aside Michael Cohen Marks A Turning Point Towards The End Of FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe

RJ Matson, CQ Roll Call

The “rule of law” has been under a full throttle attack-mode  by the republican President Donald Trump and his crony republicans. No institution is perfect but the FBI and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) have taken steps/ reform since the days of J. Edgar Hoover to where it is an entity we can count on.

Just look at what the judicial system and the free press which is what the president hates as he frequently disparages and tweets about both, have accomplished in just one week in April 2018.

1.) The president’s personal attorney/ consigliere  Michael Cohen’s office, house, hotel room was raided by FBI on 9th of April, directed by Southern District of NY, which is headed by a President Trump republican appointee.


2.) By the SDNY judicial office in Manhattan taking over this case involving Mr. Cohen, this guarantees that this part of the investigation will continue no matter who President Trump fires now. While the president can pardon anyone convicted of a federal crime, he can’t if Mr. Cohen is criminally charged at the NY state level in the state courts. The benefit of this case being investigated by the federal court system in the Southern District of NY,  is that this state is where Mr. Cohen conducts a lot of his business. This means that the federal courts can work with the state courts of New York so that Mr. Cohen will/ can be charged for criminal wrong doings that would come under the jurisdiction of the State of NY where the promise of a presidential pardon carries no weight.

3.) News has surfaced to indicate that Mr. Cohen is running a NDA (non disclosure agreement) mill business like the old fashioned ambulance chaser. He has been involved with NDA cases with Elliott Broidy, a republican major fund raiser; Dino Sujadin, a former doorman who had compromising information about the president; Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal who both claim an affair with the president in 2006.. All except Dino was represented by the same attorney Keith M. Davidson. The last three individuals involved payments for their silence made after President Trump had started his presidential campaign, where the monies paid and the circumstances are subject to campaign finance laws.


4.) McClatchy report has broken the news that Mr. Cohen was definitely in Prague around Sep 2016, which Mr. Cohen has vehemently denied in the public forum but also under oath when he was interviewed by Senate and the House Intel Committees.

5.) By the president refusing to be interviewed by the FBI, Mr. Mueller is in position to finish up his report on the “obstruction of justice” portion of his investigation pertaining to the president. I am certain that he is working overtime to finish the report on his findings asap.

The “rule of law” will prevail and the end is in sight.

Image result for photo of snl deniro schiller
Robert De Niro’s Robert Mueller Grills Ben Stiller’s Michael Cohen

See: SNL cold open: Robert De Niro’s Mueller grills Ben Stiller’s Cohen/ Washington Post

Dave Granlund,

Here’s the rest of the story…

On April 14, 2018 Adam Davidson of the New Yorker penned the following report, “Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency”


“In Iraq and with the financial crisis, it was helpful, as a reporter, to be able to divide the world into those who actually understand what was happening and those who said hopeful nonsense. The path of both crises turned out to be far worse than I had imagined.”

“I thought of those earlier experiences this week as I began to feel a familiar clarity about what will unfold next in the Trump Presidency. There are lots of details and surprises to come, but the endgame of this Presidency seems as clear now as those of Iraq and the financial crisis did months before they unfolded. Last week, federal investigators raided the offices of Michael Cohen, the man who has been closer than anybody to Trump’s most problematic business and personal relationships. This week, we learned that Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months—his e-mails have been read, presumably his phones have been tapped, and his meetings have been monitored. Trump has long declared a red line: Robert Mueller must not investigate his businesses, and must only look at any possible collusion with Russia. That red line is now crossed and, for Trump, in the most troubling of ways. Even if he were to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and then had Mueller and his investigation put on ice, and even if—as is disturbingly possible—Congress did nothing, the Cohen prosecution would continue. Even if Trump pardons Cohen, the information the Feds have on him can become the basis for charges against others in the Trump Organization. (Because Michael Cohen resides in New York City where he conducts a lot of his businesses, some charges can be prosecuted by the New York state courts where the presidential pardon has no reach.)”

