aside President Trump Is Afraid Of Facing G7 World Leaders That He Has Been Bullying

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The republican President Donald Trump loves to dish it out but he doesn’t like to have to face the incoming angry tirades that are the  result from him imposing tariffs on our neighbors and allies.

We do have serious trade issues with China. As per 4/16/18, “Major areas of concern expressed by U.S. policymakers and stakeholders include China’s alleged widespread cyber economic espionage against U.S. firms; relatively ineffective record of enforcing intellectual property rights (IPR); discriminatory innovation policies; mixed record on implementing its World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations; extensive use of industrial policies (such as subsidies and trade and investment barriers) to promote and protect industries favored by the government; and interventionist policies to influence the value of its currency. Many U.S. policymakers argue that such policies adversely impact U.S. economic interests and have contributed to U.S. job losses in some sectors.”

But instead of the president primarily focusing on improving the US trade status with regards to China, he is also targeting our neighbors and allies like Canada, Mexico, EU European Union countries and the UK with tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, using the excuse that the US is acting to protect US national security interests. Our neighbors and friends have not taken this news well at all.

According to Canada’s President Justin Trudeau, Canada, Mexico and the USA had finalized the outline of an updated NAFTA trade agreement but it was blown up when the US Vice President Mike Pence insisted at the last minute on a sunset clause for 5 years.

Now our US president has to meet many of these countries’ leaders at the annual G7 (Group of Seven) summit which kicks off in Quebec on the 8th of May 2018, where the stage is set for a major showdown between the US and its allies.

This is where the leaders of the G7, an informal bloc of some of the world’s most powerful industrialized countries, including Germany, the UK, and Japan, get together every year. Typically they collaborate on issues like global security, the international economy, and climate change. This time the leaders will be united to confront the US republican President Donald Trump about his tariffs.

At the end of the summit, they usually get together to sign a joint statement detailing the policy positions and initiatives they’ve agree upon, that is until this year of 2018.

See: G7 summit will be a political fistfight for European members | Guardian 

As per a 6/7/18 Washington Press report by Colin Taylor, “In a stunning show of childish petulance, the White House has announced that President Trump will be pulling out of the G-7 economic summit early, departing on early Saturday morning instead of attending the scheduled meetings on fighting climate change, clean energy, and cleaning up the oceans.”

Here’s the reality. The US has a trade (goods and services) surplus with Canada. Trade does not just involve goods like lumber, steel and aluminum but it consists also of services. When the president talks about trade deficits, he is using numbers that refers to goods only which isn’t an accurate reflection of the status of US trade in relation to our neighbors and allies.

Overall the US has a trade deficit because we have a consumer driven economy. We buy lots of cheap goods from around the world but these same countries in return, buy US treasury bonds.

This is an axiom. As the US economy becomes stronger, the US trade deficit increases but when the US economy contracts, the US deficit numbers decrease.

In short, the president is not presenting the entire picture as to the status of US trade but only a partial portrayal which is worrisome as this possibly demonstrates the president’s lack of understanding of how the US economy works.

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As per a 3/16/18 CNN Money report, “Here’s how the 2017 trade deficit is calculated:”

“The US had a deficit of $23.2 billion last year with Canada just in goods — everything from toys to cars.”

“But the US had a surplus of $25.9 billion with Canada last year in services — everything from tourism to technology to health care.”

“Subtract the goods deficit from the services surplus, and you get an overall US trade surplus of $2.7 billion with Canada.”

“White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday that Trump was referencing just trade in goods, as opposed to goods and services.”

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“She defended Trump by citing statistics from the Census Bureau, which uses a different formula to count imports and exports than the Bureau of Economic Analysis uses.”

“According to the Census Bureau, the United States ran a $17.6 billion deficit with Canada, but it counts only goods.”

“Trump tends to mention only the goods deficit, which is misleading. The US economy today is much more driven by services: Hospitals, universities, tech companies, banks and so on. Manufacturing, an industry Trump focuses on, makes up about 10% of US economic output.”

