aside It’s Alleged That Jared Kushner Shared Intelligence With Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia

Relationship: Jared Kushner took part in a lunch at the White House last week which his father-in-law threw for Mohammed bin Salman

It would be interesting to know the leak for this breaking news story. The allegations are of a serious nature indicating that the republican President Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner did deliberately share classified material that he had access to with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

There is a way to partly verify if intelligence was shared. It could be done by lining up the list of the prince’s enemies as per US intelligence reports and matching the list of names with of those the prince singled out as not being on his side, soon after Jared Kushner’s visit.

Disclaimer: The Daily Mail does not have the best reputation for being a reliable source in the UK. This story has not been picked up by other media outlets. I am posting this report because it lines up with some information I have already blogged on, but independent of the part about the sharing of US classified data. There’s no way that even the Daily Mail would publish this breaking news without credible sourcing because it would become inundated with law suits.

Here’s the rest of the story… 

On April 5, 2018, Ryan Parry and Josh Boswell of the Daily Mail penned the following report,  EXCLUSIVE: Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying ‘here are your enemies’ days before ‘corruption crackdown’ which led to torture and death

  • Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Jared Kushner in October
  • Salman has since bragged about using classified intelligence from Kushner as part of a crackdown on ‘corrupt’ princes and businessmen in Saudi Arabia
  • He said the intelligence from Kushner included information on those who were disloyal to Salman and who were his ‘enemies’, insiders tell DailyMail 
  • Kushner’s attorney’s spokesman said it was ‘false’ that the president’s son-in-law passed on secrets and that he was ‘well aware of the rules’
  • The crown prince launched his crackdown on corruption in November, days after he met Kushner for talks in Riyadh
  • Hundreds were rounded up, including princes from rival parts of the Saudi royal family and some of the country’s wealthiest businessmen
  • But the crackdown saw accusations of torture and at least one reported death 
Kushner was said to have a late night meeting discussing intelligence with Salman in October. Kusher and Salman are pictured above with Ivanka Trump at the Murabba Palace in Riyadh last May

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman bragged of receiving classified US intelligence from Jared Kushner and using it as part of a purge of ‘corrupt’ princes and businessmen, can disclose.

The de facto ruler of the Middle East’s largest economy is currently on a US tour which has seen him meet President Donald Trump in the White House, hold talks with a string of the country’s richest and most influential people and book the entire Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for himself and his entourage.

The crackdown on ‘corruption’ in the Saudi kingdom was led by MBS and began in November, days after he had met Kushner for talks in Riyadh.

But it saw allegations of torture as hundreds were rounded up, including princes from rival parts of the Saudi royal family and some of the country’s wealthiest businessmen. revealed a photograph showing the detainees sleeping on the floor of a ballroom at the Riyadh Ritz Carlton, and disclosed that some had been tortured.

The New York Times later reported that one of the detainees had died from his injuries.

Most are said to have reached ‘settlements’ with the Saudi government, and MBS himself boasted in a 60 Minutes interview that the government had regained at least $100 billion from them.

Kushner claimed through his attorney Abbe Lowell that it was a ‘false story’.

Peter Mirijanian, Lowell’s spokesman, said: ‘The alleged exchange never happened. Mr Kushner was and is well aware of the rules governing information and follows those rules.’

Despite Kushner’s denial sources have told how MBS boasted in private that Kushner was the source of intelligence used in the round-up.

Salman is currently on a US tour which has seen him meet President Trump in the White House and hold talks with a string of the country’s richest and most influential people. He’s pictured above with Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the Gates residence in Seattle.

He also told members of his circle that the intelligence included information on who was disloyal to him. There is no way to independently verify the truth of the boast.

‘Jared took a list out of names from US eavesdrops of people who were supposedly MBS’s enemies,’ said one source, characterizing how MBS spoke about the information.

‘He took a list out of these people who had been trashing MBS in phone calls, and said ‘these are the ones who are your enemies’.

‘MBS was actually bragging about it in Saudi Arabia when it happened, that he and Jared sat up until 4am discussing things, and Jared brought him this list.’

Salman (second from left) also met with Richard Branson, (left) Founder of Virgin Group, during a visit to Virgin Galactic in Mojave, California.

The Riyadh source said: ‘They sat for several hours together. They literally laid out the future map of the entire region, that’s why they stayed up to the early hours of the morning from the afternoon before.’

The intelligence allegedly discussed during Kushner’s visit to the Middle East last October was said to have came from U.S. wiretaps on conversations between Arab royals in hotels in London, in major U.S. cities and even on yachts docked close to Monte Carlo, a favorite playground of the super-rich.

A separate source told that it was being said in the Gulf that the president’s son-in-law took a copy of information from the daily intelligence briefing provided by the intelligence community to the White House, and shared its contents with MBS.

And on this final leg of the trip, which was his first since taking over as the de facto leader of the kingdom, the crown prince booked all 285 rooms of the Four Season in Beverly Hills

The intelligence named several family members who were opposed to his rise, it was said.

‘Kushner got hold of an intelligence briefing,’ said the Riyadh palace source, recounting the version which originated with MBS. ‘At that time he had a high level of security clearance and had access to that. He copied it and provided its contents to MBS.

‘The CIA are doing their job by briefing the president on what is happening internationally.

‘This is a briefing by the CIA to tell the president that some members of the Saudi royal family are plotting in this and that country.

‘Kushner took that part of the briefing and flew to Saudi Arabia to impress MBS.’

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  1. Gronda, this would be damning if true. Irrespective of whether it is, he will likely be the first family member indicted. He cannot hit up foreign visitors for money like he has been reported doing and he may be involved in the Russian meddling. When this shoe drops, it will get many people’s attention. Keith

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  2. This should prove very interesting if and when the facts come to light! How does one get to the mafia Don?…. by slowly squeezing his underlings until they give! Read up on Eliot Ness and Al Capone!


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