What Is The Real Reason President Trump Would Kow Tow To President Putin


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President Vladimir Putin heads the Russian state which has a rich history steeped in culture, the arts, with beautiful vibrant cities that are the envy of other countries.

The following analysis is based on my opinion only which I openly admit, could be way off the mark…

I perceive the Russian President Vladimir to be a smarter, more competent, more accomplished and a more experienced version of the US republican President Donald Trump. Both seem to have similar approaches as to how they prefer to govern even though neither appear to be ideologically driven. For example, President Putin appears to rely on what he has determined to be a tactical advantage by making his governing style as inscrutable and unpredictable as possible. No-one outside his inner circle is supposed to have a clue as to what is actually going on. He likes to leave peoples guessing.

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President Putin has surrounded himself with a small tight group who are completely loyal to him. According to some news reports, he has two close advisers who are former intelligence officers, Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security Council, and Sergey Ivanov, head of the Presidential Administration. Over the years, they have become more and more influential.

The Russian leader’s managing style mimics that of the “mafia family, where the patriarch with the most monies and power determines the policies/ plans for the family, who disburses favors to those who show loyalty by enacting his orders without question; who establishes the status/ pecking order of all the members; who chooses which lieutenants are permitted to own businesses and to benefit financially; who controls what is said about him on the streets; and who rids anyone who is a threat to his organization. All their children show the benefits of growing up in the mafia family.

Vladimir Putin on horse, on holiday near Kyzyl in southern Siberia, 3 Aug 09
Back to nature in Siberia: Mr Putin has cultivated a macho image which appeals to many Russians

President Putin strives to show strength to the Russian peoples. This is why we see him in photo ops being very active. He is seen often displaying his ice hockey skills and he is reputed to be a judo expert.

He is paranoid about his nemesis, the West, which includes the United States. He has convinced himself that the West is out to get him to diminish Russia. Thus, he is determined to push back. He frequently emphasizes that Russia is not just a state, but a separate civilization. President Putin strives to place the West in the box of the aggressor, while he defends truth and global justice.  This explains President Putin’s goal of putting a wedge between the US and its western allies.

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It is my suspicion that President Trump has long admired President Putin as well as his style of leadership to the point that he would like to emulate his idol. For years President Trump has wanted to forge a relationship/ friendship with President Putin.

It could also be true and even likely that Russia has kompromat on President Trump, but I am hypothesizing that even without this kind of leverage, that President Trump would be so enamored of President Putin to where he is psychologically vulnerable.

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I suspect that the Russian President Vladimir Putin as an experienced former KGB chief, is more than capable of assessing this weakness in President Trump.

Anyone who studies President Trump over time, figures out that he is a full blown Narcissist. According to studies, Narcissists tend to calculate the value of all things and people they meet including even their relationships.

Narcissists will focus all of their attentions on someone who they idealize and will seek approval and praise from this idol like an alcoholic plans for their next drink.

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This is why President Putin has avoided meeting with President Trump as familiarity breeds disillusionment. All President Putin has to do to manipulate the narcissist, is to praise him but then to set him off on a pet peeve at the same time. For example President Putin can flatter President Trump over his business skills and his financial success but then he can push the president’s buttons over those NATO freeloaders who are not carrying their weight and who are bilking the American peoples out of their monies; and/ or he can commiserate with President Trump about those European countries which are taking advantage of the US with regards to trade.

What is frightening is that all President Putin has to say to  President Trump ‘you are right and the haters are wrong’ to manipulate him to act in any particular way.

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And so now picture this scenario…

President Trump ignored the instructions of his advisers not to call President Putin to congratulate him on his election win, but then to please his hero, President Trump took steps to set up a bi-lateral summit because he knew President Putin wanted to be back on the world stage. Then President Trump trudges over to NATO in July 2018 where he confronts world leaders about them not paying their fair share towards the defense of their own countries. This was followed up by a contentious visit to the UK where he berated his host, the Prime Minister Theresa May during an interview with a Rupert Murdoch owned paper, the Sun. This interview was made public while the Prime Minister was hosting him and the First Lady to a black tie dinner at the home of Winston Churchill. Incidentally, it just so happens that President Putin is not a fan of the British Prime Minister.