“Globally, the United States has a trade deficit and that makes sense because the US economy is driven by consumer spending. Americans spending at stores and online make up about two-thirds of US economic activity.”

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“Many economists say the trade deficit is not the right way to measure the fairness of trade deals, the trade balance or the health of the US economy. As the economy grew last year and unemployment fell, the trade deficit got bigger. During the financial crisis a decade ago, the trade deficit shrunk.”

“The United States can stomach such large trade deficits because foreign companies and governments take the money they get from US buyers and often reinvest that cash in US Treasury bonds. Although the US has a trade deficit, it still remains the top place for foreign investors to park their money. Those investments help to offset the trade deficit.”

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Here’s the rest of the story…

On June 7, 2018, Oliver Willis of Shareblue Media penned the following report, “Trump is afraid to go to Canada after trashing US allies


“Trump does not want to visit Canada for the upcoming G-7 conference after trash-talking that nation and other top allies.”

“The Washington Post reports that he “fears attending the Group of Seven summit” because ” he is diametrically opposed on many key issues with his counterparts — and does not want to be lectured by them.”

“Historically, these nations have had broad agreement with the United States on most major international issues. Trump, however, has decided to upend these alliances while cozying up to rogue international leaders like Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte.”

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“The Post notes that Trump “has griped” about Germany’s Angela Merkel — some of her fellow Germans want Trump’s new ambassador (Richard Grenell) expelled after just a month on the job — and he believes British Prime Minister Theresa May is “too politically correct.”

“May had to publicly lecture Trump for promoting an anti-Muslim British hate leader on his Twitter account. He has yet to visit England on an official state visit for fear of massive protests.”

The Post reports that Trump “has vented privately” about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau recently called him out for his decision to launch a trade war against America’s allies. The trade war is already hurting Americans, especially those in red states.

“Trump’s ignorance on trade has been baffling for the Canadian leader.”

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“Senior European Union officials have openly noted how much Trump has oriented America against the alliance on his watch.”

“Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, wrote, “Looking at latest decisions of @realDonaldTrump someone could even think: with friends like that who needs enemies.”

“It is far beyond the bounds of traditional diplomacy for an American president to fear visiting Canada, of all places. It is even stranger that Trump fears normal interactions with leaders from Germany, England, and Canada itself.”

“Meanwhile, he warmly embraces pariah nations and their leaders.”

“Alliances have made America strong over the years. Fearing allies while currying favor with the worst of the worst makes the nation weak.”


  1. There is only one conclusion that I can draw from his recent behaviour toward our friends, our allies: Donald Trump is ignorant and shows no desire to rectify that situation, and on top of that, he is a jerk. How he still has so many loyal followers is the question that keeps me awake nights, but frankly I find it harder and harder to have any degree of respect for those who still think he is “making America great”, for all I see is destruction.

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    • Dear Jill,

      I’m not pulling any punches. He’s not just a jerk but he is the face of evil. His ordering children to be separated from parents as they request asylum at the border is the face of evil. This is not a law but his policy that he has the power and change at any time. He is choosing to cater to those in his base who are anti-immigration.

      He is a jerk. On the issue of tariffs, he is dead wrong.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • I agree that he is evil … I think we saw it back in 2016, but others failed to and we all pay the price. Not only us, but the rest of the world as he seeks to destroy international trade and the global environment.

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  2. Dear Gronda, why isn’t Australia stuck with tariffs? it not fair. Everybody else now thinks we aussies are favoured by little hand man. Please could you arrange for the clown to threaten us, with trade or bombs or even a few bad tweets. Personally I find it outrageous and inconsiderate to deny Australia, one of Americas greatest allies, that we are not being treated equally. Hugs mate.

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  3. Gronda, this is yet another example where the US President has lied about data to support a position. He will stick with his story even when his facts are challenged. Lying coupled with bullying is not a position of strength. Global relationships and governance are hard enough when we use facts. Keith

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    • Dear Keith,

      He just criticizes all those who confront him with facts that don’t match the faux reality he is trying to create.He is doing Russia’s bidding as President Trump drives a wedge between the US and our neighbors and allies. He hates those elitist leaders who make him feel like two cents. But for what he is doing to this country, he is not even worth the two cents.

