aside Democrat’s Memo’s Release Rebuts And Destroys The Nunes Memo’s Assertions


Finally, on February 24, 2018 the democrats led by the US House Intelligence Committee’s democratic leader, Rep. Adam Schiff was able to release his rebuttal memo,only 3 weeks after the republican chair Rep. Devin Nunes released his memo despite the FBI indicating that it was full of omissions and formally requested that this action not be taken.

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In his memo, Rep. Schiff refers to quotes regarding a lengthy passage from the actual application the FBI sent to the FISA court requesting permission to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, a former adviser hired by the Trump campaign. In the key line, the application explicitly notes that “the FBI details” that the republicans’ bogeyman Christopher Steele had been hired to find “opposition research that could be used to discredit Candidate #1’s [Trump’s] campaign.”


That line alone disputes the Nunes Memo assertions that the FISA court had not been fully informed as to the possible bias regarding the former MI6  Christopher Steele’ and his dossier. The FBI clearly states in the FISA application the fact that Mr. Steele was hired to find dirt on Trump. Thus the core claim in the Nunes memo is totally proven to be false.

But wait for the republicans’ response to Rep. Adam Schiff’s rebuttal. They are now claiming in their document that this crucial information was only found in a footnote.

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On February 24, 2018, Chris Mergerian and Joseph Tanfani of the LA Times penned the following report, “House panel releases Democratic memo that counters Republican critique of surveillance during the 2016 campaign”


“The House Intelligence Committee on Saturday released a Democratic memo countering a harsh Republican critique of the FBI and Justice Department, escalating the partisan battle over government surveillance of a former Trump campaign advisor that began three weeks before the 2016 election.”

“The top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Adam Schiff of Burbank, has said the 10-page rebuttal was needed to correct the “many distortions and inaccuracies” in a four-page Republican memo released on Feb. 2.”


“President Trump quickly agreed to declassify the Republican memo, but he initially blocked the Democratic version by saying its contents were too sensitive. Democrats negotiated with law enforcement officials to redact some details, eventually securing its release weeks after the Republican document had roiled politics and dominated headlines.”

 “The Democratic memo says the FBI and Justice Department acted properly when they sought a secret warrant to eavesdrop on Carter Page, an energy consultant whose contacts with Russian authorities had drawn FBI scrutiny for years.”

“The dueling conclusions deepen the bitter divide on the Intelligence Committee and within Congress in general over how to view the FBI’s investigation of Page — and, by extension, the broader investigation led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III into whether Trump or his aides assisted Russian meddling in the campaign or obstructed justice in the White House.”

“After submitting a lengthy classified application to a special court, the FBI and Justice Department were granted a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to conduct surveillance against Page starting on Oct. 21, 2016.”

“The approval signified that the court agreed there was probable cause to believe Page could be a Russian agent. He already had left his job as an unpaid foreign policy advisor for the Trump campaign.”


“The initial 90-day warrant was renewed three times by three different judges, each time after new applications were reviewed and signed by top leaders at the FBI and Justice Department.”

“Page was never charged with a crime, and has claimed he was the victim of FBI overreach as part of a politically inspired effort to defeat Trump or undermine his presidency. The FBI, in turn, denies wrongdoing.”

The Republican memo was championed Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare), chair of the House committee. It said the four FISA court applications were flawed because they relied heavily on intelligence gathered by Christopher Steele, a former British spy then working for an opposition research group under contract to lawyers for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”


“The GOP memo says FBI and Justice officials held back information about Steele’s Democratic connections, and did not reveal Steele’s personal loathing of Trump.”

“But the Democrats’ memo contests the assertion that the FISA warrant depended largely on Steele’s partly unverified information, which later was leaked. It also says the application did indicate that Steele had political motivations, even though it didn’t explicitly say he was working on behalf of another political party.”

“Steele, who had focused on Russia as a British intelligence operative, was an FBI source long before the campaign. His relationship with the bureau later was terminated after he disclosed some of his material to several U.S. news organizations.”


“The memos have become the battleground for an extraordinary confrontation between Trump and the top officials he appointed to lead the FBI and Justice Department. Just before the Republican memo’s release, the FBI released a rare statement saying it had “grave concerns” about its accuracy.”

“Some Republican leaders were careful to say the GOP allegations were not aimed at undermining the Mueller investigation. Trump had no such reluctance, tweeting that the Republican memo “totally vindicates” him and denouncing “little Adam Schiff” as “one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington.”


  1. That map of Russia should be divided into three districts…one for Nunes, one for Matt Gaetz, and one for Jim Jordan. I hope the grand jury indicts all three for obstruction of Justice. They all belong behind bars.

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    • Dear TopDog41;

      I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment. And of course the GOP should now stand for Governed by Putin.

      I have to wonder why Rep Nunes would so flagrantly be supportive of a Russian asset in the White House?

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, as we have discussed, this rebuttal memo was necessitated by Congressman Devin Nunes violating protocol for the second time on the Russia investigation, this time releasing a memo that should not have been publicized. In not letting the FBI come in and respond to questions, Nunes made it political. Any time a politician does not follow normal process, he has made it political. Take it to the bank.

    As further evidence of Nunes’ sycophancy, he has refused to have the annual intelligence briefing from the directors of all national security agencies. The speculation is he does not want these people under oath answering questions.

    Please join me in asking Paul Ryan to remove Nunes from his Committee chair. I have also asked Nunes to resign his post letting him know I am an Independent and former Republucan. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      I will continue to call legislators to push for the ouster of Rep Nunes as head of US House Intelligence Committee because he is a zealous partisan in a body that was supposed to be non partisan.

      The republicans cannot afford for a shinning light to be showing the president’s ties to Russia, as it will reflect badly on them.

      The lack of GOP’s efforts to contain the president’s lack of response to Russia for their electronic war on our political infrastructure is untenable.

      The coalition of the decent get this.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear John Fioravanti,

      The vast majority of Americans will not stand for this. I am talking about decent peoples across the board from republican conservatives, to independent voters and democrats who are into governing based on facts with a foundation in reality, credible studies, due diligence, etc., are going to have their say at the polls.

      Hugs, Gronda


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