A Resident Explains US President’s Lie About The Immigration Crisis At US SW Border


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By now, “we the people” who keep up with the political news have figured out that the republican President Donald J. Trump has created the myth that there is an immigration crisis occurring at the US southwest border so that he can direct the reality show where he looks tough against immigrants to the anti-immigration faction of his base.

The president has equated the Central American refugees seeking asylum with MS-13 gang members which is an absolute lie. The Customs and Border Protection own statistics prove that MS-13 gang members attempting to cross the US Mexico border is less than 1%.

The lies by the president and his horror show policies which have outraged the Americans’ sensibilities are still continuing.

Below, a resident of McAllen, Texas paints a picture of what life is really like for those living in a US border town. Jen Sorensen shares her graphic art to explain the president’s immigration policy.

Here is the rest of the story…

On the 4th of July 2018, Jen Sorensen of The Nib shared the following illustrations to help explain the republican President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

Victoria Ochoa who is a Harry S. Truman scholar from the Rio Grande Valley and an incoming J.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Law School penned the following 7/3/18 Washington Post article,  I’m from the border. The news is getting it wrong.

“I am from la frontera, meaning “frontier” in Spanish but translated in English as “border.” The news over the past few weeks might make you think that places such as my hometown — McAllen, Tex., in the Rio Grande Valley — are under siege from waves of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers, a crisis of lawlessness so extreme that drastic measures are needed. Tearing children from their parents, or, when that proves too unpopular, corralling families in tent cities. Then there’s the $25 billion wall that’s needed to safeguard the United States from the threat of being overrun.”

“The view from down here is different. In a 2018 rating of the 100 most dangerous cities in the United States based on FBI data, no border cities — not San Diego, not Texas cities such as Brownsville, Laredo or El Paso — appeared even in the top 60. McAllen’s crime rate was lower than Houston’s or Dallas’s, according to Texas Monthly in 2015. The Cato Institute’s research  consistently shows that immigrants, both legal and undocumented, are markedly less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans.”

“In the U.S. borderlands with Mexico, our inherent duality is what helps our communities thrive. We work hard, attend school and worship just as Americans do all across the nation. Yet we are overwhelmingly Latino, and a quarter of us are foreign-born. We are here and there. Some of us were born here, and some of us were not. But it doesn’t matter — pero ni modo — all are welcome.'”


“Maybe it is the composition of the humble communities already established in the borderlands, not the new arrivals, that so alarms some politicians and pundits. Maybe that is why militarizing a region supposedly in crisis has come to be seen as an acceptable idea. In 2016, Texas  deployed   50 state troopers to our region, and in 2017, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed off on an $800 million allocation for border security (yet vetoed nearly $860,000 for the Colonias Initiative Project, a long-running state effort to help poor communities on the Texas border obtain drinking water, wastewater service and roads).”

“This year, Congress approved 100 miles of border wall, and federal authorities are beginning the process of seizing land for it in my hometown. In April, the Defense Department began sending National Guard personnel to the border with Mexico, with as many as 4,000 troops authorized for deployment. The number of U.S. Border Patrol agents at the border is also rising.”

“The government has a responsibility to police the nation’s borders, and I am grateful for the people who keep us safe. But today’s military presence and stepped-up law enforcement remind me that this isn’t the first time that politicians have used Texas’s southern border to burnish their tough-on-crime credentials.”

In  1915, the Texas “Rangers were sent to establish control of the border when the Mexican Revolution prompted an increase in Mexican immigration and a threat to Anglo dominance in the region. Rangers and civilian vigilantes massacred hundreds of Tejanos with no repercussions.”

“Nothing so extreme is conceivable today, but killings of immigrants by law enforcement in the borderlands still happen. In South Texas, we are still waiting to find out why a U.S. Border Patrol agent in May shot to death Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzalez, a 20-year-old Guatemalan. According to news reports, she was trained as an accountant and, unable to find work, had traveled 1,500 miles in search of a better life. She was killed a mile into U.S. territory, in Rio Bravo, about 130 miles from McAllen in the same region where hundreds were massacred before.”

