aside Tale Of How The Right Harassed Democratic US Rep. Maxine Waters Of California

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On the 27th of June 2018, I received via the comments on one of my posts, a reference on how the right viewed an interaction between a far-right independent reporter of the website, “Big League Politics” and Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) who was in a hurry, trying to get to to the floor of the US Congress.

Recently, I had posted a blog about two June 2018 incidents that received a lot of press coverage. One was when the president’s spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders with her family went out to eat but then she had been asked politely by a restaurant owner of the Red Hen to please leave the premises. Then there was the US Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen who had been heckled to where she was forced to leave a Mexican Restaurant.

To add to the raw emotions by peoples reacting to the above president’s team members’ because of their part in the separating of children from refugee parents seeking asylum, the popular US democratic congressperson Maxine Waters went public to encourage the above kinds of actions as a form of civil protest.

I, like the US House Leader Nancy Pelosi, advised against following Rep. Maxine’s advice.

But it looks those on the right had no intention of acting civilly. Following in the republican President Donald Trump’s footsteps, is part of their playbook.

Here’s the rest of the story…

Laura Loomer claims to be a conservative reporter who gets paid by donations from her conservative supporters on PayPal. I did watch a video which shows Ms. Loomer trailing Rep. Waters who is obviously in a hurry to get to the elevators provided for only US Congressional representatives. Ms. Loomer can be seen lobbing questions at the representative who responded that she would make time to talk to Ms. Loomer, if she would set up an appointment. At one point, Rep Waters put up a paper in front of her face to avoid being on tape. When Rep. Waters entered the elevator, several others kept repeatedly explaining to Ms. Loomer that she could not enter, as the elevator was for Congressional personnel only. She kept up yelling questions as others asked her to please move. This took several minutes.

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It appeared to be an obvious set up. Ms. Loomer was being deliberately confrontational hoping to provoke Rep. Waters who did not take the bait.

Well, of course Ms. Loomer filed an assault report against Rep. Waters with the US Congress police. I am confident that the Congressional police will have access to their own video surveillance tapes, and so there will be no criminal charges filed.

But in the meantime just about every right wing media outlet is reporting about how Rep. Waters attacked Ms. Loomer.

Far-right provocateur Laura Loomer was kicked out of the federal courthouse in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday.
Far-right provocateur Laura Loomer was kicked out of the federal courthouse in Orlando, Florida, / HUFFPOST

This is not acceptable behavior from the right wing activists to where there needs to be a spotlight shined on some of their duplicitous tactics.

Here are some samples of right wing headlines:

1.) Reporter Files Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters/ InfoWars

2.) Conservative Reporter Laura Loomer Presses Assault Charges/ GatewayPundit

3.) Assault charge filed against Maxine Waters – The Horn News

Photo: Pete Marovich (Getty Images)

On June 27, 2018 The Vibe published the following transcript:

“The exchange was cringe-worthy, to say the least:”

LOOMER: I just wanted to ask you, where are conservatives allowed to go?

WATERS: “Please come to my office —

LOOMER: Are there separate —

WATERS: — and talk with me.

LOOMER: Do we sit at the back of the bus?

WATERS: Please come. Please come to my office and talk with me.

LOOMER: Where can we eat?

WATERS: We’ll be happy to talk to you.

LOOMER: Where can a conservative eat at a restaurant in D.C.?

WATERS: Please come to my office and talk.

LOOMER: I’m asking you right now.

WATERS: Please come to my office and talk.

LOOMER: You’re talking about civility.


LOOMER: Do you think it’s civil to call for the harassment —

WATERS: Please come to my office and sit down and talk with me.

LOOMER: No. I’m asking you right now.

WATERS: Will you please come to my office?

LOOMER: Are we supposed to sit at the back of the bus?

CONGRESSIONAL AIDE #1: This elevator is members only.

CONGRESSIONAL AIDE #2: This elevator is members only.

CONGRESSIONAL AIDE #3: It’s a members elevator. Ma’am, it’s a members elevator. Ma’am, it’s a — ma’am, it’s a members elevator. Members have to vote.

“Loomer shared the video on YouTube and edited an image of the 79-year-old. She also bragged about the incident on her website, claiming Waters was “LOOMERED.” While she’s claimed to have been assaulted by Waters, she was happy to post in front of her office and tweet for hours about the incident.”

Link to entire article: Trump Supporter Files Assault Charges Against Maxine Waters – Vibe

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But guess what? There is a conservative journal, The Weekly Standard where the writer Holmes Lybrand fact checked this story and found the assertion against Rep. Waters to be false.

Here is what he wrote in his article, “Fact Check: Is Maxine Waters ‘Getting Criminally Charged’?”

“MAGA Student” misses the mark.”

“The blog site Redstatewave claimed Wednesday that Representative Maxine Waters was “getting criminally charged.”

“Redstatewave began the article by clarifying that “Laura Loomer, a conservative investigative journalist, is charging ‘Auntie’ Maxine for assault, citing Waters hit her hand and swatted her face with office papers.”

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“She hit my hand, then she swatted me in the face twice w/ her papers,” Loomer said on Twitter after reportedly filing a police report.”

“Loomer made a name for herself by—among other performances—disrupting Shakespeare in the Park last summer after the play’s depiction of a Trump-esque Julius Caesar.”

Is Redstatewave’s headline accurate?

The short answer: No, Waters is not being “criminally charged.”

“Criminal charges are made by a governmental authority, a category Loomer is not part of. The simple act of filing a police report does not immediately incur “criminal charges” against the subject.”

“Hyperbole and misleading headlines are a staple on the blog. With titles such as “BREAKING: Senator Chuck Schumer just ended Maxine Waters!” and “BREAKING: President Trump Just Played 4D Chess With the Dems!” some visitors might be led to believe that Redstatewave is a satirical website. (The fact that most, if not all, articles on the blog are written by “MAGA Student” certainly does not help.) But as far as TWS Fact Check can tell, the website does not consider itself to be an (intentional) joke.”

The exact same article (header, body, and all) also appeared on

Link to report with video: Is Maxine Waters ‘Getting Criminally Charged’? – The Weekly Standard


  1. After viewing the video, it’s clear that Congresswoman Waters did not assault the journalist as reported, but rather Ms. Loomer was the one instigating conflict and creating a scene. There’s certainly a lot of spin to this story which both sides wish to capitalize on. This is simply cheap sensationalism, not journalism.


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      It looks like Ms. Loomer has a habit of doing this kind of thing. She is the female poor version of James O’Keefe of Project Veritas fame who likes to do these set up type videos which gets a lot of attention by the right wing media.

      Rep. Waters was right to get away from her a.s.a.p.

      It looks like the right does not like Rep. Waters.

      The conservative media site The Weekly Standard (TWS) was founded by the conservative Bill Kristol who is also its editor. It is a reputable conservative outlet that I use to double check these types of stories.

      Hugs, Gronda


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