EPA Head Is One Sick Cheap Puppy/ Pity His Poor Wife/ Part III

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UPDATE ON 7/5/18: On the 5th of July 2018, after months of unacceptable levels of corruption,  the EPA head Scott Pruitt proffered his resignation letter which was accepted by President Donald Trump

This is a continuation of a list of examples of how the EPA head Scott Pruitt has been the poster boy as an example of corruption in the White House. In any publicly traded corporation, he would have been fired ages ago. Why are we as taxpayers being obligated to have our tax dollars pay for this man’s outrageous expenses? We ought to send a bill to the Koch brothers.

Mr. Pruitt has been accused of assigning to some of his employees, the task of finding his wife a job with a salary of over $200, 000 dollars per year. From some of the reports that I have read, his spouse has been a stay-at-home Mom raising their children. If I were her, I’d start by visiting a divorce lawyer as her husband’s actions are indicative of someone who would rather not make alimony payments.

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Here’s the latest in the list of Scott Pruitts’s misdeeds (June 2018-July 2018)…

On July 2, 2018, Scott Bronstein, Curt Devine and Drew Griffin of CNN Politics penned the following report, “Whistleblower: EPA’s Pruitt kept secret calendar to hide meetings”


“EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and his aides have kept “secret” calendars and schedules to overtly hide controversial meetings or calls with industry representatives and others, according to a former EPA official who is expected to soon testify before Congress. A review of EPA documents by CNN found discrepancies between Pruitt’s official calendar and other records.”

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“EPA staffers met routinely in Pruitt’s office to “scrub,” alter or remove from Pruitt’s official calendar numerous records because they might “look bad,” according to Kevin Chmielewski, Pruitt’s former deputy chief of staff for operations, who attended the meetings.”
“A CNN review which compared Pruitt’s public calendar with internal EPA schedules and emails shows more than two dozen meetings, events or calls were omitted from his public calendar.”
“Chmielewski said that some interactions were intentionally removed from Pruitt’s calendar after they occurred, such as meetings in June 2017 between Pruitt and Cardinal George Pell, who was charged weeks later with multiple historical charges of sexual offenses. Pell has pleaded not guilty.”
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“We would have meetings what we were going to take off on the official schedule. We had at one point three different schedules. One of them was one that no one else saw except three or four of us,” Chmielewski told CNN. “It was a secret … and they would decide what to nix from the public calendar.”
“Chmielewski says he was forced to leave the EPA in February after raising questions about Pruitt’s spending and management.”
“If the allegations are true, the practice of keeping secret calendars and altering or deleting records of meetings could violate federal law as either “falsifying records” or hiding public records, according to legal experts interviewed by CNN.”
“If somebody changed, deleted, scrubbed a federal record with the intent of deceiving the public or intent of deceiving anybody, it could very well be a violation of federal law,” said Larry Noble, a former general counsel at the Federal Election Commission.”
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Kevin Chmielewski (R)
“Chmielewski said Pruitt’s aides would print sections of the private calendar containing details of events, gather around a table, sometimes in Pruitt’s office, and decide what would be omitted or altered on the public calendar. He said this often occurred under Pruitt’s direction.”
“Chmielewski’s description of hiding controversial events from the public appears to be supported by discrepancies between Pruitt’s public calendar posted on the EPA’s website and internal schedules, emails and travel itineraries that have been released by the agency in response to public records requests and lawsuits filed by the Sierra Club and Environmental Integrity Project.”
“While some of the omitted events CNN uncovered consisted of meetings with other government officials — such as with Kellyanne Conway — others involved meetings with industry executives and attorneys.”
“For example, Pruitt’s public EPA schedule shows that his final meeting for the day of April 26, 2017, was with Australia’s environmental minister, but an internal calendar shows that later the same day he attended a dinner at the BLT Prime restaurant inside Trump International Hotel hosted by coal producer Alliance Resource Partners and its CEO, Joseph Craft.”
“Craft, who donated $1 million to President Donald Trump’s inauguration and has given millions more to mostly Republican candidates and committees, has advocated for the rollback of former President Barack Obama’s coal-industry regulations.”
“While Pruitt’s public calendar notes that he met with former Sen. Trent Lott in September 2017, his internal schedule shows that the meeting also included Anthony Chiarello, the then-CEO of shipping company TOTE. Chiarello and Pruitt discussed TOTE’s ships and their fuel sources, according to documents and a TOTE spokesperson.”
“Seven of the undisclosed meetings involved individuals who were nominated or reportedly under consideration for EPA positions.”
“The EPA’s website with Pruitt’s calendar states that it “displays meetings with staff, stakeholders, elected officials, and others outside the Agency.”
“Chmielewski said some events were only recorded in a “secret” calendar and have not been made public in documents released by the EPA.”
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“In June 2017, Pruitt took a controversial trip to Italy that cost taxpayers $120,000. While there he dined with Cardinal Pell, a top Vatican official known for denying climate change who was then under investigation for claims of prior sexual offenses.”
“The dinner never appeared on Pruitt’s official calendar. An EPA spokesperson previously said Pell was one of many at the dinner and that Pruitt was unaware the cardinal was coming there. Chmielewski says that is not true.”
“All of our time at the Vatican was spent with Cardinal Pell. Cardinal Pell was basically our host. That was who we were going to meet with,” Chmielewski said.”
“He said that in addition to dinner, Pruitt had two additional meetings with Pell that have not been previously reported. One was a lunch with Pell. The other was part of a Vatican tour. Chmielewski said he witnessed Pell greet Pruitt when Pruitt arrived at the Vatican, which is also supported by an internal EPA itinerary that at the time of Pruitt’s arrival states, “Will meet Cardinal Pell.”
About three weeks after the trip, Pell was charged in Australia with sexual assault offenses, and Pruitt’s aides decided to remove Pell’s name from the yet-to-be-released official EPA schedule, Chmielewski said.”
“Once we came back and the Cardinal was actually charged with the offenses, I alerted [top EPA staff] and that’s when it was basically taken off the schedule that we met with Cardinal Pell,” Chmielewski said. Pell has vigorously denied the charges.”
“Chmielewski said EPA aides would disguise the details of some of Pruitt’s meetings or calls by labeling them “staff briefing” on his public schedule.”
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“On Oct 18 at 10:30 a.m., Pruitt’s official calendar states, “Staff Briefing.” But internal scheduling documents mark that time as “Meeting: Orange County Superfund Site,” and emails show private attorneys representing a local water district confirmed that they would attend the meeting, which was originally requested on their behalf by conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. Politico first reported that meeting.”
“William Ruckelshaus, the nation’s first EPA administrator selected to start the agency by President Richard Nixon, and who was tapped again to be the administrator under President Ronald Reagan, told CNN he first began a long-running practice of publicly releasing the schedules of senior EPA officials. He said Pruitt should not meet with industry representatives or stakeholders without fully disclosing those interactions to the public.
“That destroys trust, and these regulatory agencies need trust. If they don’t have it, they’re in real trouble,” Ruckelshaus said.”
For EPA Scott Pruitt’s May 2018 events:


  1. Gronda, I like to separate the two issues. Pruitt has been an abysmal EPA director, not understanding what the “E” stands for. Fortunately, some of his decisions have been overturned in courts because his team has been sloppy with data and they did not back up their claims. Nonetheless, he has harmed the environment.

    Then, setting aside what cabinet post he holds, he has been a very poor steward of his team and its resources. And, he has been highly unethical on occasion. Yet, he is not alone in his misuse of taxpayer money with other cabinet members and their boss spending our tax money on their travel and accommodations. What is not ironic is the President’s predecessor was vilified for his traveling, but the new guy makes the previous seem like a piker. Keith

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  2. Dear Keith,

    For a president who promised to drain the swamp, Mr. Pruitt is the biggest alligator in the swamp with the exception of President Trump.

    He is second only to President Trump for his total lack of character, integrity, and stinginess

    I am serious when I say I fell sorry for his wife. When I worked while I was married, I went and looked for my own jobs. I swear there is something so fishy about that scenario.

    I am certain that Mr. Pruitt has the backing of the Koch brothers and that is why he still has his job.

    As per Alternet.com:

    “The two dozen nonprofit groups and Senate committee members defending Scott Pruitt, Donald Trump’s nominee for Environmental Protection Agency administrator, have at least two things in common. Like Pruitt, they’re climate science deniers. And like Pruitt, most of them are funded by Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who own the coal, oil and gas conglomerate Koch Industries.”

    Hugs, Gronda


    • Gronda, I use climate change regularly and move on when the naysayers speak up. We are well beyond that now. On the good side, there are quite a number of Republicans who actively support renewable energy. With my recent email on the proliferation of wind energy in Texas, a GOP NC state senator sent me note back touting his recognition as a renewable energy supporter. I thanked him, but said he needed to spread the word.

      Pruitt is simply doing a disservice to America and the planet. Fortunately, others have picked up his dropped baton. Keith

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  3. […] We declared our independence from Britian in 1776 for a number of reasons, however the main stated reason was ‘taxation without representation’. The British passed many tax laws that impacted the colonists.  The colonists had no representatives in Parliament to vote on or discuss these laws.  In English government, the people had to have representatives who could vote on taxes that would affect them.  The colonists had no such voice in British government. Long story short, the colonists declared their independence, represented by the Declaration of Independence penned by Thomas Jefferson, fought off the British and ultimately became the nation known as the United States. Today, we are in a very similar situation, though there is the appearance that we are properly represented.  Yes, we go to the polls each November and every other year we vote for men and women to represent us, to be our voice in the U.S. Congress.  But are they?  No, they are not our voice, they are the voice, the ‘yes-men’, actually, of only one group of people, the very wealthy.  Our taxes?  They go to those who already hoard the majority of the wealth in the nation, but number less than 1% of the population.  Our taxes are merely donations to those who least need them.  Look at the example of Scott Pruitt, already a wealthy man, who now heads the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   A very important job, and one that he is not bothering to do, as he is keeping busy trying to absorb as much money as he can into his own coffers.  For the complete story, see Gronda’s comprehensive series:  EPA Head Is One Sick Cheap Corrupt Puppy/ Pity His Poor Wife/ Part I, Part II, Part III   […]

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    • Dear Jill,

      Thanks a million for all of your support and for sharing these posts.

      But you have analyzed well the status of our country. As of today. It has become an oligarchy, a country for the rich, by the rich, etc. Income inequality is wider than ever. Poverty is a growing problem.

      I am serious. I am thinking of sending a bill to the Koch brothers for how much Scott Pruitt is costing us taxpayers, as Mr. Pruitt is their guy.

      I missed a story. A while back, It seems that Scott Pruitt approached President Trump to offer to replace the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, so President Trump could fire him. Wouldn’t that have been a step down?

      “We the people” need to take our country back. This country is supposed to be set up to benefit everyone.

      Hugs, Gronda


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