is not some fly by night operation. Then it exposed all the naysayers and the president who were attacking the DOJ and the FBI, that they were being critical of an organization doing exceptional work. The FBI and the DOJ made the WH and the president’s republican sycophants in the US Congress look petty.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Information is starting to come out that King Little Hand Donnie actually met with several of the individuals in the indictment during his visit to Moscow in 2013! It is not looking good for him at all, of course he will deny and deny any involvement regardless of the evidence. It might also be noted that Jared just had to once again modify his security application to correct incorrect and or omitted information. Does anyone think it is simply a coincidence that several days after he (Jared) visited Saudi Arabia that a coup occurred?

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  2. Oh my…this is mind blowing. Suddenly the Russian connection isn’t just a vague, digital presence, it has arms and legs and names. The juggernaut against Trump has just grown by an order of magnitude. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

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    • Dear Acflory,

      The President has found himself blocked in by his own lies. I believe he denies Russia’s meddling because he is a Russian asset/ puppet. The denial kind of explained his inaction. What is he going to do now that he can no longer get away denying the reality that Russia did in fact interfere with the 2016 presidential elections.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • He’ll spin it Gronda, the way he always spins inconvenient truths, and those who want to believe him will try to swallow it…but having real, live Russian spies to look at is going to make that very hard, even for the most fanatical. I hope this is the beginning of the end.

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  3. The bottom line: will SC Mueller indict Trump for collusion or at the very least obstruction? If not, then this is just a lame dog and pony show. Indicting Russians is meaningless, US has no jurisdiction over Russian Nationals; even on legal grounds, Russia does not share an extradition treaty with the US. Those criminal hackers will never pay for their “criminal interference”…. if you consider manipulating social media a “criminal act”.

    “The charges include violations of campaign finance laws, conspiracy and identity theft and failing to register as agents of a foreign government.”

    LOL, Russian hackers are among the elite, savviest cyber-criminals in the world. They are virtual ghosts, mercenaries of the digital domain. They cannot be traced nor identified, not by the NSA, CIA and certainly not by lowly ignorant FBI agents!

    You do realize they don’t even need to set foot on US soil to wreck havoc. Hacking is done remotely thru offshore shell corps – routed via proxy servers and private VPNs. They literally could be anyone, anywhere on planet, truly anonymous. “fancy bear and cozy bear” are merely covers conjured by our IC to scapegoat “russian hackers”.

    According to CNN:

    “June 15, 2016 – A cybersecurity firm hired by the DNC posts a public notice on its website describing an attack on the political committee’s computer network by two groups associated with Russian intelligence. According to the post, two Russian-backed groups called “Cozy Bear” and “Fancy Bear” tunneled into the committee’s computer system. In response, a blogger called Guccifer 2.0 claims that he alone conducted the hack, not the Russians. As proof, he posts internal DNC memos and opposition research on Trump. Furthermore, Guccifer 2.0 claims to have passed along thousands of files to WikiLeaks. Trump offers his own theory on the origins of the attack: suggesting in a statement that the DNC hacked itself to distract from Clinton’s email scandal.”

    Gucifer 2.0 is an elite Russian operative (ghost) collaborating with Russian Intelligence at the highest level, but removed from the Kremlin. Well….. that’s the story floating on the dark web. 😉

    Of course Putin will continue denying Russian interference, and Trump will naturally agree with his master! Please don’t tell me that Trump is going to get off?! 😦


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      The FBI and DOJ were making a point. They needed to show a doubting President Trump and Americans that Russia did indeed muddle in 2016 US elections and that there is overwhelming evidence to prove this.

      This is just for starters. The fireworks are coming.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • There was never any doubt about the Russians, now if only our IC could somehow connect them with Trump. Right now it’s all circumstantial as none of the hackers have been caught or even named!

        That’s why the right has been so flagrantly critical, casting doubt about Russian interference.
        It’s hard to prosecute ghosts in the machine. But i am looking forward to the fireworks!


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