Then on the 16th of July 2018, President Trump had his one-on-one tete-a-tete with President Putin at their planned summit in Helsinki, Finland with no note-takers or credible experts in attendance, just their interpreters. This conference lasted well over two hours. President Trump who was winging it wanted to brag about the past week’s performance and in return, he expected a grateful recipient for all his efforts. Instead, President Putin is stingy with his admiration to where he takes on the role of a stern mentor.

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Here President Trump discounted all of the advice of his own foreign policy and intelligence experts to make this summit happen. He didn’t give credence to absolute proof that it was GRU Russian agents directed by President Putin who attacked the US elections’ system in 2016.  He was unprepared. His expectations were off. He did not get his fix.

At their joint press conference, it is no wonder President Trump equivocated when he was questioned as to whether he believed his own intelligence agencies’ conclusions that Russia did interfere in the 2016 US elections or did he accept President Putin’s protestations of innocence. President Trump prevaricated by stating that he had complete faith in his intelligence agents but he found it hard to call his icon, a liar.

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Logic, facts, evidence will not cure President Trump from this pathological dependency on the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. After all the Russian economy is about the size of the State of New York. In 2017, Russia’s GDP was at $1.6 trillion dollars while New York has a GDP of $1.5 trillion dollars. Russia is 30th out of all the US trading partners.

What would cure President Trump is a tape recording where President Putin can be heard voicing his true opinion of the US president which I’m betting won’t be complimentary. I’m guessing that President Putin looks upon President Trump as his useful idiot that he can let loose to create havoc amongst our allies in the West.


  1. I think you are quite right in all counts. I also suspect there is financial involvement as many people do. After all Erik Trump did say “we get our money from Russia “ prior to Trumps bid for the presidency ( apparently not much smarter than his Dad) that issue might be settled if he would release his tax forms.

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    • Dear Holly,

      If I had my way and if I was a US Congress person, I would subpoena the US interpreter present in the room with the 2 leaders in Helsinki. It turns out one of the translators present is a US State Department employee. This is important because you can count on Russia having a complete transcript based on a recording which could amount to kompromat against President Trump.

      Then I would subpoena the president’s IRS tax records going back at least 10 years.

      You are right. The president’s financial records need to be reviewed.

      Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Gday Gronda, hope you are well. There is no way Putin would not have recorded their private meeting. Thus he would now have the means to absolutely pull the strings, if not already. The single most damaging day in the history of American politics and global citizenship other than an assassination of the president. Hugs mate.

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    • Dear Gary J.,

      I concur. That is why I am insisting (like anyone would listen to me) that the US Congress representatives do their oversight duties by debriefing the interpreter who was in the room with these 2 leaders. It just so happens that this translator is a US State Department employee.

      After watching the joint press conference debacle, there is no way that the president wasn’t even more inappropriate when he was in this one-on-one meeting with Russia’s President Putin. We don’t want President Putin to have this kompromat on President Trump. The best way to fix this problem is to find out what happened so that the Russia’s kompromat loses its value.

      “We the people” have already figured out that Russia most likely has other kompromat on President Trump involving some type of sexual activity. If President Putin were to make this public, it would embarrass President Trump but Americans have a realistic attitude about this possibility.

      But the kompromat that I’m most concerned about has to do with the president’s financial dealings. The fix for this would be the US Congress oversight committees to subpoena his Internal Revenue taxes dating back to at least 10 years. To negate any leverage that Russia has on President Trump would be to get whatever it could be, out into the open.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Yes time will tell if Putin has kompromat on Trump. Hypothetically, even if Trump had business dealings with Russian oligarchs, that in itself would not be illegal since he was not in office then. Even if Russian banks had loaned him monies, as long as it’s repaid, there’s nothing anyone can do to charge him b/c that’s in the past.

        Logically I don’t see how his financial past could actually hurt him, unless he did something incredibly stupid and illegal. Perhaps you or your readers could shed more light on this topic, is there some kind of law or historical precedent that would prevent potential presidential candidates from running if they had financial dealings with foreign nations? That would be interesting.