Federal agents sought records related to Cohen's finances and business dealings.
Yana Paskova/Getty Images

“This is the week we know, with increasing certainty, that we are entering the last phase of the Trump Presidency. This doesn’t feel like a prophecy; it feels like a simple statement of the apparent truth. I know dozens of reporters and other investigators who have studied Donald Trump and his business and political ties. Some have been skeptical of the idea that President Trump himself knowingly colluded with Russian officials. It seems not at all Trumpian to participate in a complex plan with a long-term, uncertain payoff. Collusion is an imprecise word, but it does seem close to certain that his son Donald, Jr., and several people who worked for him colluded with people close to the Kremlin; it is up to prosecutors and then the courts to figure out if this was illegal or merely deceitful. We may have a hard time finding out what President Trump himself knew and approved.”

“However, I am unaware of anybody who has taken a serious look at Trump’s business who doesn’t believe that there is a high likelihood of rampant criminality. In Azerbaijan, he did business with a likely money launderer for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. In the Republic of Georgia, he partnered with a group that was being investigated for a possible role in the largest known bank-fraud and money-laundering case in history. In Indonesia, his development partner is “knee-deep in dirty politics”; there are criminal investigations of his deals in Brazil; the F.B.I. is reportedly looking into his daughter Ivanka’s role in the Trump hotel in Vancouver, for which she worked with a Malaysian family that has admitted to financial fraud. Back home, Donald, Jr., and Ivanka were investigated for financial crimes associated with the Trump hotel in SoHo—an investigation that was halted suspiciously. His Taj Mahal casino received what was then the largest fine in history for money-laundering violations.”

Meanwhile, Cohen's own attorneys were due in court, as they tried to prevent the Justice Department from examining Cohen's files that were taken during the raid. Federal prosecutors said they went through with the raid without a subpoena because they believed the material
Yana Paskova/Getty Images

“Listing all the financial misconduct can be overwhelming and tedious. I have limited myself to some of the deals over the past decade, thus ignoring Trump’s long history of links to New York Mafia figures and other financial irregularities. It has become commonplace to say that enough was known about Trump’s shady business before he was elected; his followers voted for him precisely because they liked that he was someone willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, and they also believe that all rich business people have to do shady things from time to time. In this way of thinking, any new information about his corrupt past has no political salience. Those who hate Trump already think he’s a crook; those who love him don’t care.”

“I believe this assessment is wrong. Sure, many people have a vague sense of Trump’s shadiness, but once the full details are better known and digested, a fundamentally different narrative about Trump will become commonplace. Remember: we knew a lot about problems in Iraq in May, 2003. Americans saw TV footage of looting and heard reports of U.S. forces struggling to gain control of the entire country. We had plenty of reporting, throughout 2007, about various minor financial problems. Somehow, though, these specific details failed to impress upon most Americans the over-all picture.”

US District Judge Kimba Wood appeared to take exception to Cohen's absence in court:
Yana Paskova/Getty Images

“The narrative that will become widely understood is that Donald Trump did not sit atop a global empire. He was not an intuitive genius and tough guy who created billions of dollars of wealth through fearlessness. He had a small, sad operation, mostly run by his two oldest children and Michael Cohen, a lousy lawyer who barely keeps up the pretenses of lawyering and who now faces an avalanche of charges, from taxicab-backed bank fraud to money laundering and campaign-finance violations.”

“Cohen, Donald, Jr., and Ivanka monetized their willingness to sign contracts with people rejected by all sensible partners. Even in this, the Trump Organization left money on the table, taking a million dollars here, five million there, even though the service they provided—giving branding legitimacy to blatantly sketchy projects—was worth far more. It was not a company that built value over decades, accumulating assets and leveraging wealth. It burned through whatever good will and brand value it established as quickly as possible, then moved on.”

Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle, GA

“There are important legal questions that remain. How much did Donald Trump and his children know about the criminality of their partners? How explicit were they in agreeing to put a shiny gold brand on top of corrupt deals? The answers to these questions will play a role in determining whether they go to jail and, if so, for how long.”

“There is no longer one major investigation into Donald Trump, focussed solely on collusion with Russia. There are now at least two, including a thorough review of Cohen’s correspondence. The information in his office and hotel room will likely make clear precisely how much the Trump family knew. What we already know is disturbing, and it is hard to imagine that the information prosecutors will soon learn will do anything but worsen the picture.”

Marshall Ramsey for Apr 13, 2018

“Of course Trump is raging and furious and terrified. Prosecutors are now looking at his core. Cohen was the key intermediary between the Trump family and its partners around the world; he was chief consigliere and dealmaker throughout its period of expansion into global partnerships with sketchy oligarchs. He wasn’t a slick politico who showed up for a few months. He knows everything, he recorded much of it, and now prosecutors will know it. It seems inevitable that much will be made public. We don’t know when. We don’t know the precise path the next few months will take. There will be resistance and denial and counterattacks. But it seems likely that, when we look back on this week, we will see it as a turning point. We are now in the end stages of the Trump Presidency.”


  1. Cohen wants to pick and choose what files can be viewed based on client / /attorney privilege. Every mob boss needs a consigliere and that is what Cohen is for the prez. It’s all about sex, money, and covering up criminal activity in the west wing

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    • Dear Holly,

      You’ve got the picture. Mr. Cohen is acting like a mafia lawyer. He is more comfortable threatening people instead of practicing law. This is what the president wants in his attorney general.

      Judge Wood will cut him down to size in court, this afternoon.

      Mr. Cohen has the Feds, the US Department of Justice federal court system and the NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, along with the press on his rear end.

      To say that he is in legal pile of manure where even a presidential pardon can’t save him, is a major understatement.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gronda, we have clearly seen his guilt with obstruction of justice, with Trump even confessing to part of it in am interview. We have presumed his guilt of things to be determined given the amount of lying going on by Trump and people around him. But, this is the most matter-of-fact piece I have seen thus far. Let’s hope this narrative builds. As expected, Trump and his confidantes are in full court press mode. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      Mr Trump is addicted to lying, creating his own reality show where he can’t afford an independent judicial system or a free press which is why he derails against both.

      But so far, the judicial and the free press have been the heroes of the President Trump reality show based on lies, “fake news” saga.

      He and his cronies are meeting a lot of resistance.

      Their deck of cards based on lies, innuendos, conspiracy theories are about to fall.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    Good outline of the problems that the King faces in the hopefully near future. I might mention that over on the other side, that the name ” Keith Schiller” keeps coming up and many people in a position to know are indicating that some major news of his involvement in this criminal activity is about to be brought to the surface. We think that Cohen’s raid will reveal the truth about the criminal activity, wait until this man, who was intimately involved in a large part of this is brought into the limelight! What is almost amusing, if it was not such an important event in this nations history, is that much of what we are seeing is playing out like what we used to call a “dime store novel”!

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  4. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    This is now out there for the world to see! King Donnie is now attempting to force the court to allow he and his attorney’s the right to first inspect all the seized items and documents in the raid on Cohen’s office. Wow, I would guess that anyone that has ever been the recipient of a criminal search warrant would love to have the same privilege as claimed by this criminal cartel!

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      On Friday, 13th of April 2018 Mr. Cohen’s attorney has filed a TRO “Temporary Restraining Order” with the argument that there are 1000s of pieces data involving the sacrosanct “attorney-client privilege.” He wants his side to have first crack at reviewing all the material collected in the FBI raid conducted on 4/9/18 on Mr. Cohen’s work places.

      Good luck with that. The prosecutors were ready and argued that Mr. Cohen has very few clients, if any. They argued that he no longer practices law but acts more like a consigliere.

