aside End The US President’s Lie That Those FBI Who All Raided His Attorney’s Office Are Democrats

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On the 9th of April in 2018, the FBI on a “no knock” warrant raided the office of the republican President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen’s office.

Soon after, the president declared that the people behind this raid are all in a witch hunt, mostly democrats, who have been out to get him ever since he was ensconced in the White House.

The president made this announcement as he ranted over the unfairness of his situation while he was in the middle of a meeting with the military joint chiefs of staff, set to discuss the actions the US should take in response to the recent chemical gas attack on civilians in Syria by its own government while Russia and Iran turned a blind eye.

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(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Would you believe, based on the president’s rant, that the party’s office which approved the raid is headed by none other than Rudy Giuliani’s law partner, a republican who replaced the fired Preet Bharara? But like the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions who recused himself with any involvement with the FBI’s Trump- Russia probe, he also recused himself from having anything to do with the FBI’s investigation into Michael Cohen’s activities.

His name is Geoffrey Berman, the new U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who also donated monies to the president’s campaign.

The FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III had uncovered information not related to the Trump-Russia investigation that he is leading. As an officer of the court, he made a referral via all republicans within the US Department of Justice. There was not one democrat in the mix.

What the president doesn’t get is that these professionals do not serve him but the US Constitution. Incidentally, the level of proof had to be beyond substantial for the FBI to be granted a “no knock” warrant in order to raid the office of the president’s personal attorney office. The warrant included the charges of election violations, wire and bank fraud. (This was no witch hunt.)

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On April 9, 2018, Jed Shugerman of Slate penned the following report, “Why Robert Mueller Handed Off the Michael Cohen Raid” (“The special counsel might be insulating his investigation against his own potential firing.”)


“The raid (on Michael Cohen’s office and hotel room) was by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, and not directly by Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office. Mueller’s team referred the case to the U.S. attorney, but the U.S. attorney sought the search warrant and received it only after establishing probable cause. In searches of such high-profile and sensitive subjects, U.S. attorneys usually need approval higher up in the Department of Justice.”

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“Why might this U.S. attorney’s office have been involved? One answer is the most basic: a raid of at least two locations simultaneously—office and hotel—requires a lot of bodies and coordination. If you need that many FBI agents, you already need to coordinate with the local office for it to go smoothly. Former prosecutors say that Mueller might have referred this raid to the Southern District for logistical reasons alone. But he still chose to refer the investigation to this U.S. attorney’s office rather than simply use their logistical support.”

“What else might this move tell us about Robert Mueller’s thinking? First, remember that Mueller has learned that Trump has already tried to fire him, and the person who  reportedly stopped him—White House counsel Don McGahn—is rumored to be on his way out of the administration.”

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“The Post is reporting that the subject of the Cohen warrant was an investigation into possible bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign finance violations, possibly related to a hush money contract with adult film performer Stormy Daniels. Mueller probably could have made a claim that Cohen already fell under his jurisdiction, which is to investigate Russian election interference, links between the Trump campaign and Russia, and “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” But it has been reported that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the call to involve the U.S. attorney, and perhaps Rosenstein made a strategic calculation about Trump, or they agreed together. It seems, though, that both men know they need to spread Mueller’s work around as a hedge against his firing, and maybe even to try to deter Trump from firing him.”


“In comments after the raid, Trump attacked Mueller, Rosenstein, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, hinting ominously about what he might do next. Mueller and Rosenstein may have anticipated that this raid might have been the last straw for Trump, triggering their firings as they get closer and closer to Trump’s inner circle and any potential personal criminal liability. Once other prosecutors’ offices are involved and have gathered evidence of crimes, though, Trump receives less benefit from firing Mueller, and at an increasing cost. And even if Trump fires Mueller, more prosecutors can carry on the work, with access to some of the same material. Trump should not be able to fire Mueller under the DOJ’s rules or under the Constitution, but Mueller and Rosenstein understand they need to have an emergency backup for a president who does not care about those rules.”

“Second, Mueller’s move also suggests that he trusts some prosecutors to cooperate, that he trusts Rosenstein to keep up his supervision, and that he at least has sufficient hope that Sessions will stay out of the way. Sessions’ firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did not inspire confidence that he would recuse himself fully from the Russia investigation, but Mueller must have some assurances from Rosenstein that the investigation can proceed in the DOJ.”


“Third, Mueller may be thinking about politics and legitimacy. The right-wing pundits and Fox News commentators have been complaining that Mueller has exceeded the scope of the Russia investigation. (They did not seem to mind when special counsel Kenneth Starr moved from a land deal to a blue dress.) Anyone who has followed Cohen’s career knows there are obvious connections to the Russia investigation. Even if these conservative attacks are not legally sound or morally consistent, they nevertheless might give Trump cover to fire Mueller, and they might give Republicans cover to tolerate his firing with just enough handwringing and finger-wagging but no real action.”

“So, Mueller may be engaging in a political strategy: Monday’s raid does not fit the right-wing narrative of a deep-state Inspector Javert out of control, but instead, it involves more traditional law enforcement officials and even more Trump appointees. The Southern District is the most establishment prosecutors’ office in the country, which might still open up attacks on “the deep state” from the fringe right and the Trump dead-enders, but mainstream Republicans know better. U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman is viewed as a reliable nonpartisan professional who served in Republican administrations. Sessions appointed Berman as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District after Trump interviewed him.”