        • Dear Nan,

          If the GOP really gave a damn about the security and well being of the USA, those in the oversight committees would subpoena the president’s IRS tax records going back 10 years.

          Hugs, Gronda


  3. Gronda I enjoyed reading your assessment of both Presidents. Whether you are off the mark or not I wouldn’t know, probably time will tell. I do however appreciate your ability to reason and hypothesize the motivations behind both men. It’s best to keep an open mind, and observe their actions very carefully.

    This summit has been a very instructive roadmap for the future relations of both nations and the world. Let see how we progress from here. President Trump acknowledged future talks may lead to strengthening relations, as you know I’m all for world peace, cooperation and brotherhood of man. Let’s see how their actions make this into reality. 🙂


    • Dear 1EarthUnited,

      Improving and developing a relationship with another country is something most of us would prefer instead of the alternative.

      But what Russia doesn’t get is the US culture. Now that Americans by the millions witnessed President Trump’s behaviors at the Helsinki joint press conference, he will be under lots of scrutiny. President Trump cannot kill off his critics or censor the free press. Although President Trump has an affinity for President Putin, most Americans don’t share his feelings.

      In some ways, President Putin did the US a favor. Many who were viewing their leader through rose color glasses are seeing him a bit clearer.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Gronda, I’m not so sure that this summit has hurt him politically int he eyes of the public. Many millennials of my generation have a different perspective when it comes to travel and foreign nations. We do not view Russia or Putin as the “enemy” just b/c the official MSM narrative says so. What I see are younger ppl all over the world actually respect and like the Russian President very much, and view him in a positive light.

        Younger generation also support Trump for being anti-establishment and having a different viewpoint from the old political guards like McCain, Clintons, Bushes etc. While i don’t approve of Russia meddling with our election process, I welcome Putin’s de-escalation of nuclear weapons, thereby reducing political tensions and fostering more positive relationships with the West.

        In my opinion, I’m not so sure this summit actually hurt Trump’s image as much as the press made him out to be. Hey I could be wrong, but that’s just my opinion of what I’ve noticed on the social media chat forums.

        I still think the man is mentally unstable and is not a good representative for the US, but what alternative do we have? Until the next election, we really have no viable leader to replace him. Call me idealistic, but I’m still hoping for Bernie Sanders in 2020. He may have to run as an independent considering what the Democratic Party did railroading his chances. In good conscience, I cannot support the DNC for their underhanded tactics, pushing for Hillary despite Bernie’s overwhelming grassroots support.


    • Dear David Prosser,

      This could make for a great book. We could call it fiction but there would be some resemblance to real world characters.

      Hugs, Gronda


  4. Yes, a very interesting analysis into the psychology of this relationship which, for most people, is extraordinary. Never seen such a servile, abject performance by a US President who is quite happy to berate his closest allies whenever he meets with them. Trump is stepping into very dangerous waters when he chooses to befriend his enemies and alienate his friends.

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    • Dear Ivankinsman,

      It was a shock to watch the US Bully-in Chief President Trump letting the Russian President Putin take over this reality show while President Trump threw all of his foreign policy experts, the US Intelligence community and the American peoples under the bus for the likes of a President Putin.

      This has been a shock but it also has been an eye opener. Many more Americans were forced to face the reality that this Emperor President Trump has no clothes.

      Thanks a million for sharing this post via your reblog.

      Hugs, Gronda


      • Ok thank you. I like the way you are focusing on the inaccuracies of this administration because there is an increased blurring between fact and fiction … something this President is extremely adept at promulgating.

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  5. As far as I can tell I think your assessment is right. I do believe Putin has sized up Trump and knows how to play him,and it’s obvious Trump is oblivious to it. The question is how long will the Republicans tolerate Trump being obviously subservient to Putin. It must be pretty obvious to a lot of them by now, or is it suiting their own political ends too?

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    • Dear Joanne the Geek,

      The GOP in the US Congress have sold their souls to keep their jobs as they are afraid to upset the President’s base of voters. At some point the US national security interests should come first. These republican lawmakers need to honor their oath of office.

      There should not be any sidestepping of the issue that President Trump is a Russian asset.

      Hugs, Gronda


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