      Hugs, Gronda


  4. Mate, I would never say that Pine Gap is or has ever been privy to Australian intelligence circles, even though there are subservient aussie diggers in the mix of that esteemed institution, as far as I know, there is no way Australian politicians would have any appraisal of compromat. Rather they are welcomed for their ignorance of such facts. Although one cross dressing Liberal would comment upon drunken conversations, I am not privy to such elevated discussion, have not been nor ever will be. I have no idea whatsoever that a few grams of marihuana would enable a travelling willbury to speak about the album production. However, not being a musician, but more a person acclimatised to the arts, I look more to the abstract. Perhaps I am now awaiting a knock at my door. I love the doors. Doors of perception, these are a few of my favourite things…
    However, as I am on record from the early days (on your site) as having said (or written) he is between a honey trap, and a money trap, is or was pure conjecture, however, he hasn’t written, hasn’t called…when my doctor pulls on a glove and looks at me with an inquiring mind, I often will say…no its all right, I feel perfectly normal.

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  5. sorry, I am old now, I love to walk and smell the pine trees, there is this gap, a path, it is invigorating, I am disposed to make art. Art is a fantastic way to relieve stress. My friends think I am artworldwar, and this in some ways is correct. However, what is art to one person is junk to another, there are elephants and donkeys and monkeys that have made money from art and I never will. Alack and alas, the end is always near… HUGS

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  6. Latest breaking: perhaps Trump’s gesture of Russian inclusion back into G-8 is economically sound, but certainly rankles many EU leaders politically.

    Trump Breaks With G-7 to Urge Russia’s Return, Jabs ‘Unfair Trade’

    President Donald Trump said Russia should be allowed back into the G-8 bloc as he left the White House Friday for 24 hours of trade talks with allies where he intends to press his case that the U.S. loses through poor economic deals negotiated by his predecessors.

    “Russia should be in this meeting,” Trump told reporters in Washington. “Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting.”

    “Whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run, and in the G-7 which used to be the G-8, they threw Russia out,” he said. “They should let Russia come back in because we should have Russia at the negotiating table.”


  7. Dear Mz. Gronda,

    I just read/listened to an article on MSN a moment ago, and it seems that King (Putin’s BBF) is demanding that Russia be readmitted to the fold making it once again the G8! Wow, is this man so stupid that he thinks that the majority of the people in this nation are actually watching and listening to his words of praise for Putin? Does the word treason come into this discussion at any point? I realize that the pure definition of the word precludes that at this point, but it does seem to be headed that way. Will the people of this nation actually sit on their hands and allow this nation to be destroyed? You, the many posters, and myself, perhaps will stand up to be counted, but as I watch this reality show unfold, I wonder if we are alone in the forest of dissent? I have heard, witch hunt and fake news so many times now that I am almost afraid to go out into the dark of night lest a witch leaps out of the bushes and hits me with her fake broom stick.. Someone please throw a bucket of water on the witch (warlock?) in the office so we can watch him melt away..

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    • Dear Crustyolemothman,

      He keeps acting like a Russian asset. What more proof do we need?

      When he drives a wedge between the US and our allies, he is doing Russia’s bidding.

      I was watching one conservative pundit scream that President Trump was tough on Russia with recent sanctions. But he was literally pushed to do this by the US Congress where its members had to create a law to make him do sanctions. And then he could be heard screaming at staffers in the White House when he expelled from USA 60 Russian diplomats. He had intended to only match what each European and the UK were ousting. He expelled 60 but when he found out that this number was for all the EU countries, he raised the roof.

      Hugs, Gronda


    • Dear Roger,

      I’m of the school that it is better to face reality than to pretend otherwise. The rift was inevitable. Like any bully, it does not pay to give in to his demands, whenever possible.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • This is Europe he is dealing with. Whatever games he tries to play he is now dealing with the experts.

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