      The judge asked for a list of Mr. Cohen’s clients but the attorney couldn’t giver an answer.

      Judge Kimba Wood ordered the attorney to return to her courtroom on Monday, 16th of April at 2:30 pm with Mr. Cohen in tow.

      Imagine how she will be feeling after seeing all the TV news shows over the weekend, displaying videos of Michael Cohen enjoying himself with friends and cigars while his attorney was in the courtroom.

      Thanks for the reference and the tip on Keith Schiller.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      This will never happen. The best Mr. Cohen can hope for is that Judge decides to appoint a special master to help out prosecutors.

      Hugs, Gronda


  5. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    The head of the U.S. government is every bit as corrupt, as evil, as any modern-day leader in the world, bar none. How he got elected is still, and always will be, beyond my comprehension. Friend Gronda has put together this enlightening post keeping us up to date with the latest … please take a few minutes to read. If there is such a thing as justice remaining in this nation, Trump will be gone from the White House by the end of this year. If he isn’t, then justice is but another empty word in the U.S. Thank you, Gronda, for bringing us up to date and explaining the latest.

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    • Dear Jill,

      You haven’t heard the latest. Mr. Cohen was in court to today, 16th April.

      He and his attorney had filed a TRO, temporary restraining order meant to keep the FBI from reviewing the material they collected on a raid of Mr. Cohen’s work places on 4/9/18 until it could be decided who would review the evidence to separate data that truly falls under the protection of “client-attorney ” privilege. Mr. Cohen wants at least a special master to do this. But the FBI and DOJ have separate tag teams where agents can do this. The attorneys who do the review have to remain completely separate from those who are doing the investigative work, but they are set up to do this.

      The prosecution has argued that Mr. Cohen has very few clients to where this should not be a problem.

      Judge Kimba Wood made Mr. Cohen and his attorneys share the names of his clients. They named President Trump, the former RNC fund raiser Elliott Broidy but they tried to give the third name without naming him publicly. The judge ordered them to state the name publicly.

      The name is the FOX TV host, Sean Hannity. The reason as to why he hired Mr. Cohen hasn’t been fully disclosed. So far, there was some discussion about Mr. Hannity needing help with countering left wing groups that were trying to silence him.

      Thanks a million times over for all of your support and for this reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • That news is the buzz of the day!!! So much speculation, but I think we’ll need to wait for some of the dust to settle to find out what it really all means. You are wonderful, Gronda … being able to keep up with all of the latest developments when I am still trying to remember my name some days!!! Thanks so much for the update and for all you do … Hugs!!!

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    • Dear Acflory,

      This case has to develop to a point where even the GOP members in the US Congress have to face the reality that the president and some of his republican cronies are guilty as sin to where there is no spin that will fix this.

      Once that point in the case is reached, the end is near. The problem is that President Trump will not depart the White House graciously.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • When he took office I was sure the protests would fizzle and fade but the anger has simply grown. And yes, I think you’re right. The situation is heading towards a kind of critical mass. I just hope it’s soon!

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    • Dear Calensariel,

      I can toast a drink to that thought. I keep feeling that we “never Trumpers” are fighting for the soul of this country, where decency, civility, compassion, respect for the “rule of law,” truth, the free press, appreciation of diversity, etc. prevails.

      Hugs, Gronda


  6. From outside of the USA this conjures up an image of Trump as the captain of the Titanic, having crew members running about with sticking plasters and kitchen towels, then getting furious because they keep telling him the ship is sinking, which he ‘knows’ it’s not, so he sends other crew members with sticking plasters and kitchen towels.

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    • Dear Roger,

      You detail a great analogy. The president knows that Mr. Cohen is in deep legal trouble. As soon as this reality dawns on Mr. Cohen, the president’s ship will sink to the bottom of the sea at record speed.

      Hugs, Gronda

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