“The heavy-handed law-enforcement presence in this region creates a climate of fear and mistrust. Residents are routinely stopped for no clear reason. Texas law now encourages local law-enforcement officers to hand over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement people who are in the country illegally. Border Patrol agents are known to ride with state troopers; in an area that is 88 percent Latino, routine traffic stops “are regarded as a tool for implementing federal immigration law.”

“Enforcement is ripe for the intimidation of noncitizens and citizens alike. At a Border Patrol checkpoint 74 miles from the actual border, agents have asked my purpose for leaving the area.”

“I wonder what will finally placate the fearful people 1,500 miles away who sent these border agents and National Guard troops to the borderlands. More checkpoints, more families detained, vaster tent cities? Maybe the wall they dream of? For most people, or most open-minded people, a simple visit might be enough to be reassured that this is not a scary place. It’s my home. Mi frontera. My frontier.”


  1. Maybe it is time the big American newspapers and TV corporations start spending some money on finding out, and PUBLISHING, the truth about the borders. This story is as incredible as it is sad and demeaning. Those 199 Latinos who work at Mar-lie-go, or however it is spelled (lol), are they documented workers who are being paid proper wages, or are they illegal wage slaves having to use their pay for whatever scraps they eat at work, for wherever they can find beds to sleep in, and for the fancy uniforms they were recently pictured in? Is anything Darling Tentacleman does legal and aboveboard? I have my Doubting Thomases!
    Please, stop trying to sell more newspapers and TV ad time propping up the Trum-Pet lies. Tell the whole truth for once, and tell it in real words and pictures. This farce has gone on long enough!
    DUMP TRUMP! And where the hell is Mueller when he is needed?

    Hey there, Mueller, where are you now,
    Don’t you care about the lies and the slaughters?
    Don’t you know, we need you NOW
    We can’t fight alone against the Trumpster…

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    • @Rawgod —
      that’s my biggest grievance with SC Mueller as well. Yes he runs a tight ship with no leaks to the public, but he sure is taking his sweet time. I understand his need to be thorough and present the best possible case against King Donnie, but we need to impeach the tyrant now, not in another two years where he may run for re-election, perish the though possibly win b/c Dems don’t have there act together, with no real leadership within the DNC. There are rumours (hope) that he’ll present his investigation by mid-term elections to have the biggest impact. Let’s hope so.


    • Dear Rawgod,

      Can you believe that the FBI’s Special Prosecutor had to go and hire more prosecutors? As per a July 5, 2018 Bloomberg report, “Several current and former U.S. officials said Mueller is adding prosecutors from U.S. attorney’s offices and the Justice Department headquarters.”

      The good news looks like Mr. Mueller has something substantial to work with regarding his Trump-Russia probe.

      But you are right. The world is waiting for Mr. Mueller to move on his investigation asap.

      Hugs, Gronda


  2. Gronda, this is one of several examples where the White House incumbent has oversold or oversimplified the causes of a problem. This is why his untruthfulness matters as he makes a huge deal out of solving a problem that is not that big. His followers say he is doing what he said, but that does not make it right if it was oversold. Building a wall is a waste of money, for example. Job losses in some areas are due more to CEOs chasing cheap labor and technology improvements, not as much due to immigration or trade.

    Yet, his followers believe only him. And, that is using his favorite word “sad.”

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    • Dear Keith,

      This is his making up a crisis so that he can look tough and hard nosed on immigration as a way to appease his anti immigration faction of his base.

      There is no merit to the way he is dealing with immigration at the US SW border.But we as taxpayers are paying for his need to make up a problem, so that he can look like he is fixing something which pleases his base.

      Hugs, Gronda


  3. Great post, Gronda. I would hope that the REAL news outlets will do a better job of exposing Trump’s lies. Hopefully, Mr. Mueller is putting together an airtight case that will rid the world of everything Trump!

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    • Dear John Fioravanti,

      The press has been giving the president’s lies a lot ox exposure. The problem is that President Trump’s base doesn’t believe what is covered in the mainstream news outlets.

      His base of voters follow FOX News or other right wing media entities which simply act as the president’s mouth piece and vice versa.

      The FBI Special Counsel Mueller has actually
      had to hire more prosecutors. It looks like he has a lot of misdeeds to track down to investigate.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Yes, I’m sure Mr. Mueller will be very thorough. I realize Trump’s base will not be persuaded, but I’m hoping the non-voters will be persuaded that it’s important to vote.

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