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“Fourth, this raid involved not only the U.S. attorney’s office, but also a federal judge or magistrate judge signing off on the search warrant on the president’s lawyer after finding probable cause of criminal acts. That’s a big deal. A magistrate is not a federal judge, but they are appointed by federal judges, and they are not going to mess around in such a high-profile case. The prosecutors had to show not only probable cause of a crime, but they probably also had to persuade the magistrate that attorney-client privilege did not protect against the raid. Prosecutors likely had to convince the magistrate that at least some of the evidence would fit the crime-fraud exception to the privilege, and that bar is usually set very high. In such cases, it is important to have a separate team of investigators examine the evidence to separate protected communication from unprotected, which is another reason to involve the U.S. attorney, because the office is probably better able to provide two separate teams to honor the attorney-client privilege.”

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Fifth, Mueller may simply realize that his team already has too much work to prosecute Cohen for campaign finance felonies. That case seems relatively straightforward: Cohen allegedly made an illegal campaign donation willfully. When John Edwards’s campaign did something similar, the DOJ prosecuted. Let the DOJ handle this aspect of the Stormy case quickly, and meanwhile, Mueller is free to speak with Cohen’s attorneys and see if he might want to make a deal on the more direct Russia investigation—though given his loyalty to Trump, this seems like a long shot.”

Finally, anyone who has been following this investigation knows that Michael Cohen’s involvement is more than just hush-money for his client’s sexual adventures. Various journalists, such as Josh Marshall, have shown that Cohen is deeply implicated in Trump’s business in Russia and potential financial crimes over many years. If Putin has kompromat on Trump, it may actually be evidence of such financial crimes. If Cohen knows where the bodies are buried, Mueller may be one step closer to knowing, too. And significantly, more prosecutors’ offices may be closer to knowing.”


  1. Is this possibly the beginning of the end for the Trump administration? One can only hope. Should he be so stupid as to now fire Rosenstein or Mueller, I have a feeling that, like Nixon’s screw-up, Trump will soon find himself in a position without an escape clause.

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    • Dear Suze,

      Yesterday was a bad day for President Trump but it was a great day for the “rule of law.” This was no witch hunt.

      Whatever law enforcement has against Michael Cohen, it is Huuuuuge. Since he knows where all the bones are buried, he is going to be squeezed hard.

      This was a BIG DEAL. By this being handled by the NY judicial system, the president will not be able to use his pardon powers as effectively. The State of NY can criminally charge Mr. Cohen for illegal activity that would come under the jurisdiction of the state because Mr. Cohen is a resident of NYC. The presidential pardon does not extend to the state court systems.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, I am hard pressed to believe Cohen is not guilty of campaign financing fraud. And, he maybe guilty of other matters. I am also hard pressed to believe Donald Trump is unaware of everything involving his name. He had too big an ego, but to be frank anyone would want to know something like that. So, when he says he did not know of the $130,000 payoff, I do not believe him. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      He is guilty as sin. What I find to be interesting is that all the decision makers involved in ordering the raid are republicans. There is not one democrat in the mix. There is no way that this warrant would have been approved without substantial evidence.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, as Mueller gets closer, the tirades will get worse. At some point, people need to recognize the seriousness of purpose that Meuller and team are taking. His history reveals an upstanding man who has served his country well. The only criticism I have read about him is he can be gruff. I will take an honorable gruff man over an untruthful, demeaning and egotistical one any day. One thing I know for certain, is if those Trump fans had a boss like him, they would not be there very long. Keith

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  3. This is going to get very complicated and frenetic the closer the investigations get to ‘home’.
    Of course there will be more shrillness, as night follows day.

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  4. This “no knock” warrant is looking very promising indeed! I hope the FBI recovers all the necessary proof which reveals all of Trump’s dirty dealings, which may or may not include Russia. It is well known that the President has extensive business dealings with Russian banks in the past. This investigation should prove beyond doubt whether he’s financially under Russia’s thumb, or his decisions are based upon his personal financial interests tied with Russia. I’m leaning towards the latter theory, altho i could be wrong.


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      The raid could uncover some data involving Russia but that was not the purpose of the FBI raid. The warrant listed the possible charges of campaign election violations, bank and wire fraud.

      It looks like the attorney Michael Cohen is in legal hot water but Mr. Mueller would not have relegated this operation to a different division if what they expected to find had anything to go with Russia.

      Hugs, Gronda


  5. Dear 1EarthUnited,

    It is not the extramarital affair that has Mr. Trump in trouble. It is the cover up that is the problem.

    Be careful about buying into the “deep state” conspiracy theories.

    Mr. Mueller and Mr. Rosenstein are lifelong republicans. The NYC US justice division which conducted the raid is headed by a republican who donated monies to the Trump campaign. He has recused himself from having any part of the Michael Cohen investigation, but all those involved in the raid are republicans, many are political appointees.

    This is a situation where these law enforcement agents are simply doing their jobs in a non-partisan manner. The president cannot conceive of the idea that their loyalty is to the US constitution, the “rule of law” and not the president. They are not his political tools. That does not make them part of the “deep state.”

    Hugs, Gronda


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